13 Most Beloved Spirited Away Characters (RANKED)

Spirited Away is one of the best heartwarming anime movies that will you with a smile on your face.

Despite being an old movie the movie has only grown its fanbase and value over time. The standout features of the movie were its memorable characters who made the movie an instant classic.

Most Beloved Spirited Away Characters

From “Yubaba”, and “The Radish Spirit”, to “Haku”, We have ranked the 13 most beloved spirited away characters.

So, let’s get started.

13. The Three Heads 

The Three Heads 

The gateway to the spirit realm is guarded by a trio of strange, multiheaded beings known as The Three Heads.

They have a fun aspect as well as being formidable and frightening.

They are some of the most recognizable characters in the movie because of their unique look and bizarre behavior.

12. The Stink Spirit

The Stink Spirit

The Stink Spirit is a polluted creature who is cleaned by our main protagonist.

Despite his repulsive look and scent, he is a noble and respectable creature.

After being washed, he reveals his real identity as a river spirit and gives Chihiro a priceless present as thanks.

11. The River Spirit 

The River Spirit 

Another contaminated creature, The River Spirit is a huge, beautiful being with a body covered in dirt and mud.

In exchange for her help in cleaning up his body of filth and trash, Chihiro receives a mystical object that will aid her in her travels.

A significant scene in the movie is when he changes from a filthy, unidentifiable beast to a beautiful, pure soul.

10. Susuwatari (The Soot Sprites)

Susuwatari (The Soot Sprites)

The bathhouse’s boiler room is home to a band of cute, fluffy creatures known as the Soot Sprites.

They bring a quirky and fun element to the narrative since they are naughty and lively.

They become an instant fan favorite due to their adorable and cuddly look.

9. The Radish Spirit 

The Radish Spirit 

A fascinating entity known as The Radish Spirit appears to be a huge, walking radish with a shrouded past.

Due to his unusual look and quirky behaviors, he is a favorite of the audience, and his existence contributes to the movie’s overall fantastical and dreamlike atmosphere.

8. Zeniba 


Yubaba’s identical twin sister Zeniba is indeed very different from her in character.

She gives Chihiro essential advice and support throughout her journey and is kind to her.

Zeniba is a fan favorite due to her friendliness and compassion.

7. Boh 


Boh is the son of Yubaba, who has a hilariously huge head and a mischievous personality.

He is endearing and lovable despite his spoiled rotten behavior sometimes, and his antics provide a significant amount of humorous relief throughout the movie.

6. Lin 


Lin is Yubaba’s harsh, direct assistant, yet she also has a gentle heart.

During her time in the spirit realm, she grows to be a close friend and Chihiro’s guardian; her dedication and kindness are truly inspiring to many.

5. Kamaji 


The dedicated boiler worker who keeps the bathhouse operating efficiently.

Kamaji is a beloved character that brings a sense of comedy and realism to the narrative thanks to his many arms and no-nonsense attitude.

He might have a tough appearance, but he has a tender spot in his heart for Chihiro.

4. Yubaba 


Without an antagonist, no story is complete, and Yubaba is the ideal choice for spirited.

All who enter the spirit realm fear Yubaba, the bathhouse’s owner and a strong witch.

She will do whatever it takes to keep her position of authority and control over the spirit realm, using her sneaky tactics.

3. Haku 


Chihiro is assisted by the beautiful and powerful dragon Haku as they travel through the dangerous spirit world.

Haku is a force to be reckoned with thanks to his calm thinking and powerful magical skills.

He’s a nice and loyal buddy, although, is hiding under his tough appearance and would stop at nothing to defend people who are important to him.

2. Kaonashi (No-Face )

Kaonashi (No-Face )

No-Face begins as a lonely and misunderstood spirit but develops into a fascinating and multifaceted figure.

With his sinister mask and voracious appetite, No Face would be an enemy you wouldn’t want to face in a fight.

But as he gets closer to Chihiro and the other characters, he starts to reveal his actual self: a gentle and caring soul who only wants to fit in.

1. Chihiro


Meet Chihiro, our courageous heroine who sets off on a grand journey in the spirit realm.

She’s a clever, resourceful, and ambitious little girl who is desperate to save her parents and return to the human world.

She is an inspiration to both children and adults because of her unwavering courage and good nature.

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