5 Manhwa To Read If You Liked Viral Hit

Searching for manhwa like viral hit?

Viral hit is one of the popular action manhwa/webtoons you shouldn’t miss reading.

This manhwa follows skinny high school student, Hobin Yoo who starts knocking out guys stronger than him after following the advice of a channel and soon starts his channel bringing him a stack of money.

Manhwa Like Viral Hit

From “Study Group”, “The Boxer”, to “Lookism”, Here are 5 manhwa/webtoons like viral hit.

So, let’s get started.

Study Group

Study Group
  • Author: Hyung Wook Shin
  • Artist: Seung Yeon Ryu

Yusung Technical High School is popularly known as the “school of future criminals” and isn’t the place if you are looking to study. A rare gem student, Gamin’s goal is to get into university and he’s rejected from several study groups before forming his own.

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Teenage Mercenary

Teenage Mercenary
  • Author: YC
  • Artist: Rakhyun

Ijin Yu lost his parents in a plane crash and was stranded on a foreign island. There he’s forced to become a child mercenary to survive. He returns home after ten years of reuniting with his grandfather and sister, he soon enrolls in a school but the life of a teenage student wasn’t peaceful.


  • Author: Taejun Park
  • Artist: Taejun Park

Daniel is ignored in school because he’s ugly and doesn’t have any friends. One day, he wakes up in a different body and is amazed by his looks. Now Daniel aims to achieve everything that he couldn’t before with his old body.

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Weak Hero

Weak Hero
  • Author: Seo Pass
  • Artist: Jin Seok Kim

Gray arrives in a school ruled by bullies and power means everything to them. They target weaker kids and gray threatened to destroy this system. Despite his weak and small body, his fighting style is calculative that knocks powerful bullies out.

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The Boxer

The Boxer
  • Author: Ji Hun Jeong
  • Artist: Ji Hun Jeong

Yu has a natural talent for boxing but doesn’t defend himself even when he gets hit by bullies. After an incident, a boxing coach recognizes his talent for boxing and trains him to become a monster in the ring.

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