10 Manhwa Like Under The Oak Tree To Read ASAP!

Hunting for manhwa like under the oak tree?

Under the oak tree follows Lady Maximilian who’s forced to marry Sir Raftan but he leaves after their wedding night. After three years he returns to the palace and is ready to be a loving husband as Maximilian wanted but before that, they must know about each other.

If you love romantic fantasy genres, then Under the oak tree is the one you shouldn’t miss reading and in this article, we cover Korean manhwa/webtoons like Under the oak tree.

Manhwa Like Under The Oak Tree

From “The Concubine Contract”, “How To Hide The Emperor’s Child”, to “Lucia”, Here are 10 manhwa/webtoons like under the oak tree.

So, let’s get started.

Just Leave Me Be

Just Leave Me Be
  • Author: Eun Hyang Ja
  • Artist: Chaero

Adele is an innocent orphan who’s given a choice to be adopted by a duke and live as his daughter or die as an orphan. She chooses to become his daughter and played .her role to perfection until she was murdered. She’s sent back in time and wants to use her past knowledge to stop bad things from happening again.

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A Villainess For The Tyrant

A Villainess For The Tyrant
  • Author: I Ran Yu
  • Artist: Jagae

Princess Cecile’s marriage to the neighboring emperor, Estian is unavoidable. Estian is known as a coldhearted villain throughout the empire and in order to combat him, she becomes a villainess.

The Concubine Contract

The Concubine Contract
  • Author: Rejyong
  • Artist: Bulgeun Manyeo

Yeseo, the deadliest assassin in the empire is hired by the emperor Ahon to find the spy in the palace and must act as the emperor’s concubine as a cover. She wants to finish the job and quickly collect her reward but suspicious officials make her job difficult.


  • Author: Macherie
  • Artist: Cierra

Beatrice, the last princess of Elpasa watched her whole kingdom fall apart and is forced into hiding. She takes the identity of Chole and starts her new life but when the very man who destroyed the Elpasa kingdom, Duke Alexander takes her notice, romance blooms between them.

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Saving My Sweetheart

Saving My Sweetheart
  • Author: Han Yujeong, Hound
  • Artist: Kim Jiei

Leticia is the daughter of the most revered divine king, She is rumored to be bloodthirsty, coldhearted, and a ruthless tyrant but the truth is she is none of that. Leticia is cursed to die if didn’t kill her husband but is sent back in time to days before the wedding and decides to reset her past.

How To Hide The Emperor’s Child

How To Hide The Emperor's Child
  • Author: Astell
  • Artist: Kaizen

Astelle left the palace after getting a divorce from the emperor Kaizen but was pregnant with his child. Six years later, She lives a peaceful life with her son but then suddenly the royal guards come knocking, as Kaizen needs her consent to receive a key and she wants to hide her son’s identity from him no matter the cost.

The Soulless Duchess

The Soulless Duchess
  • Author: Jin Seha
  • Artist: Jin Seo Han

Yvona is ready to do anything for her future husband but her fiance starts to cheat on her with her cousin, Tristan, and then she suddenly dies. She wakes up a year past before her death and starts to fight for herself even forming a marriage contract with the coldhearted Duke of Azentine.

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This Villainess Wants a Divorce!

This Villainess Wants a Divorce!
  • Author: Ahbin, Nokki
  • Artist: Ahbin

Carnelia Easter is a villainess who trapped the prince in marriage and she’s executed in the end but due to unfortunate fate, I woke up as Carnelia. I need to play this smart and convince him to divorce me but lately, the story is getting unpredictable.

Light And Shadow

Light And Shadow
  • Author: Ryu Hyang
  • Artist: Hee Won

Duke Eli is expected to marry a noble’s daughter but instead is married to a servant, Edna. She hides a secret that could change the kingdom’s history and both are looking for redemption.


  • Author: Haneulgarigi
  • Artist: Taruvi

The sixteen princes of the kingdom, Lucia sees her future through a strange dream, and according to her dream, she is subjected to a terrible marriage that will haunt her until she dies. To avoid her cursed fate she makes a contract marriage with Duke Hugo.

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