12 Best Manhwa/Manhua Like The Remarried Empress To Read (Right Now)

Want to know manhwas like remarried empress?

This manhwa follows the perfect empress, Navier Ellie Trovi who was kind to her husband and to the people in her kingdom but her life turns upside down when the emperor brought in a mistress. She accepts the divorce and wants approval for her remarriage to retain her title as empress.

Remarried empress Manhwa has one of the best storylines and characters. The story explores many different genres and will make you crave more chapters.

Manhwa Like The Remarried Empress

From “I Am The Real One”, “Solitary Lady”, to “The Great Wish”, Here are 12 manhwa/webtoons like the remarried empress.

So, let’s get started.

I Am The Real One

I Am The Real One
  • Author: Samwool
  • Artist: Yuun

The grand duke was foretold that a water Elementalist daughter will be born from him. Kiera, the daughter of the grand duke lacks her father’s affection and properly maintains her dignity as noble. She gets executed after Cosette convinced everyone that she’s the real daughter but Kiera is reborn with a new purpose.

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Crows Like Things That Sparkle

Crows Like Things That Sparkle
  • Author: Mr. C
  • Artist: Mijoo

Captain Sahara Ellawood had ended a war raging for 37 years and the crown prince, Cheshire Wi Solante wants to escort the captain to a party after returning to the capital but is surprised to find out that the captain is a beautiful woman. They soon spend an intimate night at the victory party but things take a turn when Sahara confesses her loyalty to the prince.

The Lady’s Law Of Survival

The Lady's Law Of Survival
  • Author: Rim Lee
  • Artist: Yum Yum

Lukina asked the king of the underworld to make her upcoming filled with wealth, no siblings, long life, and no complications with men as her previous incarnations never made it to her 25th birthday but the king only fulfilled three of her wishes.

Men Of Harem

Men Of Harem
  • Author:
  • Artist:

Latrasil Valentine needs to marry in order to gain power in her kingdom after the mysterious assignation of her father but she chooses five young men from different regions to join her royal consort.

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The Falcon Princess

The Falcon Princess
  • Author: Swe, Hanryui
  • Artist: Dongjeon

Princess Zeline lost consciousness after fleeing from the war and woke up in the body of a falcon which is in charge of delivering messages to the commander Valhyle. She may be tiny but Zeline is determined to find out what happened to her family.

Solitary Lady

Solitary Lady
  • Author: Kin
  • Artist: Mingsung

Hillis Inoaden is a noblewoman who has completed seven lives but always is regarded as weak and submissive. However, things change in her eighth life as she is born as the head of the family and her destiny to fulfill.

The Great Wish

The Great Wish
  • Author: Haneulgarigi
  • Artist: Narae

Sienna Argent has beautiful looks and has a clear path to the throne after marrying soon-to-be the emperor but then suddenly he grows wary of her. A mysterious man is behind this who alters her happy ending future.

Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady With The Lamp

Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady With The Lamp
  • Author: Yuin
  • Artist: Mini

Dr. Song is the youngest professor in a medical college who lived as a princess her previous life. On the brink of her death, she wakes up in her previous life as Princess Elise with medical knowledge and she now gets a chance to mend her relationships.

Beauty And The Beasts

Beauty And The Beasts
  • Author: N/A
  • Artist: N/A

Bai Qingqing is at an utter loss as she fell into the world of handsome men and the women are considered an unpleasant sight. As a beautiful young woman, Bai Qingqing soon finds herself at the center of attention.

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The Lady And The Beast

The Lady And The Beast
  • Author: Maginot Seon
  • Artist: Hongseul

The great empress, Martina has fought countless battles and is reborn as the daughter of a count, Astina. Due to her father’s bankruptcy, she’s married off to Archduke Atalenta who turns into a beast because of a family curse. The deadly beast is no match to Astina and a causal kiss turns him into human form.

Lady To Queen

Lady To Queen
  • Author: Kim So Hyeon
  • Artist: Muso

Neil became emperor’s queen after dreaming of fairy tales but she comes back divorced and accused of treason. Her family was executed mercilessly and by some miracle, Laila came back in time before everything goes sideways. She decides to put herself in danger and becomes the emperor’s queen.

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I Don’t Love You Anymore

I Don't Love You Anymore
  • Author: Susu
  • Artist: Haeyun Eun

Nevaeh Solene was engaged to Duke, Baler Eustache for ten long years but wasn’t loved by him. She calls off her engagement and moves to another country where she meets Emperor Arendt who wants to give her all the love.

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