8 Romance Manhwa Like Positively Yours (To Fall In Love With)

Are you looking for manhwa/webtoons like positively yours?

Positively Your follows, Jang Heewon who decides to go all out one day as she found out that her crush and her best friend are now dating. A one-night affair with a stranger has turned into her biggest nightmare as she becomes pregnant.

Manhwa Like Positively Yours

From “The Lady And Her Butler”, “Act Like You Love Me”, to “A Bussiness Proposal”, Here are 8 manhwa/webtoons like positively yours.

So, let’s get started.

The Problem Of My Love Affair

The Problem Of My Love Affair
  • Author: Yun Hwa Heo
  • Artist: King D

Mo Taehee decides to avoid any relationship at work until she retires and Cha Soohyeok worked his way up to the position of CEO. Things turn sideways when an incident causes them to spend a night together.

The Lady And Her Butler

The Lady And Her Butler
  • Author: Jade
  • Artist: Jade

Sooha Lim hates all men and doesn’t even think about having a boyfriend. Her friends and mother try to set up blind dates but she evades all of them. One day a homeless man, Taesoo Moon offers her housekeeping in exchange for housing and he becomes the first man in her life to agree with a man.

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Act Like You Love Me!

Act Like You Love Me!
  • Author: Xuann
  • Artist: Xuann

Ji Eon has a lot of pressure at her work but doesn’t have the luxury to express it. She becomes the personal assistant of famous actor Doyun Nam and he boss’s her around. After much enduring, she yells her feelings to a doll but much to her surprise it has the power to control Doyun Nam at will.

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What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?
  • Author: Gyeong Yu Jeong
  • Artist: Myeong Mi Kim

Youngjoon is the handsome, rich, and arrogant CEO of a company. Kim Miso is his secretary who stuck with him for over 9 years and now is about to quit to focus on her personal life but Youngjoon plans to stop this from happening.

His Devilish New Hire

His Devilish New Hire
  • Author: Eun Jeongi
  • Artist: Juyeon

Jieun is the new rookie at Rendezvous Cosmetics who does all kinds of odd jobs and hopes to learn new things from her work. Her sweet office life was short-lived when she was caught by the company president, Ma Seongjun while confessing her love.

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So I Married An Anti Fan

So I Married An Anti Fan
  • Author: Eun Jeong Kim
  • Artist: Jaerim

Geunyeong Lee has no money left and she got fired from her job because of a scandal with the popular superstar, Who Joon. She now makes a mission to bring him down at all costs and becomes his first official anti-fan.

The Foodie Next Door

The Foodie Next Door
  • Author: Sanyuan Studio
  • Artist: Sanyuan Studio

Qiaofeng has three reasons to be single: first, he is handsome; second, he is super rich; and last, his high IQ, to be his girlfriend one must have an IQ of 60. However, one girl gets an IQ test of 0 points and still becomes his girlfriend.

A Business Proposal

A Business Proposal
  • Author: Haehwa
  • Artist: Narak

Shin Ha Ri made a deal with her Best friend, Sun Jin to act like her and end her blind date but things turn upside down when her blind date turns out to be her company’s president, Kang Taemu.

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