9 Fantasy Romance Manhwa To Read If You love Lucia.

Trying to find manhwa like Lucia?

Lucia is certainly an amazing read if you love the fantasy romance genre.

This manhwa follows Lucia, the sixteenth princess of the kingdom who has seen her future through a dream. In her future, she has terrible marriage which will haunt her until she dies. To avoid the cursed fate she suggests a contract marriage with the flirtatious duke Hugo.

Manhwa Like Lucia

From “The Soulless Duchess”, “The Sultans Love”, to “Under The Oak Tree”, Here are 9 manhwa/webtoons like lucia.

So, let’s get started.

The Remarried Empress

The Remarried Empress
  • Author: Alpha Tart
  • Artist: Sumpul

Navier Ellie Trovi is the empress of the eastern empire and is devoted to her husband. She is an intelligent, brave woman who’s loved by everyone in the empire but after her husband brought a mistress and demanded a divorce, her world soon comes crumbling down.

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I’ll Marry Him!

I'll Marry Him!
  • Author: Karumok
  • Artist: Galchigui

Lilian, the illegitimate daughter of Duke McKellion was never loved by her father or society, and one day, she gets a chance to marry Emperor Kael Lu Waldorf. She is thrilled to leave her home and her husband Kael gets angry when he doesn’t sleep because of the witch’s curse but this is no problem for Lilian as makes him sleep with a kiss.

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I Was Tricked Into This Fake Marriage!

I Was Tricked Into This Fake Marriage!
  • Author: Haedam Park
  • Artist: Jade, Pear Juice

Leyrin Efran is the sole daughter of the delpice empire king and when the empire unified with other kingdoms, all noblemen were relinquished from their titles overnight. To secure her family’s status and estate, Leyrin Efran needs to find a husband who will obey her at all times.

The Soulless Duchess

The Soulless Duchess
  • Author: Seha Jin
  • Artist: Jin Seo Han

Yvona is an innocent woman who’s ready to do anything for her fiance but then she suddenly dies and wakes in past. Now, she’s ready to fight for herself even going far as a marriage contract with the coldhearted, Duke of Azentine.

The Sultans Love

The Sultans Love
  • Author: Chyomchyom
  • Artist: Kkong

Sayeh survived in the sultan’s harem for eleven years without being noticed but everything changes when the sultan summons her to his bed-chamber. When she was about to all hope then suddenly a rule passed which states all women of harem are free but the crowned sultan pays her a personal visit to express his feelings.

Who Made Me A Princess

Who Made Me A Princess
  • Author: Plutus
  • Artist: Spoon

Princess Athanasia was killed by her own biological father and cold-blooded king, Claude de Alger Obelia but it’s just a bedtime story she thought until it turned into her reality. Now she needs to find a way to survive and has several plans up her sleeve.

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Villainess in Love

Villainess in Love
  • Author: Lee Han Ron
  • Artist: R Sueopseum

She wakes up as Yunifer Magnolia a villainess who is obsessed with the handsome hero, Duke Ishid Lucrenze but he only has eyes for Yunifer’s friend, Raelle. She knows Yunifer is killed in the end and to prevent that she just needs to do nothing but one night, after getting drunk wakes in bed next to Ishid.

The Reason Why Raeliana Ended Up At The Duke’s Mansion

The Reason Why Raeliana Ended Up At The Duke's Mansion
  • Author: Milcha
  • Artist: Whale

Raeliana Mcmillian realized she was about to be killed off in a novel’s story after just waking up. To evade her fate, she needs to cover for six months and pretend to be the fiance of coldhearted and handsome, Duke Noah Wynknight in the mansion.

Under The Oak Tree

Under The Oak Tree
  • Author: Kim Suji
  • Artist: P

Lady Maximilian is forced to marry Sir Riftan but he leaves after their wedding night due to some circumstances. He returns after three years and is ready to give all his love to her. Maximillian is thrilled to have her husband back and she has doubts of her own to clear.

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