8 Manhwa Like Beatrice To (Binge-Read)

Do you want to know manhwa like Beatrice?

If you love the fantasy romance genre then, you shouldn’t miss reading this manhwa.

Beatrice manhwa follows the last princess of Elpasa, Beatrice who watched her father’s empire crumble down at hands of duke Alexander. She’s forced to live as a slave with a new identity but her charm is recognized by alexander and romance starts to bloom between them.

Manhwa Like Beatrice

From “The Remarried Empress”, “Under The Oak Tree”, to “Lady Evony”, Here are 8 manhwa/webtoons like beatrice.

So, let’s get started.


  • Author: Haneulgarigi
  • Artist: Taruvi

Lucia, the sixteenth princess saw her future through a strange dream that states her terrible marriage in the future. Desperate to change her fate she suggests a contract marriage with the flirtatious duke, Hugo Taran.

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A Royal Princess With Black Hair

A Royal Princess With Black Hair
  • Author: Ellianyang
  • Artist: Pangi

Caruel and Euricienne belong to the royal families who hate the idea of a political marriage and are determined to make each other beg for divorce. Enemies on the outside try to tear them up and they slowly grow on each other.

The Remarried Empress

The Remarried Empress
  • Author: Alpha Tart
  • Artist: Sumpul

Navier Ellie Trovi is intelligent, courageous, and a perfect empress in every way. She was destined to live as the wise eastern empire empress for the rest of her days but one day her husband brought a mistress and demands a divorce. She accepts the divorce and requests her remarriage to another emperor to retain her title.

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The Knight And Her Emperor

The Knight And Her Emperor
  • Author: Glasses Monkey
  • Artist: Winter, Heyum

The king, Luxos II has finally recognized knight Pollyanna’s worth and she vows to fight in his honor. The two set out to build a grand empire and things change when the king finds out that knight Pollyanna has conquered his heart.

Under The Oak Tree

Under The Oak Tree
  • Author: Suji Kim
  • Artist: P

Lady Maximilian is forcefully married to sir Riftan who leaves after their wedding night on a mission. He returns home after three years and is ready to be her loving husband and they have to find a way to clear their doubts about each other.

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Lady Evony

Lady Evony
  • Author: Jaya
  • Artist: Neida

Lady Evony is accused of being a murderer and is imprisoned for life. She was destined for execution but miraculously was granted freedom under the guardianship of duke Schneider. She regains her hope in life after seeing him and vows to protect him at all costs.

A Tyrant’s First Love

A Tyrant's First Love
  • Author: Kaizer
  • Artist: Tia

Dia wakes up in a foreign country with no memory of her past and is quickly taken hostage by the baron’s house where she was abused. Everything changed when the notorious emperor of the Cairos empire took an interest in her.

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A Talented Maid

A Talented Maid
  • Author: Sanho
  • Artist: Yuin

Maurina is the sole survivor of the royal kingdom’s line and hides within the kingdom with a fake identity, Marie. She starts her job as a maid serving the victorious empire. However, one day she gets a chance to make a wish and she asks to help others and bring them happiness. She needs to survive crown prince takes an interest in her and wants to execute maurina.

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