15 Best Yakuza Manga You Should Read (Right Now)

Do you need yakuza manga recommendations?

Yakuza is always a compelling topic among fans as it’s based on a real-life syndicate known for their notorious crimes and manga with yakuza are sure to hook you.

Best Yakuza Manga

From “Yakuza Reincarnation”, “Tekkon Kinkreet: Black & White”, to “Yakuza Lover”, Here are the 15 best yakuza manga that keeps your curiosity.

So, let’s get started.

Salaryman Kintaro

Salaryman Kintaro
  • Author: Hiroshi Motomiya
  • Artist: Hiroshi Motomiya

Yajima Kintaro, a former Yakuza leader, is granted a position in a construction company after saving the life of the CEO.

Meanwhile, an evil organization is trying to take over the company and Kintaro’s capabilities come in handy but more problems are ready to come his way.

Salaryman Kintaro is of the most underrated yakuza manga. The plot may be a little cringe at times but is worth reading.

Yakuza Reincarnation

Yakuza Reincarnation
  • Author: Hiroki Miyashita
  • Artist: Takeshi Natsuhara

An isekai yakuza manga sound’s interesting right?

The manga has some of the coolest characters and a well-written plot. Yakuza reincarnation is perfect if you are a fan of both genres.

Ryu is getting on in years, but this old yakuza leader is still tough enough to take on the punks who want to take over his territory.

However, when the young mobsters ambush him, it appears that old Ryu is done for but instead of dying, Ryu wakes up in a magical realm as a charming princess.

Back Street Girls

Back Street Girls
  • Author: Jasmine Gyuh
  • Artist: Jasmine Gyuh

A trio of yakuza women under the guidance of their selfish boss debut as idols known as “Gokudols”. To their fans, they are loving idols but in their room, they gamble and drink alcohol.

The overall plot of back street girls is a bit creepy in beginning but if you get through it, you will have a good time reading this comedy yakuza manga.


  • Author: Nobuyuki Fukomoto
  • Artist: Nobuyuki Fukomoto

A desperate man is playing Mojang with yakuza thugs for the prize of his life and while losing Akagi, a young boy saves him. Soon he becomes entangled with the underworld with gambling, money, and power.

Gambling and yakuza always go hand in hand. Akagi drives deep into the world of underworld gambling and the story covers many details about Mojang.

Some arcs are slow and the art isn’t quite captivating but overall gives nice vibes while reading.

Tekkon Kinkreet: Black & White

Tekkon Kinkreet: Black & White
  • Author: Taiyou Matsumoto
  • Artist: Taiyou Matsumoto

The story is set in a run-down town, where Kuro and his brother Shiro, two orphans run everything.

However, things come crumbling down when a mysterious gang wants to tear down the entire town and build an amusement park.

The main characters in tekkon kinkreet are fantastically written and the backdrop of town makes this a must-read yakuza manga.

Wild Ones

Wild Ones
  • Author: Kiyo Fujiwara
  • Artist: Kiyo Fujiwara

Love for bad boys is literally inevitable and wild ones perfectly portray this statement.

This romance yakuza manga follows Sachie Wakamura who’s welcomed by her grandfather, a yakuza leader after her mother’s demise.

Her life changes when she’s assigned a bodyguard and she eventually develops feelings for him.

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My Home Hero

My Home Hero
  • Author: Naoki Yamakawa
  • Artist: Masashi Asaki

Tetsuo Tosu, an ordinary man discovers his daughter has been physically abused by her boyfriend, Nobuto Matori.

Filled with rage and anger, he begins his journey to protect his family from this cruel world.

My home hero has the best action scenes in this action. You will quickly become a fan of this manga because of the mc’s IQ.

Yakuza Lover

Yakuza Lover
  • Author: Nozomi Mino
  • Artist: Nozomi Mino

Yakuza lover has some very steamy scenes with the handsome male lead. The story isn’t strong but the characters are well written which makes it a perfect read.

Yuri, a feisty college is attacked at a party and is saved by Toshiomi Oya, a yakuza boss. After meeting him again, she falls for him and begins a dangerous love affair.

Yakuza Fiance

Yakuza Fiance
  • Author: Konishi, Asuka
  • Artist: Konishi, Asuka

Yoshino Somei is the granddaughter of a yakuza gang. Her life is in trouble when her marriage is announced to Kirishima Miyama, the grandson of a rival gang to unify both gangs.

If you are looking for romance yakuza manga, then you should read yakuza fiance. It has some pretty badass characters and a promising storyline that will make you crave more chapters.


  • Author: Masao Ohtake
  • Artist: Masao Ohtake

Nitta is an ambitious member of the yakuza syndicate and his life changes when a girl stumbles into his apartment. The girl threatens Nitta using her telekinetic powers and he’s forced to accept her as a roommate.

Hinamatsuri is a comedy yakuza manga that mixes both genres perfectly, The story starts slowly but is worth reading for comedic scenes.

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  • Author: Nobuyuki Fukumoto
  • Artist: Nobuyuki Fukumoto

Itou Kaij gambles away his money and is in enormous debt. However, one day a strange man approaches him with a task that risks his life, and now, rained with unknown persons willing to annihilate him.

Another gambling/yakuza manga recommendation, Kaji has serval parts that are worth reading.

This yakuza manga has many thrilling moments as the protagonist takes high risks and gives a different feeling compared to other manga in this list.


  • Author: Buronson
  • Artist: Ryoichi Ikegami

Asami and Hojo are the sole survivors of a massacre as they vow to find sanctuary. They take different paths in life and their friendship is tested when faced with a difficult situation.

Politics and yakuza relations are fascinating to read and sanctuary manga exactly shows us in-depth. The story is well written and the art is fantastic, overall a good yakuza manga.

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  • Author: Kozueko Morimoto
  • Artist: Kozueko Morimoto

Yamaguchi Kumiko becomes the boss of the yakuza clan after her parent’s death. She decides to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher and is assigned to the worst class as their teacher.

If you looking for fun reading yakuza manga, then you should try gokusen. The manga has its high moments and the art drawn is mostly chibi but is worth reading.

The Way Of The House Husband

The Way Of The House Husband
  • Author: Kousuke Oono
  • Artist: Kousuke Oono

Tatsu is a yakuza legend known as the immortal dragon who quits his profession to become a regular househusband but leaving gang life isn’t easy for him.

The way of the house husband is one of the must-read yakuza manga, It has everything from a chaotic protagonist, to quirky humor, and feel-good characters that you keep glued to your screens.

The Yakuza Guide To Babysitting

The Yakuza Guide To Babysitting
  • Author: Tsukiya
  • Artist: Tsukiya

Kirishima Tooru is the right man for a crime family and lets his bloodthirsty work run wild. However, one day he receives a lifetime assignment from his boss to take care of his daughter.

The yakuza’s guide to babysitting is simple and heartwarming. This comedy yakuza manga has fantastic art, well written side characters and an clean plot.

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