15 Best Uncensored Manhwa/Webtoons You Should Read (NOW)

Looking for uncensored manhwa/webtoon recommendations?

Uncensored manhwa/webtoons often explore mature themes and relationships that may be disturbing for some readers.

If you love reading uncensored manhwa/webtoons and are looking for some recommendations, then you are in the right place.

best uncensored manhwa webtoons

From “Dog On Patrol”, and “Learning The Hard Way”, to “Sweet Guy”, Here are the 15 best-uncensored manhwa/webtoons.

So, let’s get started.

15. Young Boss

young boss 3

Seung-ho thought he had it all with his cute girlfriend, Min-ha, but her childish antics are starting to wear him thin.

However, just when he thought things couldn’t get any more complicated, he lands a new job and meets his stunning boss.

Suddenly, he’s torn between his loyalty to Min-ha and his growing attraction to his boss.

As Seung-ho tries to navigate this tricky love triangle, he finds himself in a series of awkward and hilarious situations.

14. Dog On Patrol

dog on patrol

Mr. H’s new job as a security guard at a luxury house may seem dull at first, but it’s anything but.

As he patrols the opulent estate, he finds himself drawn into a world of sexual adventure and temptation.

From steamy encounters with the house’s beautiful residents to voyeuristic thrills, Mr. H’s deepest desires are suddenly within reach.

13. Perfect Half

perfect half 1

In a world where women were once seen as inferior to men, the tides have turned and the ladies are fighting for equal rights.

With the playing field now leveled, the battle of the sexes is in full swing! But what’s the game they’re playing and who will come out on top?

Join the journey as the women and men of this world navigate their new reality and fight for what they believe in.

12. Lucky Guy

lucky guy 6

Jungsuk’s life is a mess. He flunked the most important exam and his girlfriend dumped him like yesterday’s trash.

But he’s not giving up yet. Determined to start afresh, he enrolls in a prestigious boarding cram school.

Little did he know, things are about to take a steamy turn.

Instead of diligent scholars, Jungsuk finds himself surrounded by a group of lusty students who seem more interested in getting into each other’s pants than hitting the books.

And amidst all the madness, Jungsuk can’t help but notice the gorgeous Ms. Kang.

11. Weakness


Dong-jin has been living a miserable life as a lowly casual employee at a top-notch law firm.

He is constantly belittled and treated like dirt by his superiors and colleagues.

But one day, he stumbles upon a series of shocking secrets that could turn the entire firm upside down.

As Dong-jin begins to uncover the hidden truths behind his co-workers’ and bosses’ shady dealings, he realizes that he holds the power to bring justice to those who have been wronged.

Armed with this knowledge, Dong-jin must navigate the treacherous waters of the law firm and its corrupt practices, risking everything to expose the truth and finally rise to the top.

10. Learning The Hard Way

learning the hard way 4

Jinhoo thought he had left his high school bullying days behind him, but fate had other plans.

His newest tutee turned out to be none other than his ex-bully, Yejin! With her flunked college entrance exams and interest in her trusty dildo, She was convinced that she didn’t need a tutor.

But as she rekindled her torture of Jinhoo, she soon realized that he had some valuable lessons to teach her…lessons that were going to be hard-earned.

As Jinhoo and Yejin navigate their complicated past, they may just find that they have more to learn from each other than they ever thought possible.

9. Sexercise

sexercise 1

Bae Woong was determined to get back into shape and reclaim his athletic glory days.

So, when he stumbled upon a mysterious and expensive gym in the neighborhood, he was willing to do whatever it took to achieve his goals.

But there was a catch: he had to sign a nondisclosure agreement before he could even hear about the workouts.

Intrigued by the alluring women who worked there, Woong decides to take the plunge.

And what he discovers behind closed doors shocks him: the secret to their perfect bodies is sex.

8. Collapse & Rewind

collapse rewind

Jonathan is a dreamer, and his biggest aspiration is to become a famous online streamer.

But with little success, he finds himself stuck in a rut.

Enter Sophie, a failed real estate agent with a heart of gold.

Together they navigate the world of online streaming, facing obstacles and challenges along the way.

7. Touch To Unlock

touch to unlock 3

Chiho has always been plagued by bad luck, but little does he know, he was actually born with a rare, incredibly auspicious destiny.

His mother, a shaman, shared his energy with seven neighborhood females to assist them escape their cursed destiny.

But as Chiho grows older, it’s time for him to reclaim what is rightfully his. And the only way to do that is through touch.

Yes, you heard that right! In this intriguing tale, follow Chiho as he embarks on a journey of self-discovery, facing new challenges and rediscovering himself one touch at a time.

6. Queen Bee

queen bee 2

Darla, the daughter of the landlord and the school gang’s boss’s girlfriend holds all the power over her tenant, Junnie.

At school, she treats him like dirt, but behind closed doors, their relationship takes a scandalous turn.

As childhood friends, they navigate their complicated and jealous emotions within the confines of their harsh family and school ties.

Darla’s constant power play and Jennie’s unrequited love set the stage for a steamy and emotional rollercoaster ride of passion and heartbreak.

5. Sweet Guy

sweet guy 7

Hosang was cursed with bad luck when it came to women, until an unlikely purchase from his old college friend, Gahee, gave him a shocking new power.

The electric mat he bought from her jolted him with unexpected energy, and suddenly, he found himself irresistible to women.

Hosang was amazed at how easy it became for him to attract the opposite sex.

But as his life takes a wild and unexpected turn, he begins to question if this newfound ability is a blessing or a curse.

4. Boarding Diary

boarding diary 5

Jun-woo hit the jackpot when he landed a room in a boarding house owned by the kind and caring Mi-Kyung.

She treated him like family, and he felt lucky to have found such a welcoming place as a new student.

However, things took a turn for the strange when Jun-woo began to notice Mi-kyung’s odd behavior.

His suspicions peaked when he caught her watching a secret video in her room.

Suddenly, the trust he had in her was shattered, and he realized that he might have stumbled upon a dark secret.

As Jun-woo drives deeper into the mystery behind Mi-kyung’s actions, he realizes that the boarding house is not what it seems, and the people in it have something to hide.

3. Secret Class

secret class 6

Dae-ho had a tough start in life, losing his parents at a young age and being taken in by his father’s friend.

Now at 20, he’s still a bit clumsy when it comes to sex, and the girls in his house are determined to give him a crash course in pleasure.

From hands-on demonstrations to detailed explanations, they’re pulling out all the stops to teach him the art of seduction.

But as Dae-ho starts to explore his newfound knowledge, he begins to question if this education is all it’s cracked up to be.

2. Stepmother Friends

stepmother friends 3

Seokwoo’s world was shattered when his mother abandoned him and his father.

His father’s new wife, a stunning beauty, seemed like a breath of fresh air, and Seok-woo hoped that she could fill the void left by his mother.

But he soon realized that her intentions were far from pure, and he found himself caught up in a web of secrets and lies.

As he delves deeper into his stepmother’s world, Seokwoo must confront the harsh reality about his family and rely on his instincts to stay alive.

1. My Kingdom (Silent War)

my kingdom silent war 2

Hyun-soo is a sports bettor who makes a living by working for the notorious Gun-chul.

But life hasn’t been easy for him, as he is caught in a vicious cycle of fear and uncertainty.

He wants to leave it all behind and start anew, but he’s too afraid to make a move.

Everything changes when Mee-hee, Gun-chul’s stunning girlfriend, approaches him after a life-altering incident.

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