22 Best Soccer (Football) Anime Of All Time

Looking for soccer (football) anime to watch?

Football, known as the beautiful game, has captured the hearts of millions around the world with its electrifying matches, intense rivalries, and tales of triumph and camaraderie.

While we cheer for our favorite teams on the real-world pitch, anime has also brought the spirit of football to the small screen, delivering thrilling stories that showcase the power of teamwork, determination, and the pursuit of greatness.

If you’re a fan of both anime and football, then get ready to dive into the world of football anime!

Best Soccer (Football) Anime

From “Akakichi No Eleven”, and “Victory Kickoff”, to “Blue Lock”, Here are the 22 best soccer (football) anime.

So, let’s get started.

22. The Winds of Victory

The Winds of Victory

Kenji thought he had everything under control on the soccer field until he made a mistake that left his teammate Yuta injured.

Feeling guilty and unsure of how to make things right, Kenji begins to question what it means to be a true sportsman.

But when Yuta shows him that a player’s spirit isn’t just about being on the field, Kenji realizes that there’s more to soccer than just winning.

Together, they learn the value of teamwork, perseverance, and what it truly means to be a team player.

21. Dragon League

Dragon League

Tokio and his father Amon are on an adventure in Elevenia, the land of soccer.

They witness the mighty Winners soccer team in a grand parade, led by their captain, Leon.

But things take a wild turn when Amon challenges Leon to a soccer match and ends up being turned into a tiny dragon by the captain’s magic.

Fueled by a desire to restore his father’s humanity, Tokio takes on the formidable Leon in a battle on the field.

20. Akakichi No Eleven

Akakichi No Eleven

Shingo, the heartthrob of Shinsei High School, is loved by all the girls in town.

But he’s not just a pretty face, he also has a passion for singing and a green thumb for gardening.

When Matsuki Tenpei, the new teacher, introduces the students to the game of soccer, Shingo is eager to give it a shot.

19. Shippu! Iron Leaguer

Shippu! Iron Leaguer

In the Iron League, robots reign supreme in sports and winning is everything.

But when Mach Windy realizes that his team, Dark Prince, uses unethical methods to secure victories, he makes a daring decision to leave them behind and join the underdog team, Silver Prince.

Together with his new team, they face off against Dark Prince in intense games of soccer and baseball, determined to prove that true sportsmanship and teamwork can still win the day.

18. Farewell, My Dear Cramer

Farewell, My Dear Cramer

Sumire Suo, a junior high school student, has never achieved anything noteworthy in soccer.

That is until her rival, Midori Soshizaki, makes a strange offer to join the same high school team with a promise to never leave Suo on the sidelines.

With such an unexpected invitation, Suo is faced with a tough decision: accept the offer or go it alone.

But with an array of unique soccer players to meet, and a challenge to conquer, Suo’s journey toward greatness is just beginning.

17. Shoot! Goal To The Future

Shoot! Goal To The Future

Atsushi Kamiya, the “courageous captain” of a renowned Italian soccer team, returns to his alma mater, Kakegawa High School.

However, the school’s soccer team has lost its former glory, and Hideto Tsuji, a disinterested student, sees no reason to join.

But when fate brings these two together, a new legend is born.

16. Detective Conan: The Eleventh Striker

Detective Conan: The Eleventh Striker

Conan, the young detective, was thrilled to have a close encounter with his soccer heroes from J-League.

However, the excitement turns into terror when he learns about a deadly bomb hidden in the stadium during the crucial match between Tokyo Spirits and Gamba Osaka.

With thousands of lives at risk, Conan must act fast to uncover the identity of the culprit and disarm the bomb before it’s too late.

15. One Piece: Dream Soccer King

One Piece: Dream Soccer King

Get ready for the ultimate showdown in the Grand Line Cup Final as Luffy and his pirate crew go head-to-head with the notorious All-Star Villains!

With the stakes high and the pressure mounting, it all comes down to a tiebreaker shoot-out.

With Nami cheering from the sidelines and Coby reluctantly guarding the goal, the tension is palpable.

14. Top Striker

Top Striker

Hikaru Kicker is a passionate 13-year-old football fanatic whose love for the sport runs deep.

His journey takes him all the way to Italy, where he joins the prestigious team at Genova.

But when he realizes that the team’s focus is on winning at all costs, Hikaru makes a bold decision to join the underdog team “Columbus” with his friend Anna.

Together, they face countless challenges and obstacles as they strive to become a formidable team.

Their hard work pays off when they manage to take down Margarita, one of the strongest teams in Genova.

But their ultimate test lies ahead in the form of the city’s first-ever soccer tournament.

13. Blue Legend Shoot

Blue Legend Shoot

Toshihiko Tanaka, Kenji Shiraishi, and Kazuhiro Hiramatsu, also known as the Golden Trio, had a passion for soccer since their junior high days.

They decide to attend Kakegawa High School together to join the same soccer team as the legendary Kubo, who had led their school to the best eight the previous year.

But the road to success is bumpy, and they need to work on their teamwork and individual skills to make it to the championship.

As they face the ups and downs of their teenage years, they’ll need to dig deep to achieve their dream and become champions.

12. Offside


Goro Kumagaya had his sights set on entering the elite Yokonan Highschool football club, but fate had other plans.

Despite an accident causing him to end up in a lowly-ranked school, Goro found himself surrounded by a group of talented footballers, Shingo, Hideki, and Kazuhito Oda.

Together, they formed the Kawasaki High School football club and set out to challenge Yokonan and other schools in the region.

Each setback was turned into an opportunity for improvement, and Goro discovered his natural talent as an ace striker.

11. Victory Kickoff

Victory Kickoff

Sho Ota may not be the best football player out there, but he’s got a heart of a lion and an undying passion for the game.

When his team, the Momotaro Predators, was disbanded, Sho took it upon himself to bring them back together.

With the odds stacked against him, he scours the city for new members, determined to make his dream of becoming a professional player a reality.

Despite facing countless challenges and setbacks, Sho never loses hope and keeps pushing forward.

10. Whistle


Shou Kazamatsuri is a middle school student who has a passion for soccer but lacks the skills to excel at it.

Despite attending the prestigious Musashi no Mori soccer school, he finds himself constantly benched, leaving him feeling dejected.

Shou decides to transfer to a new school with a more welcoming environment and a team that needs him.

9. Hungry Heart: Wild Striker

Hungry Heart: Wild Striker

Kyousuke Kano is living in his famous brother’s shadow and has given up his dream of becoming a professional soccer player.

But when he’s asked to coach his school’s women’s soccer team, Kyousuke rediscovers his passion for the sport.

With the help of the team’s skilled players and his own dedication, he sets out to lead them to victory in the national tournament.

Along the way, he faces challenges that will test his coaching skills and his own love for the game.

8. Giant Killing

Giant Killing

Once a mighty team, East Tokyo United’s glory days were long gone after their captain Takeshi Tatsumi left abruptly for England.

Under the new captain, Murakoshi, the team struggles to keep its head above water.

However, Takeshi’s return to Japan brings with it the promise of success once more.

But it won’t be an easy road to redemption, with fans still harboring resentment towards the former captain and clashing personalities on the team.

7. The Knight In The Area

The Knight In The Area

Kakeru Aizawa thinks he’s a total flop at soccer and decides to manage his school’s team instead.

Little does he know, his brother Suguru sees a hidden talent in him that he refuses to acknowledge, causing constant arguments between the two.

To add to the drama, their childhood friend Nana returns and Kakeru is head-over-heels for her.

With tensions rising on and off the field, the Aizawa brothers must navigate their complicated relationship while leading their team to victory in the fiercely competitive world of high school soccer.

6. Clean Freak: Aoyama Kun

Clean Freak: Aoyama Kun

Aoyama Kun is the rising star of the National U-16 Soccer Team who is also an obsessive germaphobe!

This hot, young soccer prodigy is not only known for his impressive skills on the field but also for his peculiar habits.

From wiping the ball clean with a cloth to wear gloves and a mask during games, Aoyama Kun takes germaphobia to a whole new level.

But despite his quirks, his teammates and fans admire and respect his dedication and passion for the game.

5. Inazuma Eleven

Inazuma Eleven

Mamoru Endou is a young and determined leader of Raimon Middle School’s soccer club.

Despite the team’s lack of skill, he is armed with his grandfather’s notebook on special training and a fiery spirit.

But the odds are against them as they face tough opponents in the Soccer Frontier tournament.

That is until a new member, soccer star Shuuya Gouenji, joins the team from Kidokawa Seishuu Middle School.

Together, they work to acquire special moves, perfect their skills, and bring the team to victory.

4. Days


Tsukushi Tsukamoto may not have the skills or talent of a star soccer player, but his passion for the sport burns brighter than anyone else’s.

Jin Kazama, on the other hand, is a lone wolf with incredible talent but lacks the ability to connect with others.

When fate brings them together on the soccer field, they realize that their differences may be the key to their success.

3. Captain Tsubasa

Captain Tsubasa

Tsubasa Ozora is a talented and ambitious young soccer player who’s on his thrilling journey to become a world-class champion!

Tsubasa will face countless challenges and rivals, but with his unwavering passion for the sport and fiery spirit, he will stop at nothing to reach his ultimate goal: the World Cup.

2. Aoashi


Ashito Aoi has a passion for soccer that burns bright, but his dreams are shattered when he chokes during a pivotal game.

As his team crashes out of the tournament, it seems like Ashito’s soccer dreams are over before they even begin.

But fate has other plans in store.

When a talent scout from Tokyo spots Ashito’s raw potential, he sees a chance to turn the young boy’s life around.

1. Blue Lock

Blue Lock

Japan’s soccer team is in dire need of a hero.

After a devastating loss at the 2018 World Cup, they must find an Ace Striker who can lead them to victory.

With the help of the Football Association, 300 of Japan’s most talented young players are brought together to compete for the coveted title of Ace Striker.

The competition is fierce, and tensions run high as each player battles to prove their worth.

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