20 Best Romance Anime Dubbed To Watch (2023)

Love watching romance anime dubbed?

Watching romance anime subbed can sometimes take the feels out and dubbed version is the right choice when it comes to these types of situations.

Best Romance Anime Dubbed

From “Kamisama Kiss”, and ” Your Lie In April”, to “Horimiya”, Here are the 20 best romance anime dubbed to watch.

So, let’s get started.

20. Honey And Clover

Honey And Clover

Art college is a place where passions run high and dreams take flight, but for Takemoto, the future is uncertain.

He shares a dorm with two roommates, Morita and Mayama, who are determined to make their mark in the world.

When Hagu-chan, a petite and gifted artist, joins their circle, the dynamics shift and love triangles abound.

As they navigate the complexities of romance and friendship, they’ll discover that love isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth fighting for.

Join them on their journey of self-discovery, heartache, and growth as they learn what it truly means to follow their hearts.

19. Princess Jellyfish

Princess Jellyfish

Tsukimi is an otaku girl who’s obsessed with jellyfish and avoids the world outside her comfort zone by declaring her house a man-free sanctuary.

Her mundane life takes a wild turn when a stylish, cross-dressing Kuranosuke enters her life.

Despite their differences, Kuranosuke and Tsukimi bond over their shared love for fashion, and the unlikely friendship blossoms.

Together, they embark on an adventure of self-discovery, pushing Tsukimi to come out of her shell and explore the glamorous world of high fashion.

18. Wolf Children

Wolf Children

Before becoming a mother, Hana was a shining star with endless possibilities.

However, fate took a turn when she fell in love with a man who turned out to be a wolf.

Together they built a family, but tragedy struck when Hana’s beloved mate was taken away, leaving her alone to raise two unconventional children.

To protect her family, Hana fled to the countryside where she faced challenges and adventures raising her little wild ones.

It was a journey filled with bruises, scratches, exhaustion, and overwhelming joy as she watched her pups grow and explore the world.

Hana’s story teaches us to encourage our children to chase their dreams and to find happiness in their journeys.

Though she wasn’t always a mother, it was always her destiny.

17. Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club

Welcome to Ouran High, the elite school for the incredibly wealthy where status and class reign supreme.

But when scholarship student Haruhi accidentally breaks a priceless vase, she finds herself indebted to the school’s notorious Host Club, a group of charming young men who cater to the whims of lovesick female students.

Haruhi is forced to join their ranks, disguising herself as a boy to serve as a host and entertain the school’s wealthy elite.

As Haruhi navigates the absurd and extravagant world of the Host Club, she finds herself drawn to the group’s eclectic members and their hidden depths.

16. Kamisama Kiss

Kamisama Kiss

Nanami’s life was turned upside down when her gambling-addict father vanished, leaving her destitute and alone.

But fate intervened when a stranger in the park offered her the position of the new goddess of a local shrine.

However, her divine new home comes with a catch: a fox familiar named Tomoe who opposes her presence.

Nanami must make a contract with him to receive his help, but the only way to do so is by kissing him, which is far from her ideal scenario.

15. My Dress Up Darling

My Dress Up Darling

Wakana Gojou has been carrying the weight of childhood trauma for years.

Betrayed by a friend who ridiculed his love for traditional dolls, Wakana has become a lonely figure, finding solace in the home ec room at school.

In his eyes, popular girl Marin Kitagawa, surrounded by her entourage of friends, seems like an alien from another planet.

But when Marin stumbles upon Wakana sewing away one day after school, she decides to bring him into her secret world of cosplay.

14. Howl’s Moving Castle

Howl’s Moving Castle

Sophie’s life was mundane and ordinary until a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger turned her world upside down.

Cursed by a wicked witch, Sophie is transformed into an old woman and embarks on a perilous journey to break the curse.

With rumors of the notorious wizard Howl and his mobile black castle roaming the land, Sophie sets out to find him and seek his help.

Along the way, she encounters sentient scarecrows, talking flames, and an array of magical creatures.

13. The Ancient Magus Bride

The Ancient Magus Bride

Chise Hatori’s life has been a never-ending nightmare.

Abandoned by her own mother and bounced from one indifferent caretaker to another, she has given up on finding a place where she truly belongs.

At rock bottom, the only option left for the young girl is to sell herself into slavery.

Little did she know that her life was about to take a strange and magical turn.

Purchased by a mysterious being with a skull for a head, Chise is transported to a world she never thought existed, where talking animals, dragons, and faeries are commonplace.

She’s not just an apprentice in magic, but also the bride-to-be of her strange master.

12. 5 Centimeters Per Second

5 Centimeters Per Second

Tono Takaki and Shinohara Akari were inseparable childhood friends, bound together by their shared isolation and the unspoken promise of eternal friendship.

But when Akari moves away after elementary school, their bond is put to the test.

Despite the distance between them, they continue to write letters, clinging desperately to the connection they fear may slip away.

Eventually, they plan a reunion, a chance to relive their past and confront their uncertain future.

The resulting journey is an emotional rollercoaster of joy, sadness, and hope, as they come to terms with the changing nature of their relationship and the inevitability of growing up.

11. Your Lie In April

Your Lie In April

Kousei Arima was a musical prodigy who lost his passion for playing the piano after his mother’s tragic death.

His life was a dreary existence of monotony until he crossed paths with Kaori Miyazono, a free-spirited violinist with an unorthodox approach to music.

With her bold and unconventional playing style, Kaori ignites a fire within Kousei that reignites his passion for music and transforms his world.

Together, they embark on a journey of self-discovery, facing challenges and finding solace in each other’s company.

10. Horimiya


Kyouko and Izumi are two high school students leading double lives.

Kyouko is a responsible caregiver for her younger brother, and Izumi is a tattooed and pierced rebel hiding his true self at school.

When they stumble upon each other’s secrets, a unique friendship blossoms as they confide in one another and support each other through the challenges of maintaining their dual identities.

But they keep their true selves hidden from the prying eyes of their classmates and the growing feelings they have for each other.

9. Given


Ritsuka Uenoyama used to be passionate about music and basketball, but now everything seems dull and uninspiring.

That is until he crosses paths with Mafuyu Sato, a mysterious boy with a guitar.

When Mafuyu sings for the first time, Ritsuka’s heart is instantly captured by the beauty and emotion of the melody.

As they spend more time together, Ritsuka finds himself drawn to Mafuyu’s hidden depths and struggles.

Their unlikely connection starts to bridge the gap between them, awakening a renewed sense of purpose and passion within Ritsuka’s soul.

8. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Ten years after the tragic death of Meiko Honma, her group of childhood friends has grown apart, struggling to move on from the past.

But when Meiko returns as a ghost, only visible to Jinta, the group’s former leader and a recluse, everything changes.

Meiko has one final wish, but with no memory of what it is, Jinta must reunite his old friends and help Meiko find peace.

As they navigate their unresolved emotions and confront the truth about their past.

7. I Want To Eat Your Pancreas

I Want To Eat Your Pancreas

Life can be unpredictable, as the protagonist discovers when they stumble upon a diary belonging to their classmate, Sakura Yamauchi.

Shockingly, Sakura is suffering from a terminal illness and has only a few months left to live.

With the weight of her secret on their shoulders, the protagonist promises to keep it safe.

Despite their differences in personality, the two become close as the protagonist accompanies Sakura during her final days.

Through laughter and tears, they create memories that will last a lifetime.

But with time running out, will their bond be enough to ease the pain of saying goodbye?

6. Clannad


Tomoya Okazaki is a high school student who’s disillusioned with life and struggles to find purpose.

That is until he meets Nagisa Furukawa, a girl who radiates a sense of loneliness that he can’t help but be drawn to.

Nagisa confides in Tomoya about her struggles and the two start spending more time together as he helps her revive the school’s drama club.

As they work towards a common goal, Tomoya finds himself opening up to the people around him and forging new friendships.

Through his relationship with Nagisa, Tomoya discovers a newfound sense of purpose and learns that sometimes the most unexpected connections can change your life.

5. Toradora


Ryuuji Takasu’s tough-guy appearance has made him the most misunderstood kid at school.

Despite being a gentle soul at heart, his classmates are terrified of him.

Add in a crush on his bubbly classmate Minori, and life is complicated enough for Ryuuji.

But when he accidentally crosses paths with Taiga, a tiny yet fiery girl in his class, things get even crazier.

Taiga and Ryuuji’s unlikely friendship turns into an unexpected partnership when they realize they both have a crush on the other’s best friend.

4. Your Name

Your Name

Mitsuha, a small-town girl yearns for the excitement of Tokyo, while Taki, a city boy, dreams of escaping the hustle and bustle.

Fate brings them together in an inexplicable way; they start to switch bodies in their dreams.

Confused and bewildered, they begin to communicate by leaving notes and messages for each other, navigating their separate lives in each other’s bodies.

As they experience each other’s worlds and emotions, they start to develop an unbreakable bond. 

3. Kaguya Sama: Love Is War

Kaguya Sama: Love Is War

Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane are the brilliant minds behind the student council at their prestigious academy.

They are admired by many for their intelligence, good looks, and accomplishments.

But beneath the surface, there is fierce competition brewing between them.

They have fallen in love with each other, but their egos are too big to admit it.

And so, they engage in a battle of wits and schemes, determined to make the other confess their feelings first.

It’s a war of love where winning means losing, and both Kaguya and Miyuki are playing to win.

2. A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice

Shouya Ishida used to be the big cheese in school until he met Shouko Nishimiya, a deaf girl who had just transferred to their class.

Shouya, who had a chip on his shoulder, decides to bully her relentlessly, but his actions soon backfire, and he becomes the class pariah.

Fast forward a few years, and Shouya is a lonely outcast, wracked with regret for his past actions.

In an effort to make amends, he seeks out Shouko, hoping to apologize for his behavior.

1. Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket

Tohru Honda is facing tough times after losing her mother and being forced to live in the woods.

But a stroke of luck comes her way when she’s invited to live with the charming Yuki Sohma and his family.

However, things take a turn when she discovers the Sohma family’s dark curse that causes them to transform into animals of the Chinese zodiac when hugged by the opposite sex.

With the weight of the family’s curse on her shoulders, Tohru must find a way to help them break free from their curse.

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