16 Best NTR Manhwa/Webtoons Of All Time

Love reading NTR Manhwa/webtoons?

NTR, short for Netorare, is a popular genre in the world of manhwa webtoons that involves infidelity and betrayal within a romantic relationship.

While it may not be for everyone, NTR manhwa and webtoons have amassed a dedicated fanbase who enjoy the dramatic and often erotic storylines.

In this blog post, we’ll be exploring some of the best NTR manhwa and webtoons currently available, delving into their unique premises, characters, and themes.

best ntr manhwa webtoons

From Creampie, and Craving, to Household Affairs, Here are the 16 best NTR manhwawebtoons.

So, let’s get started.

16. Drug Candy

drug candy

Seunggu’s life couldn’t get any worse; he’s been demoted at work and his marriage has fallen apart.

Just when he thought he’d hit rock bottom, in walks Han Yura.

With her sharp wit and irresistible charm, Yura becomes Seunggu’s beacon of hope.

But as their relationship intensifies, Seunggu begins to realize that he’s becoming addicted to Yura – she’s like a drug that he can’t get enough of.

15. Creampie


A year has gone by and life has taken everyone on different paths.

But when fate brings them together again, old memories and buried emotions resurface.

Will they be able to pick up where they left off, or have too many things changed

Secrets and scandals threaten to come to light, and the group realizes that maybe they never really moved on from each other.

With the past colliding with the present, the reunion becomes a test of love, loyalty, and the true nature of their relationships.

14. What’s Wrong

whats wrong

Enter the tantalizing world of those who dare to pursue their deepest desires.

From chance encounters that ignite explosive chemistry to old flames reignited with a vengeance, nothing is off limits.

Be swept away by the seductive allure of one-time flings that turn into something much more, as characters navigate the slippery slope of lust and love.

But as passion consumes them, they’ll soon realize that the line between pleasure and pain is a fine one and that their steamy encounters may come with a price.

Get ready to indulge in a world of temptation, where the only rule is to have a little fun.

13. Bittersweet


Seho was feeling lost after being laid off and took a job at a cafe.

Little did he know that his mundane routine would turn into a sensual adventure with the cafe owner, Mira.

As their romance heats up, Mira’s proposal for him to move in with her and her daughter, Nayoung, seems like a dream come true.

However, as he gets closer to Nayoung, he realizes that there’s more to her than meets the eye.

Family dynamics become even more complicated as Seho navigates his love life with Mira and the unpredictable Nayoung.

12. Craving


The secret sexual desire she’s been suppressing for so long is now taking over her. Her body aches for a release she can’t get from her husband.

The temptation is too strong, and her mind wanders to Tae Yeol, her handsome secretary.

She knows it’s wrong, but she can’t resist the primal urges within her. With every passing day, her desires grow stronger, and her willpower weaker.

11. Sstudy


Sunggi joins a study group for the government service exam, thinking it would be all about hitting the books and acing the test.

But this group has a lot more to offer than just study tips.

As Sunggi spends more time with them, he realizes that their focus isn’t just on books and exams.

They have other, more…pleasurable goals in mind.

Suddenly, he finds himself in the midst of a group that is passionate not only about learning but about exploring their desires too.

10. Our Exchange

our exchange

As the spark in their relationship starts to fizzle out, a couple is presented with an intriguing opportunity to join their company’s exclusive secret club.

With the promise of excitement and adventure, they dive headfirst into this world of mystery and seduction.

But as they become more deeply involved in the club’s secretive activities, they start to question whether their newfound thrills are worth risking everything they’ve built together.

9. Secret Class

secret class

Dae-ho’s life has been marked by tragedy ever since he lost his parents at a young age.

But things started looking up when he moved in with a family friend who took him under his wing.

Now, at the ripe age of 20, Dae-ho is ready to explore everything life has to offer.

Except for one thing – he’s completely clueless when it comes to sex.

Lucky for him, his drop-dead gorgeous housemates are more than happy to give him a hands-on education in the bedroom.

From teasing to tantalizing, Dae-ho is about to learn everything he needs to know about pleasing a woman.

8. Circles


Jin-woo thought joining the Drama and Cinema club would be a fun way to spend his time at school.

But he didn’t expect to become the center of attention for every hot chick in the club!

Suddenly, he’s bombarded with flirtatious advances from all sides, but he’s not sure if any of them are genuine.

As he tries to navigate the tricky world of love and lust, Jin-woo must decide if he’s willing to risk his heart for a chance at true love, or if he’ll be content with a fleeting fling.

7. Maidens In Law

maidens in law

Caught in the middle of a complex love web, a man finds himself having an affair with his brother’s wife and a girl he once had a crush on, who, in turn, has a crush on his brother.

To make matters worse, he’s living with three stunning daughters-in-law who add more fuel to the fire.

As he tries to navigate his tangled emotions, he realizes that his desires could have disastrous consequences for himself and those around him.

6. H-Mate

h mate

Tae-bong and Mi-ro have been the best of friends for as long as they can remember.

They’ve always been comfortable around each other, but they never thought their relationship would take a romantic turn.

However, everything changes when they start living together.

As they navigate the ups and downs of cohabitation, they begin to see each other in a different light.

The closeness they’ve always felt evolves into something more intimate and passionate.

5. Lust Awakening

lust awakening

After landing a nursing job taking care of an elderly woman, a man never expected to get entangled in a web of desire and secrets.

The job quickly turns into a mess as he finds himself drawn to the woman’s alluring daughters.

They are as different as night and day, but they share one thing in common an insatiable appetite for passion.

As the man indulges in their lustful escapades, he starts to uncover long-buried secrets that could unravel their lives forever.

4. Household Affairs

household affairs

The neglected wife, trapped in a loveless marriage, finds solace in the arms of the delivery boy.

But little does she know that her husband is not just an ordinary man.

He is a trained assassin, and his next target is the very man she’s having an affair with.

As the husband gets closer to his target, he starts to uncover the truth about his wife’s infidelity.

3. My Stepmom

my stepmom

Jin-Woo’s world turns upside down when his dad introduces his new wife, who’s not only gorgeous but also only ten years older than him.

But something seems off about her flirtatious behavior towards him. Is she really trying to seduce her own stepson?

As Jin-Woo struggles to keep his feelings in check, he starts to uncover secrets about his new mom that leave him questioning everything.

2. Queen Bee

queen bee

Junnie thought he hit the jackpot when his childhood friend Darla offered him a room to rent.

But it turns out she’s dating the biggest gang boss in school, and Junnie is caught in the middle.

Darla is cold and dismissive to Junnie in public, but behind closed doors, their relationship is a steamy affair.

As their feelings for each other become more complicated, they must navigate the dangerous waters of the school’s gang culture and the expectations of their families and friends.

1. My Kingdom (Silent War)

my kingdom silent war

Hyun-soo lives a life of constant anxiety and danger, working for the infamous Gun-Chul as a sports bettor.

He’s trapped in a world of fear, unable to escape the clutches of his boss.

That is, until a chance encounter with Mee-hee, Gun-chul’s gorgeous girlfriend, turns his world upside down.

Mee-hee’s presence in his life becomes a catalyst for change as Hyun-soo realizes that there is more to life than living in constant fear.

But as he tries to break free from Gun-chul’s grip and start a new life, he soon discovers that there’s no escaping the consequences of his actions.

With Mee-hee by his side, Hyun-soo must navigate the dangerous waters of the criminal underworld and fight for his chance at a new beginning.

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