10 Best Murrim Manhwa/Manhua Of All Time

Want murrim manhwa/manhua recommendations?

Murrim refers to a genre of Korean comics that focuses on the world of martial arts. The stories feature intense action, complex characters, and thrilling plots that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Best Murrim Manhwa/Manhua

From “Martial Peak”, “Heavenly Reborn Demon”, to “Return Of The Blossoming Blade”, Here are the 10 best murrim manhwa/manhua.

So, let’s get started.

Poison Dragon: The Legend Of Asura

Poison Dragon: The Legend Of Asura
  • Author: Sinieo, Ant Studio
  • Artist: Sinieo, Ant Studio

Jin Ja Gang is the sole survivor of the medical sect and awakens the asura following the bloodshed of his fellow members.

He takes the path of revenge and won’t go down until he kills everyone responsible for the annihilation

Poison Dragon The Legend Of Asura is a refreshing take on the murrim genre. The plot may be slow at times and the MC doesn’t gain insanely strong powers but the antagonist of this story is sure to hook you.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak
  • Author: Momo
  • Artist: Yy

The journey toward the top of martial arts is lonesome and yet everyone tries to achieve unattainable heights while trying to survive.

Yang Kai a mere floor sweeper of the ling xiao martial arts sect discovers a wordless black book that changes his life forever and begins his journey.

Martial Peak has one of the most ruthless MCs in this genre. The manhwa is full of adventures and action with mind-blowing plot twists.

Heavenly Reborn Demon

Heavenly Reborn Demon
  • Author: Ilhwang
  • Artist: Gom Guk

Set in an ancient world where martial arts are considered the pinnacle.

Unseong watched his master’s death because of a false accusation and fails to kill the responsible ones.

In the end, meets his demise but wakes up as a child in a demonic sect and trains to gain the power to destroy his enemies.

Heavenly Reborn Demon holds a special place in the reincarnation/murrim genre. The mc is cold-hearted and the revenge plot gets interesting with each chapter.

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Return Of The Blossoming Blade

Return Of The Blossoming Blade
  • Author: Biga
  • Artist: Lico

Cheongmyeong of the mount sect wakes up hundred years in the future and his last memories are on a battlefield.

Seeing his former sect crumbling down He vows to use the second chance in life to restore the sect to its former glory.

Return Of The Blossoming Blade has some of the best dynamic fights in the murrim genre. The plot is easy to follow and has bits of comedic relief which isn’t common for many manhwas.

Volcanic Age

Volcanic Age
  • Author: Jeong Jun
  • Artist: Tomato

Joo Seo Cheon survived the age of war through sheer luck and becomes an elder of his faction.

On his deathbed, he remembers his life full of regrets and doubts but is returned to the past.

Volcanic Age has a linear storyline, If you don’t like complex storylines with character backstories and are looking for some action, then you need to read this murrim manhwa.

The Undefeatable Swordsman

The Undefeatable Swordsman
  • Author: Fist Cat
  • Artist: Chan Yeong Kim

Wumoon Song is the son of a low-level innkeeper who dreams of becoming a martial arts master but has a weak body.

However, after a guest leaves behind a painting as payment his life changes completely, and begins to show unimaginable powers that he never had before.

The Undefeatable Swordsman does a fine job of concentrating on side characters and the art style is fantastic but the story can get boring after reading a few chapters.

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Murrim Login

Murrim Login
  • Author: Zerobic
  • Artist: Cheol Byuk Jang

Jin Tae Kyung a low-rank hunter picks a VR headset and accidentally logs into a game that is set in the world of martial arts.

After many trials, he logs out of the game, and the skills acquired in the game are carried into the real world but decides to enter the game again.

Murrim Login is a unique murrim manhwa that combines game and marital arts genres perfectly. If you are looking for murrim manhwa with the system then you need to read this manhwa.

Tales Of Demons And Gods

Tales Of Demons And Gods
  • Author: Mad Snail
  • Artist: Jiang Ruo Tai

Nie Li was supposed to die at the hands of demon beasts but miraculously wakes in a classroom because of a time-space reversal.

Beginning everything again, he uses this chance to protect his beloved ones.

Tales Of Demons And Gods is one of the best manhwa/manhua, The plot has an interesting premise and the character development of MC from being the weakest to strong is interesting to read.

Legend Of Northern Blade

Legend Of Northern Blade
  • Author: Hae Min
  • Artist: Woo Gak

The warriors of the northern heavenly demon sect have kept the peace from the evil silent night and their leader commits suicide because of false acquisition to protect his son, Jin Moowon.

Jin Moowon undergoes harsh training and embarks on a journey to avenge his father.

Legend Of Northern Blade is a murrim manhwa with op mc, The story starts off pretty slow but quickly picks the pace and constantly introduces new characters to the story.

Nano Machine

Nano Machine
  • Author: Hanjungwolya
  • Artist: Geumgangbulgoe

Yeo Un’s mother is the unofficial wife of the high priest and his father’s blood qualifies him to be a minor priest.

However, his life changes when his descent from the future injects nanomachine technology into his body, and the completion among siblings arises.

Nano Machine has the best art in murrim category, The plot is unique as it combines technology and martial arts that connects with the underdog story of MC.

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