10 Best Manhwa/Webtoons Like Noblesse To Read (NOW)

Fan of Noblesse Manhwa?

Noblesse revolves around Cadis Etrama Di Raizel also known as Rai, a noble vampire who has been in hibernation for 820 years. He awakens in the 21st century and enrolls in a high school but a secret organization is trying to take him down.

We have a list of manhwa and webtoons that offer a similar blend of action, supernatural powers, and exciting plots that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Best Manhwa/Webtoons Like Noblesse

From “City Of Dead Sorcerer”, “Under Prin”, to “Black Haze”, Here are the 10 manhwa/webtoons like noblesse.

So, let’s get started.

City Of Dead Sorcerer

City Of Dead Sorcerer
  • Author: Carnby Kim
  • Artist: Carnby Kim

A new substance known as mana is discovered by scientists and the world starts to make use of this unlimited energy.

Sixteen years later, a simple app will make ordinary people use magic but comes with heavy restrictions.

However, a mysterious person is using forbidden magic without any restrictions to kill evil people.

Similarities To Noblesse

  • Both manhwas have supernatural themes.
  • The protagonist hides his true identity.
  • City Of Dead Sorcerer has a different storyline but gives a similar feeling.


  • Author: Uru Chan
  • Artist: Uru Chan

John a normal teenager attends an unusual high school where students possess unimaginable powers.

Nobody paid much attention to him, but John harbors a secret that threatens the school, and fulfilling his destiny wont be an easy task.

Similarities To Noblesse

  • Both MCs go to school.
  • Both are fantasy themed.
  • Unordinary has a smooth-paced plot compared to noblesse.

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Under Prin

Under Prin
  • Author: Smbryms
  • Artist: Smbryms

Lord Perdien a first-class demon resides in the human world with his son and doesn’t wish his son to follow the demon’s path.

Their peaceful life soon comes to an end, When a succubus makes his son ill and now, he must obey her demands with no restrictions.

Similarities To Noblesse

  • The MC is overpowered and tries to hide their identity.
  • Under The Prin involves rather than vampires.
  • Both have a similar plot.


  • Author: Mirchi
  • Artist: Yamchi

Lark Alfen an orphan is taken into a new home by his relatives and everyone is scared to approach him as his mother was a vampire.

He gets bullied in school until Setz saves him, and both quickly become friends.

However, his relatives decide on sending him away but Lark decides to move with the Setz family into the world of vampires

Similarities To Noblesse

  • Both plots revolve around vampires.
  • Both have the school life backdrop.
  • Crepusule is a bit darker compared to noblesse.

Vampire Hunter

Vampire Hunter
  • Author: Yenpham
  • Artist: Yenpham

Vampires are the worst terror to humankind and the Vatican council decides to launch a holy war to eradicate all vampires.

The dispute caused the vampires to blend in with modern society hiding their true identity.

A normal high schooler realizes the true nature of his adoptive family and gets caught up in the vampire scheme.

Similarities To Noblesse

  • Both have school life.
  • Vampire antagonists.
  • Vampire Hunter has a mystery theme with a lot of action similar to noblesse.


  • Author: Pogo
  • Artist: Pogo

Set in a fictional world where people are attacked by demons and the infected lost their humanity.

Rano is a demon hunter who saves people from demons with the help of a doctor and also searches for his missing sister.

Similarities To Noblesse

  • Similar art styles.
  • The Mc’s have non-human powers.
  • Both have similar fights, demons in Lessa and vampires in noblesse.

Monster Child

Monster Child
  • Author: Sang Yun Lee
  • Artist: Sang Yun Lee

Charlie left home two years ago and takes care of Charlotte but she’s the child of a monster.

The two of them take care of each other while trying to find a place in this world.

Similarities To Noblesse

  • Similar fighting style.
  • Both have fantastic art styles and characters.
  • Monster Child has hidden identity characters like noblesse.


  • Author:
  • Artist:

A young cafe owner possesses the ability to heal quickly as well as physical abilities.

However, his life takes a turn while trying to save a young girl from being hit by a running truck.

Similarities To Noblesse

  • Same author and artist.
  • Both Mc’s have supernatural abilities.
  • Both plots revolve around mysteries from the past.
  • Ability isn’t as popular as noblesse.

Tower Of God

Tower Of God
  • Author: Siu
  • Artist: Siu

Anything you desire is possible when you reach the top of the tower.

Twenty-Fifth Baam is an irregular who starts to climb the tower in hopes of reuniting with his childhood friend, Racheal but his path is filled with bloodshed and chaos.

Similarities To Noblesse

  • Both storylines are filled with mysteries.
  • Both MCs have a similar vibe.
  • Both manhwas have a lot of chapters that won’t distract you anytime soon.
  • Tower of god has a different plot but has interesting characters as noblesse.

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Black Haze

Black Haze
  • Author: Yong Yong
  • Artist: Yong Yong

Rood is sent to a magic school after a mission went sideways to protect an important person.

Similarities To Noblesse

  • Both main plots take in the school backdrop.
  • The MCs have hidden identities.
  • Black Haze has OP Mc like that of noblesse.
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