15 Best Manhwa/Manhua Like Martial Peak

Want some manhwa recommendations like martial peak?

Martial peak follows Yang Kai, a mere floor sweeper of the ling xiao martial arts sect who discovers a wordless black book and begins his martial arts journey with this mysterious book.

Manhwa/Manhua Like Martial Peak

From “Return Of Immortal Emperor”, and “The Servant Is The Demon King”, to “Tales Of Demons And Gods”, Here are 15 manhwa/manhua-like martial peak.

So, let’s get started.

15. Martial Universe

Martial Universe
  • Author: Silkworm Potato
  • Artist: Silkworm Potato

The manga follows Lin Dong, who hails from a small-town family and has faced numerous challenges and dangers.

He starts to defeat evil one by one and eventually becomes a hero who saves the world.

14. Martial Inverse

Martial Inverse
  • Author: Iciyuan
  • Artist: Iciyuan

The story revolves around Feng Hao, an aspiring martial artist who puts his best effort into fights but still loses. 

However, during a fight with the martial arts master, a hidden power within him awakens and he then begins a journey to master this hidden ability.

Chasing the internet for good manhwa like martial peak with a lot of action scenes? then you must start reading marital inverse.

13. Return Of Immortal Emperor

Return Of Immortal Emperor
  • Author: Palm Reading
  • Artist: Xiao Pei Yebi

Chasing for a manhua-like martial peak, then the return of the emperor is perfect for your taste.

The plot follows Yun Qing Yan who accidentally fell into the immortal realm from the mortal region three years ago.

After three thousand years, he becomes a great emperor and returns to his realm to protect his beloved ones.

12. Spirit Sword Master

Spirit Sword Master
  • Author: Yuan Tian Cong
  • Artist: Iciyuan

The manhwa follows Chu Xing Yun, the weakest young lord but was a strong warrior in his previous life and was brutally killed.

He vows to take revenge on his previous life enemies with the help of a mighty spirit sword.

11. Swallow The Whole World

Swallow The Whole World
  • Author: Ke Cong Qinshan
  • Artist: Kuaikan Comics

The manhua revolves around Xiao the strongest lord who was betrayed and killed in a battle.

Ten thousand years, later he reincarnated and makes his life’s mission to kill his enemies from his previous life.

Searching for a good manga like martial peak then, “swallow the whole world” is the one for you.

10. Soul Land

Soul Land
  • Author: Tang Jia San Shao
  • Artist: Mu Feng Chun

The cultivation manhwa follows Tang Chan, a prodigy of the Tang Clan who stole a secret from a clan and ultimately dies because of his action.

Years, later he’s reborn in a different world filled with soul masters and hopes to bring his former glory.

9. The Servant Is The Demon King?

The Servant Is The Demon King
  • Author: Ye Xiao
  • Artist: Wuer Comic

The reincarnation manhwa/manhua follows Yifan Zhuo who uses his power collected over time to defeat his enemies easily.

However, he’s betrayed, and using his remaining power reincarnates into the body of a servant.

RECOMMENDED: Manhwa Like The Servant Is The Demon King

8. God Of Martial Arts

God Of Martial Arts
  • Author: Jin Wu Hen
  • Artist: Yun Duan Manhua

The story is set in a world, where power controls everything.

Lin Feng, gets reincarnated into a weak martial artist who’s constantly bullied by his fellow clan members.

To gain his respect back, he begins his journey to becoming the god of martial arts.

7. Battle Through Heavens

Battle Through Heavens
  • Author: Silkworm Potato
  • Artist: Silkworm Potato

The fantasy/comedy manhwa follows Xiao Yan, a fifteen-year-old boy who only brings shame to the powerful Xiao family.

He makes an oath to become powerful and begins his cultivation journey to achieve the greatest power.

6. Star Martial God Technique

Star Martial God Technique
  • Author: Mad Snail
  • Artist: Mad Snail

Once the world was filled with many martial artists but due to a change only three types were left flame, dragon, and star martial arts.

The cultivation manhua follows Ye Xing He, a young star god martial arts student who sets on a path of achieving immortality.

5. Legend Of The Northern Blade

Legend Of The Northern Blade
  • Author: Hae Min
  • Artist: Woo Gak

The revenge-based manhwa follows Jin Moo Woo who is the only survivor of the northern heavenly sect, as the entire sect was annihilated because of false accusations against the leader.

He spends lots of time training and practicing his sects technique to take avenge his father.

Want to read reincarnation manhua/manhwa like martial peak then the legend of the northern blade will surely grab your attention.

4. Martial God Asura

Martial God Asura
  • Author: Shan Liang De Mi Feng
  • Artist: Yy

The harem-historical manhwa follows Chu Feng who has always brought shame to the chu family because of his weak body.

However, one day he decides to become stronger than his dad to save his mother and begins his journey toward it.

3. Apotheosis

  • Author: Ranzai Studio
  • Artist: Ranzai Studio

The manhua follows Zen Luo, a former lord who becomes a slave after his father died and his sister is held captive.

After much suffering, he finds a secret weapon-creation technique in a book that turns humans into a weapon and begins to challenge his fate.

If you are looking for good cultivation manhua like martial peak, then you should start reading this manhua.

2. Against The Gods

Against The Gods
  • Author: Qian Hui Dongman
  • Artist: Qian Hui Dongman

The adventure manhwa follows Yun Chae who is considered useless by the world and has no special abilities to speak of.

But, his fate was reversed by using the mirror of samsara was reborn and wants to achieve the strongest powers.

1. Tales Of Demons And Gods

Tales Of Demons And Gods
  • Author: Mad Snail
  • Artist: Jiang Ruo Tai

The manhwa revolves around Nie Li who has found himself sitting in a classroom at the age of thirteen because of a time-space book reversal.

He was destined by demon beasts but fate had other plans for him and using the second chance, he wants to protect his beloved ones.

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