5 Best Manhwa/Manga Like What Do You Take Me For

What Do You Take Me For? also known as Sister Neighbors, offers a captivating story penned by Tharchog and beautifully illustrated by Kyun.

The narrative revolves around Tim and Hailey, childhood friends who now share a life in Seoul. Their daily routine takes an interesting twist with the frequent presence of Denise, Hailey’s best friend. In fact, Denise is around so often that it seems like the trio practically lives together. Life is good until Tim decides to play a little bluff with his friend Chuck, setting off a series of events that will keep you hooked.

What Do You Take Me For? Manhwa falls into several genres, including Drama, Harem, Romance, and Slice of Life. This means you can expect a blend of emotions, complex relationships, and heartwarming moments as the story unfolds.

From “Excuse Me, This Is My Room”, and “A Knowing Sister”, to “Stargram Goddess”, Here are the 5 best manhwa/manga like What Do You Take Me For.

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1. Excuse Me, This Is My Room

Excuse Me, This is My Room, also known as THE ARK IS ME; 방주인은 전데요 is a webtoon series that has captured the hearts of readers with its riveting drama and mature themes.

The plot revolves around Kim Jinsoo, a young man faced with an unexpected twist of fate. He finds himself sharing living quarters with his personal bully, leading to a combustible atmosphere. Yet, amidst the turmoil, Jinsoo grapples with a profound question: Can he uncover the elusive emotion of love between his tormentor and the person he has long harbored feelings for?

This gripping webtoon is the collaborative effort of writer LObeam and artist Kook. Together, they have crafted a story that seamlessly blends drama and mature themes into a compelling tapestry.

Originally released in 2020, the series has recently reached its conclusion with Chapter 120 – The End. This closure provides readers with a sense of fulfillment and closure.

If you’re in search of a webtoon that will keep you glued to the screen, evoking a plethora of emotions along the way, This manhwa should be your next read.

2. Close As Neighbors

If you’re a fan of spicy romance combined with a dash of comedy, Close As Neighbors Manhwa might just be the webtoon you’ve been waiting for. Created by the talented Semni with captivating illustrations by Rodong, this series has been delighting readers since its release in 2018.

The story revolves around Theo, a young man who has always shared a close bond with his next-door neighbors, the Min sisters. But, as the tantalizing tagline suggests, what happens when they decide to get even closer? Intrigued? You should be!

The adult manhwa is a delightful blend of Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Harem, and Romance. This diverse mix of genres ensures that there’s something for everyone in this webtoon. Whether you’re looking for a good laugh or a heartfelt romantic journey, this series has it all.

As of September 2020, the series has completed its run with a total of 52 chapters, leaving readers both satisfied and craving for more. Each chapter unfolds the complex dynamics between Theo and the Min sisters, providing ample doses of humor and romance.

3. A Knowing Sister

If you’re a fan of webtoons that delve into the realms of ecchi, mature themes, and romance, then A Knowing Sister might just be the perfect addition to your reading list. Written by city girl and dosinyeo, with captivating illustrations by Yegam, this manhwa is a thrilling exploration of youthful desires and evolving relationships.

The story revolves around Haeyoung, a dedicated student whose life takes an unexpected turn when his neighbor, Jieun, moves in to share his room. However, this isn’t your typical roommate situation. Jieun is on a mission to motivate Haeyoung sexually, setting the stage for a series of intimate and intriguing encounters.

Haeyoung’s motivation stems from his long-term relationship with Senna, his girlfriend. With Jieun’s presence, tension, and excitement build as Haeyoung grapples with his newfound desires and the promise of finally consummating his relationship with Senna.

This adult manhwa seamlessly blends elements of ecchi, mature content, and romance similar to What Do You Take Me For, making it a compelling read for those who enjoy stories that explore the complexities of human relationships, desire, and passion. It’s a journey into the uncharted territory of awakening desires and emotions.

4. His Place

Are you in the mood for a webtoon that promises a mix of laughter, drama, and romance? Look no further than His Place Manhwa, also known as That Man’s Room, His Place {ACERA}, His Room, That Man’s Epilepsy, 他的 房间, and 그남자의 자취방. This captivating series, created by the talented duo of writer Active Volcano and illustrator Salmong, has been keeping readers entertained since its release in 2018.

The story revolves around a young and inexperienced individual who finds himself in a rather challenging predicament. Will this virgin be able to keep up with his experienced partner? It’s a question that sets the stage for a rollercoaster of events in this webtoon.

The adult manhwa offers a diverse range of genres, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy. With elements of comedy, drama, harem, romance, and school life, the narrative keeps you engaged from start to finish. The characters’ interactions are laced with humor, emotional moments, and a hint of romance that adds depth to the storyline.

5. Stargram Goddess

Are you ready to dive into a world of secrets, desires, and unexpected encounters? Stargram Goddess, a captivating manhwa written by Husky Team and illustrated by Kim Young-Gam, promises just that and more. Released in 2020, this webtoon has taken the online manga community by storm, leaving readers craving for more with every chapter.

The story revolves around Jinsoo, a reserved college student who harbors a thrilling secret. While he may appear unassuming in his day-to-day life, online, he’s known as ‘Malja,’ a skilled and experienced erotic photographer. His double life takes an unexpected turn when his stunning neighbor, Chon Nayul, stumbles upon his hidden persona.

Chon Nayul, intrigued by Jinsoo’s secret identity, approaches him with a bold request – she wants him to capture her essence in a sensual photoshoot as Malja. What follows is a journey of self-discovery, desires, and the exploration of one’s hidden talents and desires.

This adult manhwa seamlessly blends elements of comedy, drama, ecchi, and romance, making it a unique and addictive read. Whether you’re a fan of heartwarming moments, laughter-inducing escapades, or the sizzling chemistry between the characters, this manhwa has something for everyone.

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