11 Best Manhwa/Manga Like Under The Greenlight (2023)

Looking for manhwa/manga like Under The Greenlight?

Under the greenlight follows Matthew, an art student who falls for Jin, a violet gangster with dangerous desires. He becomes obsessed with Jin and is willing to pay the price for his muse.

If you loved reading under the greenlight and are looking for similar manhwa/manga, then you are in the right place.

best manhwa manga like under the greenlight

From “Semantic Error”, and “The Big Apple”, to “Wet Sand”, Here are the 11 best manhwa/manga like under the green light.

So, let’s get started.

11. Love Jinx

love jinx

Haekyung is the epitome of success, with his charming looks, unbeatable personality, and dream job.

But wait, there’s a catch – a dreaded curse that plagues his every move.

The mere act of kissing someone turns his life into a living nightmare.

It’s a curse that brings about an endless cycle of heartbreaks, professional setbacks, and misfortunes.

Freshly single yet again, Haekyung is determined to break free from this curse and find happiness.

10. Semantic Error

semantic error

Sangwoo Choo is the type of person who plays by the rules, no matter what.

So when his classmates shirked their responsibilities on a group project, he didn’t hesitate to give credit where credit was due.

Unfortunately, this decision had unforeseen consequences – one of his fellow students, Jaeyoung Jang, was unable to graduate.

From that point on, Sangwoo and Jaeyoung were like oil and water, unable to coexist peacefully.

But when Sangwoo discovers a glitch in his otherwise perfect life, in the form of Jaeyoung, will he be able to debug the situation and make things right? Or will this semantic error continue to plague him indefinitely?

9. Odd Love

odd love

Jeong Jaehan may seem to have it all: heir to a powerful chaebol family and the successful CEO of a thriving film production company.

But behind closed doors, he’s been hiding a painful secret – a tormenting ailment that’s left him unable to experience one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Despite years of seeking solace in drugs and alcohol, Jaehan had given up hope of ever feeling complete.

That is, until someone from his past unexpectedly walks back into his life, rekindling a fire within him that he thought had long been extinguished.

8. The Big Apple

the big apple

Joachim Hjerpe is the ultimate sniper, a one-man army in the Secret Intelligence Agency.

But with great power comes great stress, and the life of a sniper is anything but easy.

For Joachim, his only escape from the chaos is in the arms of his lover, the irresistibly charming and seductive Juergen Eisler.

However, when the dangerous world of espionage threatens to destroy his personal life, Joachim decides to sever ties with Juergen before it’s too late.

But Juergen isn’t willing to let go without a fight, and he’s determined to uncover the truth behind Joachim’s sudden change of heart.

7. Painter Of The Night

painter of the night 2

Na-kyum is a gifted young painter, with a particular talent for capturing the eroticism of male figures.

Despite publishing a few collections under a pseudonym, Na-kyum has decided to leave his painting career behind.

But when the impulsive and lustful nobleman, Seungho, barges into his life, everything changes.

Seungho demands that Na-kyum become his personal painter, and Na-kyum soon finds himself swept up in a world of unbridled passion and desire.

The nights that follow are unlike anything Na-kyum has ever experienced, and he’s forced to confront his deepest desires and the true nature of his art.

6. Taming The Tiger

taming the tiger

Ahn Geum-hoo is a man on a mission, searching for a butcher who can provide the fresh animal blood his sickly brother needs for his medicine.

But all the butchers in the village are hesitant to help, except for one: Nobody.

With his imposing physique and rugged good looks, he is a force to be reckoned with.

However, Geum-hoo sees something special in him and gives him a name, Beom.

As he leads Beom into a world of new experiences, Geum-hoo discovers that there’s more to this wild tiger than meets the eye.

5. Sweet As Hell

sweet as hell

Some say that sex ruins friendships, but not in the case of Choi Eui-hyun and Jung Min.

From classmates to colleagues, these two have been casually hooking up for nine years and somehow managed to remain close friends.

But their relationship isn’t without its challenges, as Eui-Hyun struggles to keep up with Min’s insatiable sexual appetite, and Min becomes frustrated with Eui-hyun’s reluctance to explore new, kinky territory.

As they navigate their differences, they wonder if their friendship will continue to survive or if their sexual dynamic will eventually tear them apart.

4. BJ Alex

bj alex 2

At 10 PM sharp, Dong Gyun retreats to his room, tissues in hand, to indulge in a nightly live cam boy show hosted by the one and only Alex.

As a timid and reserved individual, Dong Gyun can’t help but admire Alex’s confidence and his willingness to share his intimate experiences with the world.

But after a night of heavy drinking at a school event.

He wakes up in a stranger’s bed, staring up at a shirtless Adonis who bears a striking resemblance to… you guessed it, Alex.

As Dong Gyun tries to unravel the mystery of his drunken escapades, he finds himself drawn to this enigmatic man who may just hold the key to his desires.

3. Twittering Birds Never Fly

twittering birds never fly

Yashiro, the ruthless and sexually depraved yakuza boss, is not known for getting attached to anyone.

But when he hires Chikara Doumeki as his bodyguard, he can’t help but take notice of the handsome man.

Yashiro is used to getting what he wants, but he soon realizes that breaking through Doumeki’s cool demeanor won’t be easy.

As he tries to seduce his bodyguard, Yashiro discovers that Doumeki has a deeply personal reason for keeping him at bay.

2. Wet Sand

wet sand

With a click of his camera, Jo captures a moment of Ian smoking on his balcony.

Little did he know that this small, thoughtless action would lead to a series of life-changing events.

Jo becomes entranced by the tall and handsome stranger on the balcony and soon finds himself going to great lengths to cross paths with him.

As their fates begin to intertwine, Jo can’t help but indulge in wild fantasies about Ian.

1. Shutline

shutline 1

Shin’s life is tough as a rogue mechanic on the unforgiving city streets.

But when Jake, a tall, blond stranger with deep pockets, rolls up with car trouble, Shin sees dollar signs.

After a lucrative payday, Shin can’t let go of the chance to earn even more from the handsome stranger.

But as their relationship evolves, Shin realizes that giving Jake his number may have been the worst decision of his life.

The deeper Shin falls into Jake’s world, the more he discovers just how dangerous and unpredictable it can be.

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