5 Best Manhwa/Manga Like The Unforeseen Guest

The Unforeseen Guest is a gripping drama that immerses readers into a world of unexpected events and challenging circumstances. Authored by Viagra with artistry brought to life by Sexy Bong, this ongoing webtoon has been captivating audiences since its release in 2022.

The narrative centers around Kyle, who finds his life upended when a freak summer monsoon forces unforeseen guests into his home. As the rain pours relentlessly outside, tensions rise within the confines of Kyle’s house. The question looms: will he be able to weather the storm until the guests can return to their own abode?

The seamless blend of drama and mature themes ensures that readers are taken on a roller-coaster ride of emotions, making The Unforeseen Guest a standout in its genre.

With the latest release being Chapter 83 on September 2023, readers have been eagerly following Kyle’s journey, eager to discover how he navigates this unexpected twist of fate. Each chapter unfurls new layers of complexity, weaving a narrative that keeps fans on the edge of their seats.

From “Hari’s Steamy Boarding House”, and “A Different Class”, to “Addicted to My Stepmom”, Here are the 5 best manhwa/manga like The Unforeseen Guest.

So, let’s get started.

1. Hari’s Steamy Boarding House

When it comes to captivating narratives, Hari’s Steamy Boarding House takes the cake. Written by Gaehoju and brought to life by the talented Mx2J, this manhwa combines elements of comedy, harem, and mature themes to deliver an unforgettable story.

The plot centers around Wonyoung, who receives an intriguing offer from the most popular girl in school – a part-time job at her family’s women-only boarding house. Ecstatic about the opportunity, Wonyoung’s excitement takes a nosedive when he’s abruptly abandoned by his employer-to-be, vehemently expressing her aversion to working with what she deems as creepy women.

As the story unfolds, we discover that the boarding house harbors a mysterious secret. It’s situated on land with an uncanny influence, intensifying desires to an uncontrollable degree. Wonyoung finds himself in the unexpected role of curbing these overwhelming urges, all for the reputation of the boarding house and the mental well-being of its female occupants.

With each chapter, the adult manhwa delves deeper into the complexities of desire, relationships, and self-discovery similar to the unforeseen guest. The characters are richly developed, each carrying their own quirks and vulnerabilities that add depth to the narrative.

For those seeking a blend of humor, romance, and mature themes, Hahri’s Lumpy Boardhouse is a must-read. Gaehoju’s masterful storytelling and Mx2J’s captivating illustrations ensure an immersive experience from start to finish.

2. Friend’s Girlfriend

Friend’s Girlfriend, also known as Girlfriend of Friend or 친구 in Korean, is a captivating manhwa series that delves into the realms of Drama, Ecchi, Romance, and School Life. Authored by Min-Yeong and brought to life by the talented artist YU Geuk-jo, this series has been enthralling readers since its release in 2019.

The narrative centers around Gyeong-Su, a young man who has yet to experience the joys of having a girlfriend. In a bid to make his dream a reality, his best friend and his friend’s girlfriend embark on a unique journey of one-on-one special training sessions. These sessions are not your typical love lessons; they take unexpected turns, twisting the conventional notions of romantic instruction. Through this unorthodox approach, readers are taken on a one-point lecture to actually manifest imagination through the lens of a friend’s girlfriend.

For those who appreciate a blend of drama, romance, and the complexities of school life similar to the unforeseen guest, this manhwa promises an engaging read. The vivid illustrations coupled with the well-crafted storyline offer an immersive experience that is bound to leave a lasting impression.

3. A Different Class

A Different Class Manhwa is a tale of love, drama, and school life that will leave you hooked from the first chapter. Authored by Beibi and beautifully illustrated by Choi Sung Wan, this completed series has earned an impressive rating from readers.

The story follows Lee Hwan, who re-enters the realm of academia after completing his military service, now a strikingly handsome man. However, his return takes an unexpected turn as he crosses paths with his first love, setting the stage for a series of enthralling encounters. As if fate had more in store, a hot new girl enters the scene, adding a new layer of complexity to Lee Hwan’s life.

The campus comes alive with vibrant hues of pink and skies of blue, providing the backdrop for this captivating journey through love and self-discovery. Each day brings a fresh wave of class, filled with the enchanting presence of the beautiful ladies of the campus.

With its intriguing storyline and dynamic characters of this adult webtoon offers readers a roller-coaster of emotions, from heartwarming moments to pulse-pounding drama. The series is a testament to the skillful storytelling of Beibi and the artistic prowess of Choi Sung Wan.

Whether you’re a fan of romance, and drama, or simply appreciate a well-crafted narrative, the webtoon promises an unforgettable reading experience.

4. Ghost Love

If you’re a fan of captivating and otherworldly love stories, Ghost Love is a must-read manhwa that will sweep you off your feet. Written and illustrated by Keo Balhan, this enchanting series seamlessly blends drama, romance, and supernatural elements, creating a narrative that is as intriguing as it is heartwarming.

The story revolves around Hojin, a man grappling with a debilitating sleeping disorder. In a desperate quest for a cure, he stumbles upon an unconventional remedy – sleeping in the nude. However, little does he know that this decision will lead to an extraordinary encounter with the supernatural.

Unbeknownst to Hojin, his house harbors a resident ghost, and to his surprise, this spectral being is none other than a young girl. As the tale unfolds, the unexpected connection between the living and the departed takes center stage, delving into the uncharted territory of love and the afterlife.

What sets this adult manhwa apart is its ability to intricately weave together elements of the supernatural with genuine human emotions. The juxtaposition of the ethereal and the earthly creates a poignant and heartrending narrative that will leave readers spellbound..

Whether you’re a seasoned fan of manhwa or a newcomer to the genre, this manhwa promises a unique and unforgettable journey into a world where love transcends the boundaries of life and death.

5. Addicted to My Stepmom

Addicted to My Stepmom, also known as 엄미중 둑, has taken the webtoon world by storm since its release in 2023. Crafted by the talented duo of YaGyung and illustrated by Lee Donghyun and Nadan, this ongoing series delves into the realms of drama and mature storytelling.

The narrative paints a vivid picture of a protagonist ensnared in a perilous infatuation with a strikingly beautiful stepmother. Once the allure takes hold, there’s no turning back. As desires escalate, judgment becomes clouded, leaving our protagonist lost in an insatiable craving.

At the heart of the story lies a provocative event known as the Mom Exchange, offering an invitation that blurs the lines of taboo. It’s a tantalizing proposition: Mom… just for tonight… just for tonight, let’s stay like this.

For enthusiasts of adult webtoons that push boundaries and explore the complexities of human nature, the webtoon promises a gripping journey. It’s a tale that reminds us that sometimes, in the realm of passion and desire, lines can blur, and the heart can lead us down unexpected paths.

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