5 Best Manhwa/Manga Like The Hypnosis App Was Fake

The Hypnosis App was Fake Manhwa is a thrilling story penned by Bursting and brought to life by the talented artist Hwangjorong. This fantasy-harem fusion takes readers on a roller-coaster ride through a world where an F-Class Awakened pastor finds himself ensnared in a web of unreasonable sexual harassment by female S-Class Awakened.

As the narrative unfolds, we witness the pastor grappling with the relentless advances of these powerful women. In a surprising turn of events, while he endeavors to stand his ground and teach them a lesson, a shocking revelation comes to light – the hypnosis app he has relied on for the past six months is, in fact, a forgery. This revelation leaves him questioning the very nature of the hypnosis he had been practicing.

The narrative is a tantalizing blend of fantasy and harem elements, offering readers a unique and engaging storyline that keeps them hooked from start to finish. Bursting’s narrative prowess is on full display, weaving together a tale of power dynamics, unexpected twists, and a protagonist’s journey of self-discovery.

From “Desire Realization App”, and “APP for the Emperor of the Night”, to “Pay With Sperm Pay”, Here are the 5 best manhwa/manga like The Hypnosis App Was Fake.

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1. Desire Realization App

Desire Realization App stands out as a captivating drama that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. This manhwa, released in 2022, follows the life of Song Yoonho, a regular boy whose path takes an unexpected turn after he fails his university entrance exams.

Determined to turn his fortunes around, Song Yoonho shifts his focus to preparing for his civil servant exam. However, everything changes after a peculiar dream during one of his classes. He awakens to a reality where he sees status windows that dictate his missions. One such mission to have a sexual relationship with a female.

Intrigued and somewhat bewildered, Song Yoonho embarks on a journey to fulfill these desires. His first target? His own arrogant teacher, Sunyoung. With an unyielding determination, he seeks revenge, setting the stage for a captivating narrative filled with twists and turns.

This adult manhwa delves into themes of ambition, revenge, and the complexities of human desires similar to the hypnosis app was fake. The manhwa’s gripping storyline, combined with its unique premise, has earned it an impressive 4.5 rating from readers, a testament to its engaging plot and well-crafted characters.

For fans of drama, harem, and romance genres, this manhwa offers a fresh and enthralling experience that is not to be missed.

2. Sex Stop Watch

If you’re a fan of fantasy and romance genres, Sex Stopwatch might just be the captivating manhwa you’ve been waiting for. Written and illustrated by the talented Serious, this series introduces us to Joo Ohyoung, an ordinary student caught in a seemingly mundane loop of life.

The story takes a dramatic turn when Joo Ohyoung gains an extraordinary ability – the power to stop time. Just as he’s about to face the wrath of a popular girl with a striking physique, he taps into this newfound talent. The result? A frozen moment that sets the stage for an intriguing narrative.

What if you could halt time to protect yourself? This question becomes the crux of the manhwa, as Joo Ohyoung turns the tables on his aggressor. The plot weaves together elements of fantasy and romance, offering readers a unique blend of excitement and emotion.

The ongoing release schedule keeps fans eagerly awaiting each new chapter, eager to uncover what adventures and challenges await our protagonist.

For those seeking an escape into a world where ordinary meets extraordinary, the adult webtoon promises an exhilarating journey. Whether you’re a seasoned manhwa enthusiast or just dipping your toes into this captivating medium, this series offers a fresh perspective that’s bound to leave you hooked.

3. APP for the Emperor of the Night

APP for the Emperor of the Night is a captivating manhwa that has taken the online community by storm. Authored by Munau1 and beautifully illustrated by Alien, this tale transcends genres, blending elements of comedy, drama, fantasy, harem, and romance into an exhilarating narrative similar to the hypnosis app was fake.

The story revolves around MIN-JUN, a self-proclaimed loser who finds solace in the realm of video games within the confines of his room. However, his mundane existence takes an electrifying turn when he stumbles upon a mysterious app named “The World is Money and Women,” which gets installed on his phone. This app catapults him into a realm of ‘Sex Fantasy,’ where he embarks on a quest driven by insatiable desires for wealth and the fairer sex. What sets this adventure apart is the unique twist of receiving rewards for every endeavor he undertakes.

With ongoing updates, the manhwa promises a journey filled with unexpected twists and turns. Readers can expect to be immersed in a world where fantasy meets reality, and where every action holds the promise of alluring rewards.

If you’re a fan of gripping narratives that blend humor, drama, and elements of the fantastical, this manhwa is a must-read.

4. Log in to Lust-a-land

Dive into the tantalizing world of log-in to Lust-a-land, where the ordinary turns extraordinary with a chance discovery. Namjoo’s life takes a thrilling turn when he stumbles upon a misplaced USB on the street. Intrigued, he delves into its contents, unveiling a steamy VR game still in development. To Namjoo, it appears ready for release, but little does he know about the lurking bug that’s sending all the NPCs into a frenzy of desire.

Meanwhile, Hye-na is in a frenzy of her own, frantically searching for her lost USB, determined to retrieve it before more unwitting players stumble upon the game’s intoxicating flaw. Join Namjoo and Hye-na on their pulse-quickening journey to Lust-a-land, a realm that’s not for the faint of heart—or the faint of libido.

With a devoted following, this manhwa delivers a unique blend of adventure, ecchi, fantasy, harem, and mature themes. Authored by Hamdinga and brought to life by the talented artist Puddinga, this manhwa promises an experience that will leave you breathless.

Released in 2020 and now completed, this immersive tale has captured the hearts of fans around the globe. Its gripping narrative and seductive visuals have earned it a spot in the annals of must-read manhwa.

5. Pay With Sperm Pay

In the realm of webtoons, a new series has emerged that has tongues wagging and readers buzzing. Titled Pay with Sperm Pay, this manhwa, authored by Seumoori with captivating art by Kijuri, delves into the life of Jinwoo, an average college student with an extraordinary discovery.

Jinwoo stumbles upon an unconventional app on his outdated cell phone, whimsically named ‘Sperm Pay.’ This unique application presents an unorthodox method of payment: engaging in intimate encounters. As Jinwoo navigates this uncharted territory, he finds that with each transaction, his credit limit skyrockets, and an entourage of admirers vies for his attention.

The plot unfurls with tantalizing questions: What are the limits of this enigmatic ‘Sperm Pay’? How far will Jinwoo go to exploit its potential? These queries hang in the air as the narrative builds, leaving readers on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the next installment.

This adult webtoon is a genre-blending masterpiece, seamlessly weaving elements of drama, mature themes, and romance into its narrative tapestry. It dares to explore the boundaries of societal norms, inviting readers to ponder the complex interplay of desire, power, and consequence.

For those seeking a webtoon that pushes the boundaries and ignites thought-provoking conversations, this manhwa is a must-read.

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