17 Best Manhwa/Manga Like Tales Of Demons And Gods (2023)

Looking for manhwa/manga like tales of demons and gods?

The world of manhwa and manga is a treasure trove of captivating tales, transporting readers to fantastical realms filled with magic, adventure, and unforgettable characters.

Among the revered titles that have captured the hearts of fans worldwide is “Tales of Demons and Gods.”

This gripping series, created by Mad Snail, follows the journey of Nie Li, a talented demon-spiritualist who is reborn and seeks to protect his loved ones and change the course of destiny.

If you’re a devoted fan of Tales of Demons and Gods and find yourself yearning for more immersive stories that combine epic battles, intricate world-building, and intricate character development, then you’re in for a treat!

Best Manhwa/Manga Like Tales Of Demons And Gods

From “The New Gate”, and “The Undefeatable Swordsmen”, to “Against The Gods”, Here are the 17 best manhwa/manga like tales of demons and gods.

So, let’s get started.

17. Spirit Sword Master

Spirit Sword Master

A powerful man is suddenly sent back to his youth and finds himself in the body of a weak and useless young lord.

But he refuses to let his enemies from his past life get away with what they’ve done to him, and is determined to make up for his past regrets.

With the help of the Spirit Sword, he aims to become the most powerful being in the three realms of heaven, earth, and the underworld.

No one will dare to defy him, and anyone who tries will be met with the swift and deadly strike of his sword.

16. The New Gate

The New Gate

THE NEW GATE, once just an online game, has now become a life-and-death battle for its players. Shin, the most powerful player, led the charge to end the game and free everyone.

Victory seemed within their grasp until Shin defeated the final boss and was suddenly transported 500 years into the future of the game’s world.

Now, in an unfamiliar land, Shin, a swordsman with unparalleled strength, must embark on an epic journey to find his way back home.

Along the way, he’ll face new challenges and enemies, and with his powerful sword skills, he’ll carve a legendary path that will be remembered for ages to come.

15. Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling

Jinwoo Sung is an E-class hunter with nothing going for him.

He’s broke, has no special abilities, and is constantly belittled by others.

However, everything changes when his party discovers a mysterious hidden dungeon.

Jinwoo sees this as his chance to turn his life around, but little does he know that this dungeon is unlike anything he’s ever encountered.

Trapped inside with deadly monsters and no way out, Jinwoo must fight for his life and uncover the secrets of this strange place.

14. Soul Land

Soul Land

In his previous life, Town was a skilled martial artist who stole a secret technique from the Inner Clan.

But his ambition proved to be his undoing and he was forced to take his own life.

However, fate gave him a second chance when he was reborn in the world of Soul Land, where powerful soul masters reign supreme.

But Towns’ martial soul is a seemingly useless Blue Silver Grass, which makes him an underdog among the masters.

Undeterred, Towns is determined to use his knowledge and skills to bring glory to the Tang Clan once again.

13. Martial Peak

Martial Peak

The path to martial arts mastery is a treacherous one, fraught with challenges and hardships.

For Yang Kai, a lowly disciple of the Lingxiao Martial Arts Sect, it seemed like an impossible dream. 

While sweeping the floors, he stumbled upon a mysterious Wordless Black Book, setting him on a journey of self-discovery and unbridled power.

With the book’s secrets at his fingertips, Yang Kai embarks on a perilous journey to become the greatest martial artist the world has ever seen.

12. The Mythical Realm

The Mythical Realm

In a ruthless world where only the strongest survive, Ye Yun is determined to prove his dominance.

With the blood of his enemies on his hands, he descends into the depths of hell to battle hordes of terrifying demons.

But his thirst for power knows no bounds, and he sets his sights even higher, to the realm of the gods themselves.

Defying all odds, Ye Yun seeks to become the supreme ruler of Heaven and Earth, crushing anyone who stands in his path.

11. God Of Marital Arts

God Of Marital Arts

In a world where martial arts reign supreme, power is everything.

With the weakest fighters able to lift boulders and the strongest ability to split mountains and alter the course of rivers, the line between life and death is drawn by the strength of one’s martial prowess.

The strong lords over the weak, with those who lack strength subject to humiliation and abuse.

It’s a cut-throat world where factions battle each other for the title of “The Strongest” and only the powerful have the right to survive.

10. Marchen: The Embodiment Of Tales

Marchen: The Embodiment Of Tales

Märchen was given a second chance at life when a martial arts master infused him with her Ki.

However, he had no interest in fighting and just wanted to live in peace.

But fate had other plans for him.

His master saw potential in him and decided to use his unique ability to become stronger just by reading tales and absorbing their techniques.

She brought him to a massive library filled with books that recorded various forms of martial arts and techniques.

And so, Märchen delved into the world of books and began to read, discovering a new path to power and strength.

9. The Undefeatable Swordsmen

The Undefeatable Swordsmen

Wumoon Song, the son of an innkeeper, longs to be a martial arts master despite his weak and frail body.

One night, a stranger pays for his stay with a painting that inexplicably captures Wumoon’s imagination.

Soon, he discovers that the painting is no ordinary artwork, it’s infused with powerful martial arts skills that begin to manifest in Wumoon’s own body.

With newfound abilities, Wumoon embarks on a path to greatness and aims to become unbeatable.

8. The Legend Of The Northern Blade

The Legend Of The Northern Blade

For years, the Northern Heavenly Sect has valiantly defended the world from the wicked Silent Night, but their heroic legacy is cut short when the leader is accused of betrayal.

To save his son, Moowon, from the same fate, he sacrifices himself, leaving the young warrior alone and under constant watch.

Yet, when fate presents him with a chance to escape, Moowon seizes the opportunity and journeys to the mountains to hone his martial arts skills.

But his peaceful training is interrupted by a loved one’s sudden disappearance, forcing Moowon to venture back into the world and seek vengeance for his father’s death.

7. Tower Of God

Tower Of God

The Tower of God is a mysterious, colossal structure that is said to grant your deepest desires to those who climb to its summit.

But the journey is treacherous, and only the strongest can reach the top.

Twenty-Fifth Baam, an innocent boy who has never known the outside world, is unexpectedly thrust into this dangerous game of ascent when he meets his childhood friend, Rachel.

Together, they begin to climb the tower, but Baam soon discovers that he’s an “irregular” and now he’s marked for death.

From rivalries and betrayals to fearsome monsters and impossible tests, Baam must overcome insurmountable obstacles if he hopes to reunite with Rachel and reach the top of the Tower of God.

6. The Grandmaster Of Demonic Cultivation

The Grandmaster Of Demonic Cultivation

Wei WuXian, the grandmaster of the Demonic Sect, was a notorious troublemaker who left chaos and destruction in his wake, earning the hatred of many.

His downfall came when his own disciple betrayed him and powerful clans banded together to defeat him.

But death was not the end for Wei WuXian; he reincarnated into the body of a madman, abandoned by his own clan.

To his surprise, he is saved by none other than Lan WangJi, his sworn enemy and a famous cultivator among the clans.

Forced to work together, they must navigate a dangerous world where enemies lurk around every corner and death is always just one step behind.

5. The Scholar’s Reincarnation

The Scholar’s Reincarnation

Once a ruthless warrior, feared and hated by all, the MC thought he was invincible until a single monk shattered his illusions in a brutal battle.

Now, he’s Junwoo Hwang, the eldest son of the Lord of Suzhou.

But, his father has different plans for me, he wants Junwoo to be a scholar.

But Junwoo can’t seem to shake off my love for martial arts and my thirst for adventure.

4. Panlong


Linley, a young noble from a fallen clan, is determined to restore his family’s glory and dominance.

But his aspirations take an unexpected turn when he stumbles upon a mysterious ring with a dragon coiled around it.

Little does he know, this ring is no ordinary accessory.

In the heat of a brutal battle, Linley discovers that the ring holds unimaginable powers and is key to his clan’s redemption.

With newfound strength and a thirst for adventure, Linley sets off on a journey to unlock the secrets of the ring and become the hero his clan needs.

3. Descent Of The Demon Master

Descent Of The Demon Master

After losing his family and ability to walk in a tragic accident, Jinho Kang never imagined he’d become the ruthless Crimson Emperor ruling over ancient China.

But fate had other plans for him.

When his reign comes to a brutal end, Jinho wakes up back in his previous life, but with his powers and martial arts skills still intact.

All he wants is to lead a normal life, but as he soon discovers, evil creatures lurk even in the modern world, and Jinho is the only one who can defeat them.

2. Against The Gods

Against The Gods

He was a hopeless case, deemed as nothing but a worthless burden to his clan, whose wedding night ended in his own murder.

But through the power of the Mirror of Samsara, his fate was twisted and he was given a second chance at life.

Fueled by a burning desire for revenge and a thirst for ultimate power, he sets out on a journey to conquer the world and prove all his naysayers wrong.

1. Nano Machine

Nano Machine

At Mashin Academy, Yeo Un is determined to prove his worth in a cut-throat competition for the position of Minor Priest, even though his mother isn’t one of the High Priest’s official wives.

But when he receives a mysterious injection of nanomachines from a descendant in the future, he gains an unexpected advantage over his powerful half-siblings.

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