15 Best Manhwa/Manga Like Sweet Guy (2024)

Searching for manhwa/manga like Sweet Guy?

Sweet Guy is one of the popular adult manhwa/webtoons that gathered an immense fan base around the world but the adult webtoon has finished its last chapter.

If you are a fan of the sweet guy and are looking for similar manhwa/manga to read, then you are in the right place.

best manhwa manga like sweet guy

From “Intern Haenyeo”, and “Boarding Diary”, to “Love Parameter”, Here are the 15 best manhwa/manga-like sweet guy.

So, let’s get started.

15. Skill Of Lure

skill of lure

If you enjoyed the intriguing storyline and supernatural elements of Sweet Guy, then Skill Of Lure might be your next favorite. Written with a casual and engaging tone, Skill Of Lure introduces readers to a protagonist who discovers unique abilities to influence and guide people. The narrative unfolds with a perfect blend of humor, romance, and supernatural twists, making it a must-read for fans of Sweet Guy.

14. Absolute Hypnosis In Another World

absolute hypnosis in another world

Delve into the realms of fantasy and romance with Absolute Hypnosis In Another World. This adult manhwa takes the reader on a captivating journey where the protagonist uses hypnotic abilities to navigate through a parallel world. The casual and conversational tone of the storytelling ensures an immersive reading experience, making it an ideal choice for those seeking something similar to Sweet Guy.

13. Intern Haenyeo

intern haenyeo 3

For those who enjoyed the mature and romantic aspects of Sweet Guy, Intern Haenyeo offers a unique twist. Set in a corporate world, the manhwa follows the life of an intern dealing with professional challenges while exploring romantic relationships. The casual tone and relatable situations make it an excellent recommendation for fans of Sweet Guy looking for a story with a mature backdrop.

12. Learning The Hard Way

learning the hard way 2

If you appreciated the humorous and relatable elements of Sweet Guy, Learning The Hard Way provides a similar experience. This manhwa explores the protagonist’s journey through various life lessons, adding a touch of comedy and romance. The conversational tone and witty dialogues make it an enjoyable read, offering a perfect blend of entertainment and life insights..

11. My Landlady Noona

my landlady noona 3

Explore the complexities of relationships in My Landlady Noona, a manhwa that combines romance and comedy. The story revolves around the protagonist’s interactions with his older landlady, adding a mature and lighthearted touch to the narrative. With a casual tone and engaging plot, this manhwa is a great addition to your reading list if you love the romantic elements of Sweet Guy.

10. Sex Study Group

sex study group 2

For readers intrigued by the adult themes in Sweet Guy, Sex Study Group provides a bold and open exploration of relationships and intimacy. With a conversational approach, the manhwa delves into the dynamics of a group studying the intricacies of human relationships, offering a mix of mature content and engaging storytelling.

9. Boarding Diary

boarding diary 4

Boarding Diary combines a casual tone with an immersive storyline, making it an excellent choice for fans of Sweet Guy. Dive into the lives of characters living in a shared space, experiencing the ups and downs of relationships and personal growth. The manhwa’s relatable nature and well-crafted dialogues contribute to a captivating reading experience.

8. Secret Class

secret class 4

For those seeking a blend of secrecy and romance, Secret Class is a compelling choice. The manhwa introduces readers to a protagonist navigating a hidden world of adult education, filled with unexpected twists and romantic encounters. The casual tone adds an approachable layer to the storyline, making it a captivating read for Sweet Guy enthusiasts.

7. Drug Candy

drug candy

Explore the complexities of relationships and desires in Drug Candy. This mature manhwa, with its casual and conversational tone, takes readers on a journey through the challenges of love, temptation, and self-discovery. If you enjoyed the mature themes in Sweet Guy, Drug Candy offers a similarly captivating exploration of adult relationships.

6. Excuse Me, This Is My Room

excuse me this is my room 4

Excuse Me, This Is My Room blends a casual tone with a unique premise, following the life of a protagonist who unexpectedly shares living quarters with a stranger. The manhwa explores the dynamics of cohabitation, friendship, and unexpected romance, providing an entertaining and relatable reading experience for fans of Sweet Guy.

5. Sstudy

sstudy 2

Dive into the world of academia and relationships with Sstudy. This manhwa combines a casual tone with a captivating plot, focusing on the protagonist’s experiences in a university setting. With elements of romance and comedy, Sstudy offers an engaging read for those who enjoyed the humor and character dynamics in Sweet Guy.

4. Love Parameter

love parameter 1

Love Parameter introduces readers to a protagonist who gains the ability to see people’s love parameters, adding a supernatural twist to the romantic genre. The manhwa’s casual tone and intriguing premise make it a suitable recommendation for fans of Sweet Guy seeking a mix of romance and supernatural elements in their next read.

3. Stand Up (brawling Go)

stand up

For enthusiasts of romance and comedy, Stand Up (Brawling Go) presents a delightful combination. The manhwa explores the protagonist’s journey through relationships, adding humor and relatable moments. With a casual tone and well-crafted storytelling, Stand Up offers a satisfying reading experience for fans of Sweet Guy.

2. Pheromone Holic

pheromone holic 1

Pheromone Holic delves into the intriguing concept of pheromones and their impact on relationships. The manhwa combines a casual tone with a unique premise, exploring the protagonist’s encounters and experiences with the mysterious power of pheromones. If you enjoyed the supernatural elements in Sweet Guy, Pheromone Holic provides a fresh and engaging perspective.

1. H-Mate

h mate 1

For fans of Sweet Guy seeking a mature and romantic storyline, H-Mate is a compelling choice. The manhwa explores the complexities of relationships and desires in a mature setting, with a casual and conversational tone that adds depth to the narrative. If you appreciated the mature themes in Sweet Guy, H-Mate offers a captivating and adult-oriented reading experience.

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