5 Best Manhwa/Manga Like Sweet But Psycho

Sweet but Psycho is a manhwa that demands your attention. Created by the talented duo at Studio Jilpung, this completed series takes you on a rollercoaster ride through the tumultuous lives of its characters.

The story revolves around Yoomin, who finds himself in the intoxicating orbit of Seula, the most sought-after girl in school. At first glance, everything seems picture-perfect, but beneath the surface lies a sinister agenda. Seula is a master of deception, and her intentions are far from pure. This sets the stage for a web of intrigue and deceit that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

But the complications don’t end there. Yoomin’s past comes hurtling back into his life, bringing with it a whirlwind of chaos. His old flame is determined to rekindle the fire, going to extreme lengths to capture his attention, including a motel window escape that defies all logic.

One of the most captivating aspects of Sweet but Psycho is its ability to shatter preconceived notions. It serves as a powerful reminder that appearances can be deceiving. Behind their sweet smiles and charming exteriors, the characters in this manhwa harbor secrets and desires that add depth and complexity to the narrative.

From “You Are Not That Special”, and “Desire Realization App”, to “Dorm Room Sisters”, Here are the 5 best manhwa/manga like Sweet But Psycho.

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1. You Are Not That Special

You are not that Special Manhwa, also known as Without Anything Good or 잘난 것도 없으면서! , is a gripping webtoon that took the online world by storm upon its release in 2019. Crafted by the talented duo of Abyo4 and Bolp, this series seamlessly blends elements of drama, mature themes, and romance, promising readers an unforgettable experience.

At first glance, the story revolves around an unassuming girl in class, dismissed by many as merely ‘creepy.’ Little did they know, she harbored a sinister secret within her. As the plot unravels, we are drawn into a tale of unexpected twists and turns, showcasing the depths of human nature and the darkness that can lie within.

Its ability to resonate with readers on such a profound level speaks volumes about its narrative prowess and the intricate character development woven throughout.

The adult webtoon spans across 50 chapters, concluding in September 2020. Each installment masterfully builds upon the last, leaving readers on the edge of their seats, craving for more. The vivid illustrations by Bolp breathes life into the characters, evoking emotions that linger long after the final page is turned.

For those seeking a webtoon that defies the ordinary and delves into the depths of the human psyche, this webtoon stands as a testament to the power of storytelling in the digital age. Its completion marks a significant milestone in the realm of online manhwa, leaving an indelible mark on those fortunate enough to embark on this dark and enthralling journey.

2. Talk To Me

Talk to Me Manhwa, also known as 톡투미; トーク・トゥ・ミー is a delightful webtoon series that has captured the hearts of readers since its release in 2016. Written and illustrated by the talented Eunbyul, this ongoing series invites readers into a world where appearances can be deceiving.

At first glance, our protagonist is seen as the epitome of innocence. Viewed as the girliest of girls, no one would dare think that she harbors thoughts considered a tad naughty. However, as the story unfolds, it becomes clear that being pigeonholed into a singular perception can have its drawbacks.

The pure-hearted girl longs to express her desires and break free from the constraints of societal expectations. This inner conflict sets the stage for a journey filled with humor, maturity, romance, and the ups and downs of school life.

The genius behind this adult manhwa is none other than Eunbyul, who not only pens the captivating storyline but also brings it to life with intricate illustrations. Eunbyul’s talent shines through in the way each character is portrayed, and their expressions beautifully convey the emotions that drive the narrative.

3. Desire Realization App

Desire Realization App is a gripping manhwa that unfolds the story of Song Yoonho, a young man striving to carve his path after facing setbacks in his university entrance exams. Determined to pursue a career as a civil servant, Yoonho’s life takes an unexpected turn when he experiences a vivid dream during one of his classes. Upon awakening, he discovers an extraordinary ability – the power to see status windows that dictate his missions, one of which is rather intriguing: Mission: Have a sexual relationship with a female.

Intrigued and emboldened, Yoonho embarks on a journey to fulfill his deepest desires. His initial target? The enigmatic and somewhat haughty teacher, Sunyoung. Driven by a burning desire for revenge, Yoonho is resolute in his pursuit, but little does he know, the path to desire fulfillment is laden with unforeseen challenges.

The manhwa, skillfully crafted with a fusion of drama, harem, and romance similar to sweet but psycho, keeps readers on the edge of their seats. With each chapter, the story unravels, revealing the complexities of Yoonho’s quest and the intricate relationships that develop along the way.

Whether you’re a seasoned fan of manhwa or a newcomer to the genre, this manhwa offers a unique and captivating reading experience. It explores themes of ambition, desire, and the unexpected twists that life can throw our way.

4. Not Safe For Work

For fans of heartfelt dramas and budding romances, Not Safe for Work Manhwa, also known as 후방주의, is a compelling webtoon that hit the screens in 2022. Crafted by the talented Neckbege, with enchanting illustrations by Lee Juwon, this series delves into the world of Drama, Harem, and Romance.

The story follows Juho, a dedicated student juggling school with a part-time job at a convenience store. Amidst the mundane routines, Juho finds his heart captivated by Ruri, a fellow part-timer who joined the store just two months ago. As the days pass, Juho’s longing intensifies, leaving him yearning for something more – the chance to date the girl who occupies his thoughts.

With its relatable characters and genuine emotions, this manhwa beautifully captures the essence of young love and the complexities that come with it. The narrative unfolds with a delicate balance of drama, humor, and moments that tug at the heartstrings, making it a must-read for fans of the genre.

For those seeking a tale that navigates the intricacies of youth, love, and self-discovery, this manhwa is a gem worth exploring. With its endearing characters and skillful storytelling, this manhwa reminds us that sometimes, the most extraordinary love stories can bloom in the most ordinary of places.

5. Dorm Room Sisters

Dorm Room Sisters, also known as Board Room Sisters, is a captivating webtoon that took the online manga world by storm upon its release in 2021. Crafted by the talented Team Biyam with mesmerizing illustrations by Whistle, this series falls under the genres of Harem and Romance, promising readers an enchanting narrative.

The storyline revolves around the daughters of a landlord who, in the eyes of the protagonist, seemed unremarkable before he embarked on his military journey. However, upon his return, he is met with a breathtaking transformation – they now exude an irresistible allure.

The success of this manhwa speaks volumes about its ability to resonate with a wide audience, transcending the boundaries of conventional storytelling. Its unique blend of Harem and Romance genres similar to staying with sweet but psycho provides a refreshing take on relationships, evoking emotions that readers can relate to on a profound level.

For those seeking a webtoon experience that tugs at the heartstrings while keeping you on the edge of your seat, this is a must-read.

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