15 Best Manhwa/Manga Like Stepmother Friends (2023)

Searching for manhwa/manga/webtoons like stepmother friends?

Stepmother Friends is known for its steamy and controversial storyline that explores taboo topics that may be inappropriate to some readers.

Unfortunately, the adult manhwa has finished its final chapter and if you are a fan looking for similar manhwa/webtoons, then you are in the right place.

best manhwa manga like stepmother friends

From “Queen Bee, and “Maiden’s In Law”, to “The Runaway Family”, Here are the 15 best manhwa/manga/webtoons like stepmother friends.

So, let’s get started.

15. Learning The Hard Way

learning the hard way 1

Jinhoo thought his days of being bullied by girls were long behind him until his latest tutee turns out to be none other than his former tormentor, Yejin.

Despite her poor academic performance, Yejin has no interest in studying and would rather play with her sex toys.

But as Yejin continues to torment Jinhoo, she starts to realize that he may have some lessons to teach her…in the bedroom.

14. Queen Bee

queen bee

Junnie thought renting a room from his childhood friend, Darla, would be an easy way to save money for school.

But little did he know, Darla had become the girlfriend of the school gang’s boss and held all the power over him.

In public, she was cold and cruel to him, but behind closed doors, their relationship was anything but.

As they grapple with their complicated feelings for each other, their loyalties to their families and friends are put to the test.

13. His Place

his place 1

Kang has been waiting for this moment his entire life – finally losing his virginity to the gorgeous Hae-mi in college.

But as much as he tries to woo her, she always turns him down when he asks her out.

Just as Kang starts to lose hope, Hae-mi makes him an offer he can’t refuse: she’ll teach him everything she knows about the art of pleasure.

With Hae-mi as his tutor, Kang dives headfirst into a world of sensuality and passion.

12. Maiden’s In Law

maidens in law

Get ready for a steamy tale of forbidden love and complicated relationships.

Meet our protagonist, caught in a web of tangled desires.

He’s having an affair with his own sister-in-law and trying to navigate the rocky waters of a past crush who is now infatuated with his brother.

But wait, there’s more! He’s also living under the same roof with three drop-dead gorgeous daughters-in-law who are sure to heat things up even further.

11. Father’s Lust

fathers lust 2

Yun-hee and Min-hee’s childhood home has turned into a den of sin since their stepfather’s dark urges took over.

What was once a happy family now feels like a prison, with their stepfather’s lustful gaze following them everywhere they go.

As the sisters blossom into beautiful women, their stepfather’s desires become harder to control.

10. Tofu Shop Beauties

tofu shop beauties

Ju-yung’s life takes a sizzling turn when he starts working at a tofu shop near the beach.

The only catch? The owner and her two drop-dead gorgeous daughters seem to have their sights set on him.

Despite his best efforts to keep things professional, Ju-yung can’t help but get aroused every time he’s around them.

As he struggles to resist their seductive advances, he starts to wonder if he’s in over his head.

9. The Runaway Family

the runaway family

Eun-chul’s life takes a wild turn after his father’s remarriage, leaving him alone in a massive house.

Seeking a new family to fill the void of his loneliness, Eun-Chul sets out on a mission to build his own.

But things quickly get complicated when the female members of his new family start to show a keen interest in seducing him.

8. A Wonderful New World

a wonderful new world 1

Sung’s life is in shambles as he faces workplace discrimination and false accusations.

Just as he’s about to hit rock bottom, he witnesses a shocking incident that turns his world upside down.

Suddenly, he finds himself at the center of a scandal, with power and secrets at his fingertips.

Sung has a chance to clear his name and exact revenge on those who wronged him, but at what cost?

7. Lucky Guy

lucky guy 3

Jungsuk’s life has hit rock bottom after failing his crucial exam and being dumped by his girlfriend.

Desperate for a fresh start, he enrolls in a boarding cram school, hoping to turn his luck around.

But little did he know that the school was a den of sexually charged students with their own set of rules.

Amidst all the chaos and distractions, Jungsuk finds himself drawn to the beautiful Ms. Kang, who’s more than happy to offer him some “private” lessons.

As he struggles to keep his focus, Jungsuk realizes that his year in the boarding school might not be so bad after all.

6. Keep It A Secret From Your Mother

keep it a secret from your mother 3

Leaving his small town behind, a bright and ambitious young man moves to Seoul to attend college.

He’s excited to start this new chapter in his life and make new friends.

Little did he know that his mom’s friends and their daughters are also in the same city, and they’re not just ordinary women.

They’re gorgeous and successful, and they seem to have a thing for him! From the sultry professor to the sexy daughter, he finds himself in the middle of a heated love triangle.

5. My Stepmom

my stepmom 1

Jin-Woo’s life is turned upside down when his father brings home a stunning new wife, who happens to be only ten years older than him.

But things take a surprising turn when Jin-Woo realizes that his new stepmom might be trying to seduce him.

4. New Town

new town

Jang Himchan, a home study teacher, has just moved to a new city filled with married women who are looking for some excitement in their mundane lives.

Little did he know that he would become the object of their desire.

As the women compete for his attention, Jang Himchan finds himself in a tricky situation.

He starts to question whether he can handle the temptation or not.

The once-peaceful life he had hoped for seems like a distant memory, as he navigates through this new world of lust and desire.

3. My Landlady Noona

my landlady noona 2

Min-woo has always felt like part of the family living rent-free in his pretty landlord’s home.

But when he starts to feel an unexpected and intense attraction to her, everything changes.

As he struggles to come to terms with his forbidden desires, he finds himself unable to resist the temptation to touch her in ways that make his body ache with pleasure.

2. Boarding Diary

boarding diary 3

When Jun-woo moved into Mi-kyung’s boarding house, he thought he had hit the jackpot.

She was the perfect landlady, treating him like family and making him feel right at home.

But soon, he began to notice some strange behavior from her, and things took a dark turn when he stumbled upon her secret video.

Suddenly, Jun-woo found himself thrust into a mystery that he never could have imagined.

As he delves deeper into the boarding house’s secrets, he discovers that everyone has something to hide.

1. Secret Class

secret class 3

Dae-ho’s life has been tough, losing his parents at a young age and being taken in by his father’s friend.

Now at 20, he’s still inexperienced when it comes to sex, but the girls in his house are determined to change that.

They’re giving him a hands-on education in the art of seduction, from detailed explanations to hands-on demonstrations.

As Dae-ho begins to explore his newfound knowledge, he realizes that there’s more to sex than just technique.

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