5 Best Manhwa/Manga Like Stargram Goddess

Created by Husky Team with captivating illustrations by Kim Young-Gam, Stargram Goddess has been making waves since its release in 2020.

The story revolves around Jinsoo, a reserved college student leading a seemingly ordinary life. But behind his timid facade lies a thrilling secret – he is renowned in the virtual realm as ‘Malja,’ a seasoned erotic photographer. Jinsoo’s double life takes an unexpected twist when his stunning neighbor, Chon Nayul, stumbles upon his clandestine persona. Intrigued by his hidden talents, she approaches him with a daring request: to capture her in a sensual photoshoot as Malja.

With a total of 60 captivating chapters, the adult manhwa has reached its thrilling conclusion in November 2021.

From “Sstudy”, and “Touch To Unlock”, to “Should I Study In Noryangjin”, Here are the 5 best manhwa/manga like Stargram Goddess.

So, let’s get started.

1. Sstudy

SStudy revolves around the concept of a study group, where students unite with a common goal – to help each other succeed. But here’s the twist: not every study group follows the conventional path, and in SStudy, the goal isn’t limited to acing exams. Sunggi, our protagonist, stumbles into a study group initially focused on government service exams. However, as you can imagine, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Its unique mix of genres, including comedy and drama, keeps readers hooked with unexpected plot twists and hilarious antics. As of the last release in September 2020, the series had reached Chapter 77, marking the end of an exciting journey.

If you’re a fan of manhwa or looking to explore this vibrant world of Korean webcomics, SStudy is an excellent place to start. With its completed status, you can binge-read the entire series at your leisure.

2. Welcome To Kids Cafe

If you’re a fan of webtoons that blend drama, maturity, and romance into a captivating narrative, then Welcome to Kids Cafe is a must-read for you. This ongoing manhwa, also known as Kids Cafe or Kids Café Moms, has been making waves since its release in 2022. Authored by Fab and brought to life through the artistic talents of Tongue, this series offers a unique and engaging storyline.

The story revolves around Jae-ho, a part-time student who finds himself reluctantly employed at a Kid Cafe. His days are far from ordinary as he navigates the challenges of dealing with polarized mothers. His motivation? A promise to his childhood friend that he wouldn’t be exposed in front of his parents for a certain romantic escapade that took place in his apartment.

The adult webtoon falls under the genres of drama, mature, and romance, promising a rollercoaster of emotions, unexpected twists, and a touch of sensuality similar to Stargram goddess. As you delve into the narrative, you’ll find yourself immersed in the intricate web of relationships and secrets that make this manhwa so intriguing.

3. Touch To Unlock

Touch to Unlock, a captivating manhwa created by Zimtigee takes readers on a journey through the twists and turns of fate. This dramatic and mature series delves into the life of Chiho, a character who has been plagued by misfortune since birth. However, Chiho’s life is not as ordinary as it seems; he harbors a rare and immensely auspicious destiny.

The story unfolds as we discover that Chiho’s mother, a shaman with extraordinary abilities, made a life-altering decision. To help seven girls in their neighborhood overcome their cursed fates, she chose to share Chiho’s energies with them. Little did Chiho know that as he matured into adulthood, it would be time for him to retrieve these energies.

But here’s the twist – the only way to reclaim what was rightfully his is through a rather unconventional method: touch. The manhwa explores this unique and intriguing concept, weaving a narrative that keeps readers hooked and eagerly awaiting each new chapter.

This adult manhwa is a testament to the creators of Ms. Mystic, offering a fresh and enthralling storyline. With its dramatic flair and elements of fantasy, this manhwa is a must-read for fans of the genre.

4. Should I Study In Noryangjin?

If you’re a fan of Manhwa and are looking for a gripping story filled with drama, mature themes, and romance, Should I Study at Noryangjin? should be on your reading list. Created by Nuwaru and beautifully illustrated by Cheongnyang, this Manhwa takes you on a journey through the tumultuous life of Han-soo, a public student at Noryang-jin.

The story kicks off with Han-soo, an ordinary youth with extraordinary dreams. He’s faced with a choice that many young people grapple with – should he focus on his studies or let love take the front seat? But this isn’t just any love story; it’s entwined with the high-stakes world of a notorious study institution boasting a daunting 0% pass rate.

As Han-soo’s first love unexpectedly enters this rigorous study program, his life takes a turn for the complex. The temptation of this strange and challenging study environment pulls him in one direction, while his heart tugs him in another. Balancing love, ambition, and academics becomes an uphill battle that Han-soo must navigate.

With a captivating storyline that keeps readers hooked, Should I Study at Noryangjin? explores the intricacies of youth, love, and the pursuit of one’s dreams. The drama and mature themes are expertly woven into the narrative, making it a compelling read for Manhwa enthusiasts.

5. Is There No Goddess In My Collage?

Is There No Goddess in My College is a hidden gem that’s been making waves among readers. Written by OB and illustrated by Overtime Sloth, Is There No Goddess in My College? Manhwa has been captivating readers since its release in 2021.

The story revolves around Chang-Wook, who, on one fateful day, uncovers the enigmatic lives of the girls revered as goddesses on his college campus. However, this isn’t your typical campus romance. As the plot thickens, Chang-Wook finds himself entangled in a web of intrigue, secrecy, and unexpected propositions.

The hook? One of these goddesses makes a proposition to Chang-Wook: Can you please keep this a secret? In return… I’ll suck your dick… It’s a tantalizing twist that promises drama, mature themes, romance, and a unique school-life narrative.

Its blend of drama, mature content, romance, and school-life elements keeps readers eagerly awaiting each new chapter.

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