12 Best Manhwa/Manga Like Sstudy (2024)

SStudy is a manhwa that takes the concept of a study group to a whole new level. Authored by Husky-nom and brought to life by the talented artist Edge Edge, this series promises a rollercoaster ride of comedy, drama, and harem dynamics.

A study group is typically where students unite with a common goal, supporting each other toward success. However, not all study groups are created equal, and SStudy proves just that. Sunggi, our protagonist, steps into a study group initially dedicated to preparing for government service exams. But, as the story unfolds, it becomes clear that this group has much more on its agenda than just textbooks and test papers.

SStudy is a heady concoction of Comedy, Drama, and Harem elements, ensuring that there’s never a dull moment. The witty banter and hilarious situations keep the readers entertained while the dramatic twists add depth to the narrative. And let’s not forget the harem aspect, which introduces a whole new dimension to Sunggi’s academic endeavors.

best manhwa manga like sstudy

From “Sex Study Group”, and “You Are Not That Special”, to “Your Situation”, Here are the 12 best manhwa/manga like Sstudy.

So, let’s get started.

1. Sex Study Group

sex stopwatch 1

If you enjoyed the unique blend of comedy, drama, and harem elements in SStudy, you might find the Sex Study Group equally intriguing. This adult manhwa dives into the world of study groups, exploring the dynamics of students with diverse goals. The narrative unfolds with unexpected twists, making it an engaging read for fans of SStudy. The characters navigate their academic pursuits while exploring relationships, adding a layer of complexity tothe storyline.

2. Hari’s Steamy Boarding House

haris steamy boarding house

For those seeking a spicy twist similar to SStudy, Hari’s Steamy Boarding House offers a delightful mix of comedy and drama. The manhwa delves into the lives of students residing in a boarding house, creating a backdrop for unexpected encounters and romantic entanglements. The casual tone of the story aligns with the conversational style of SStudy, making it a perfect recommendation for fans of the genre.

3. Boarding Diary

boarding diary 2

Boarding Diary takes the concept of student life to new heights with its engaging plot and relatable characters. If you’re looking for a manhwa that captures the essence of camaraderie within a group of students, this is a must-read. The narrative unfolds in a diary-like format, providing a unique perspective on the characters’ experiences. The casual tone and varied language make it a suitable choice for those who enjoyed the conversational style of SStudy.

4. Keep It A Secret From Your Mother

keep it a secret from your mother 1

Exploring the theme of secrets and hidden affairs, Keep It A Secret From Your Mother offers a tantalizing storyline that resonates with fans of SStudy. The manhwa introduces a level of suspense and intrigue, keeping readers hooked with unexpected plot twists. The casual and conversational tone used in this series creates a connection between the readers and the characters, making it a compelling recommendation.

5. H Campus

h campus

H Campus takes a bold approach to student life, incorporating elements of romance, drama, and comedy. If you enjoyed the blend of genres in SStudy, this manhwa provides a fresh perspective on the challenges and adventures faced by students. The varied language and open communication style contribute to the overall appeal, creating an immersive reading experience.

6. Should I Study In Noryangjin?

should i study at noryangjin 1

For those intrigued by the academic setting of SStudy, Should I Study In Noryangjin? offers a similar backdrop with a focus on the challenges and aspirations of students. The narrative explores the dynamics of friendships and relationships, adding depth to the storyline. The conversational tone used in this manhwa enhances the relatability, making it a recommended choice for fans of SStudy.

7. Excuse Me, This Is My Room

excuse me this is my room 1

Excuse Me, This Is My Room combines humor and romance within the confines of shared living spaces. If you appreciate the comedic elements in SStudy, this manhwa promises a delightful experience. The varied language and witty dialogues contribute to the light-hearted atmosphere, creating a perfect balance for readers who enjoy a casual and entertaining tone.

8. Trapped in the Academy’s Eroge

trapped in the academys eroge

For those fascinated by the immersive nature of SStudy, Trapped in the Academy’s Eroge provides a unique twist by blending the boundaries between reality and fantasy. This manhwa explores the consequences of being trapped in a game-like scenario within an academy. The narrative unfolds with a mix of humor and suspense, catering to fans of SStudy who appreciate a diverse and engaging storyline.

9. You Are Not That Special

you are not that special 1

You Are Not That Special offers a refreshing take on individuality and relationships among students. If you enjoyed the character dynamics in SStudy, this manhwa provides a thought-provoking exploration of self-discovery and acceptance. The casual tone and varied language contribute to the authenticity of the characters’ experiences, making it a compelling recommendation.

10. Is There An Empty Room?

is there an empty room

Exploring the theme of personal space and connections, Is There An Empty Room captures the essence of student life in a unique way. The manhwa weaves a narrative that balances humor and emotional depth, resonating with fans of SStudy. The conversational tone and relatable situations make it a suitable addition to your reading list if you’re looking for a story with a casual and engaging vibe.

11. Love Parameter

love parameter 2

Love Parameter introduces a unique concept of a device that measures romantic potential, adding a sci-fi element to the romance genre. If you enjoyed the unconventional aspects of SStudy, this manhwa offers a similar blend of humor and romance. The varied language and unexpected plot developments contribute to a dynamic reading experience for fans of SStudy.

12. Your Situation

your situation

Your Situation explores the complexities of relationships and personal struggles within a student’s life. The manhwa offers a nuanced perspective on the challenges faced by the characters, creating a relatable narrative. The casual tone and varied language used in this series contribute to a realistic portrayal of the characters’ situations, making it a recommended read for fans of SStudy.

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