25 Best Manhwa/Manga Like Solo Leveling (2023)

Looking for manhwa/manga like solo leveling?

In the vast world of manhwa and manga, few series have captured the hearts of readers and ignited their imaginations quite like “Solo Leveling.”

This exhilarating story, penned by Chugong and illustrated by Jang Sung Rak, takes us on a thrilling journey alongside Sung Jin Woo, a seemingly ordinary hunter who discovers a hidden power within himself and embarks on a quest to become the strongest.

If you’re an avid fan of Solo Leveling and find yourself craving more exhilarating tales of personal growth, epic battles, and incredible powers, then you’re in for a treat!

Best Manhwa/Manga Like Solo Leveling

From “Dungeon Reset”, and “Mercenary Enrollment”, to “Tomb Raider King”, Here are the 25 best manhwa/manga-like solo leveling.

So, let’s get started.

25. The Blade Of Evolution

The Blade Of Evolution

In the depths of a treacherous dungeon, Lu Xin finds himself alone, his team defeated and his healing powers failing him.

But as fate would have it, a dormant power within him stirs.

The ancient title of “The Last High Priest” emerges, empowering him with newfound strength.

In a moment of desperation, he grasps a magnificent two-handed sword, awakening its hidden potential.

With a surge of determination, Lu Xin activates the sword’s enigmatic development system, unlocking a path to untold might.

24. Kill The Hero

Kill The Hero

In the wake of his untimely demise at the hands of his guild’s righteous leader, Woojin seizes a rare opportunity for a fresh start.

However, his new agenda is far from virtuous.

No longer burdened with the task of saving the world, Woojin fixates on one singular goal, revenge.

His calculated kills, executed with utmost proficiency, send ripples through the gaming community, simultaneously enhancing his own prowess.

With an unwavering determination to triumph, Woojin embraces the art of cunning, leaving no stone unturned in his relentless pursuit to obliterate the very hero who once stood against him.

23. Versatile Mage

Versatile Mage

In the blink of an eye, Mo Fan’s world is transformed when he inherits a mystical necklace.

Overnight, his mundane high school becomes a magical haven, where the pursuit of sorcery takes center stage.

A once scientific realm now thrives on enchantment.

Amidst the bewitching changes, familiar challenges persist an unsupportive teacher, unchanging classmates, a struggling father, and a little sister in need.

However, Mo Fan’s true power unfolds when he realizes he possesses a rare gift.

Unlike his peers, confined to a single element, he is a prodigious wielder of multiple magical forces, a versatile mage ready to carve his destiny in this spellbinding new era.

22. The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

In a world plagued by poverty, Hyun Lee finds himself trapped in a cycle of struggle alongside his grandmother.

Determined to alleviate their hardships, he delves into the immersive realm of Royal Road, a virtual reality game.

But Hyun Lee isn’t chasing the thrill of adventure or fame, he’s chasing something far more tangible, money.

As a lowly sculptor, his earnings are meager, pushing him to the limits of creativity and perseverance.

21. The Max Level Hero Has Returned

The Max Level Hero Has Returned

Beneath the weight of a fatal arrow, Prince Davey O’Rowane descends into a realm beyond mortal grasp, a realm where legends converge, the illustrious Hall of Heroes.

Time blurs as centuries cascade, and amidst the watchful gazes of the revered, Davey endures grueling trials, his very essence forged into a force unmatched.

Reemerging in his own timeline, his kingdom awaits a revelation.

No longer the disregarded prince, he awakens, his eyes ablaze with newfound power.

20. The Advanced Player Of The Tutorial Tower

The Advanced Player Of The Tutorial Tower

Locked away for an agonizing 12 years, Hyeonu Kim emerged from a labyrinthine tower, his might surpassing both human and monstrous realms.

Unshackled, his resolve burns bright, and he craves retribution against the orchestrator of his captivity, even if it means wading through rivers of creatures, becoming an inadvertent savior en route.

In his relentless pursuit of truth, Hyeonu embraces the role of a merciless hunter, cleaving through hordes of foes.

Unbeknownst to him, his quest to unmask his captor may inadvertently unravel a fate intertwined with the very survival of the world.

19. Dungeon Reset

Dungeon Reset

Dawoon’s mundane existence shatters when he is abruptly transported into the treacherous depths of the Dungeon, a sinister playground teeming with perilous monsters and lethal traps.

Plagued by his lack of combat prowess as a humble crafter, he faces a grim fate.

However, when a fortuitous trap mishap grants him an inexplicable array of unconventional skills, Dawoon’s survival takes an unexpected turn.

With unorthodox allies in the form of a bloodthirsty assistant and an endearing ground squirrel, he embraces a realm where rules no longer bind him.

18. SSS Class Revival Hunter

SSS Class Revival Hunter

Within the enigmatic Tower, Confucius Kim languishes, yearning for a life beyond mundane existence, longing to stand among the revered star hunters.

Fate takes an unexpected turn when he acquires a legendary skill, enabling him to mimic others’ abilities, albeit at the cost of his own mortality.

Before he comprehends the gravity of his newfound power, he meets his untimely demise at the hands of the formidable Flame Emperor, triggering his dormant skill.

Now reborn, armed with the ability to rewind time upon death, Confucius embraces a strategic game of outplaying adversaries, forging a path toward ascendancy.

17. Eleceed


In a world where shadows loom, Jiwoo emerges as a benevolent force, harnessing feline-like agility to silently mend a broken world, one small life at a time.

Meanwhile, Kayden, a fugitive spy, finds himself trapped within an unlikely vessel, an aging, plump, and exceedingly fluffy cat.

United by circumstance, Jiwoo’s extraordinary abilities and Kayden’s cunning intellect converge, forming an unstoppable duo.

Their mission is to combat the malevolent forces plotting to enslave humanity.

Yet, a particular challenge arises, the need to tolerate one another’s company long enough to accomplish the task at hand.

16. Descent Of The Demon Master

Descent Of The Demon Master

Jinho Kang’s life takes a fateful turn, stripping him of his kin and mobility.

Reborn amidst ancient China, he rises as the formidable Crimson Emperor, a master of demons.

Yet, an untimely demise catapults him back to his former existence, unscathed, empowered, and armed with martial prowess.

Yearning for normalcy, Jinho discovers that monsters lurk even in the modern realm, and only he possesses the means to confront them.

15. The Gamer

The Gamer

In a world where gaming holds Jee Han’s heart captive, his reality takes an electrifying twist when an enigmatic power descends upon him.

Suddenly, the mundane fabric of life morphs into a vibrant RPG adventure, where even the simplest tasks become epic quests, and the people around him don the guise of towering levels and tangible stats.

What once seemed a whimsical curiosity now unfurls into startling actuality, monstrous foes lurk, waiting to be vanquished, while coveted skills await mastery.

14. Mercenary Enrollment

Mercenary Enrollment

Plunged into turmoil at a tender age, Ijin Yu endured the tragic loss of his parents and found himself trapped in a foreign realm, where survival demanded unspeakable deeds as a child mercenary.

A decade later, he returns to the embrace of family in peaceful Korea, where abundance masks the challenges of teenage life.

As he sets foot in high school, armed with only a year to navigate this treacherous terrain, Ijin realizes that the schoolyard battleground requires a whole new set of skills.

13. Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Hardcore Leveling Warrior

In the virtual realm of Lucid Adventure, the illustrious Hardcore Leveling Warrior, Ethan, reigns as the unrivaled champion.

However, a sinister encounter abruptly strips him of his glory, reducing his mighty character to a mere novice at level 1.

Determined to reclaim his throne, Ethan embarks on an arduous journey, accompanied by a blend of newfound allies, familiar adversaries, and enigmatic forces from his shadowed past.

12. Return Of Disaster Class Hero

Return Of Disaster Class Hero

In a world plagued by enigmatic calamities, they dubbed them “calamities”—devastating beings that emerged from the unknown.

To confront this menace, 12 champions, known as saints, were chosen by the zodiac gods.

Yet, amidst their ranks, one stood apart, the greatest hero of all, Geon Lee, though unchosen.

Betrayed by his comrades and left to perish, two decades have passed, fueling his ascent to unparalleled might.

Now, reborn with unimaginable power, Geon Lee embarks on a path of retribution, poised to administer a lesson to those who once abandoned him.

11. Omniscient Reader

Omniscient Reader

Unbeknownst to Dokja, the world he adored within the web novel ‘Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse’ is about to materialize, with him cast as its sole harbinger of impending doom.

As the unexpected protagonist of this fantastical tale-turned-reality, Dokja carries the burden of foreknowledge, aware of the impending apocalypse.

Fueled by determination, he embarks on a transformative odyssey, forging a path to rewrite the narrative’s destiny and secure humanity’s salvation.

10. Limit Breaker

Limit Breaker

As dungeons materialize and monsters unleash chaos upon the world, Gibong Kim, an unassuming part-timer, finds himself whisked away into an otherworldly realm for a staggering three millennia, honing his dormant powers to their zenith.

He resurfaces in a reality where a decade has slipped by, armed with unrivaled prowess as a max-level player.

With a fervent desire to reconnect with his cherished ones, Gibong must navigate this altered world, carving his path with boundless abilities that defy limits.

9. The Boxer

The Boxer

Yu a gifted boy with a natural prowess for boxing, remains defenseless against the torment of bullies.

Yet, destiny intervenes when a perceptive boxing coach catches a glimpse of Yu’s untapped talent, seizing the opportunity to mold him into a formidable champion.

With relentless training and unwavering determination, Yu’s journey unfolds, as he rises from the ashes of vulnerability to embrace his true calling within the boxing ring.

8. The Archmage Returns After 4000 Years

The Archmage Returns After 4000 Years

Once revered as the greatest archmage in history, Lucas Trowman faced an eternal curse inflicted by Demigod, his sanity slipping away.

However, after an astounding span of 4,000 years, he resurfaces within the feeble vessel of Frei Blake, the academy’s most pitiable and unremarkable mage.

Astonishingly, the world of magic has barely advanced during his absence.

Driven by an unyielding desire for vengeance, Lucas embarks on a treacherous quest, determined to ascend the ranks of power once more.

7. Tower Of God

Tower Of God

Unleash your wildest dreams as you ascend the legendary Tower of God, where fame, glory, and unimaginable power await.

Chosen ones brave treacherous trials on each floor, driven by the burning desire to fulfill their deepest aspirations.

Yet, amidst this perilous journey, a select few “irregulars” wield the power to enter the tower at will, leaving chaos and transformation in their wake.

Among them is Twenty-Fifth Baam, a determined irregular whose sole purpose is to reunite with his childhood friend Rachel.

However, as he dares to climb higher, Baam must face ruthless competitors, deceitful rivals, and nightmarish creatures.

6. The Legend Of The Northern Blade

The Legend Of The Northern Blade

Amidst an era of valiant warriors, the indomitable Northern Heavenly Sect has long safeguarded the world from the nefarious Silent Night.

Yet, when accusations of treachery befall the fourth-generation leader, he pays the ultimate price, disbanding the sect and sacrificing his own life to protect his son, Moowon.

Left bereft of family and allies, Moowon languishes under constant surveillance, a life devoid of hope.

However, fate takes an unexpected turn when a sudden assault by the Silent Night grants him a chance to escape to the rugged mountains.

But when a loved one vanishes under mysterious circumstances, Moowon is compelled to return to the mainland, embarking on a perilous quest for vengeance.

5. I Am The Sorcerer King

I Am The Sorcerer King

In a world overrun by beasts and magic, Sunghoon Lee exists as a powerless victim, struggling to survive amidst the chaos.

The invasion of monstrous creatures from another realm has inflicted a devastating sickness upon his mother, casting her into an eternal slumber.

Desperate to cover her mounting medical expenses, Sunghoon takes on the perilous role of bait for fearsome Awakeners, superhumans who battle the monsters.

But when he teeters on the edge of death, a flicker from his past life illuminates his mind, revealing a shocking truth, he is the reincarnation of the legendary Sorcerer King.

4. Tomb Raider King

Tomb Raider King

The world was forever changed when enigmatic tombs emerged, harboring extraordinary relics that bestowed incredible powers upon their owners.

Jooheon Suh, a fearless explorer, and raider of these ancient crypts, finds himself on the brink of death, betrayed by his own employer.

But in a twist of fate, he is thrust back 15 years into the past, a time untouched by the existence of tombs and relics.

Fueled by a burning desire for revenge, Jooheon harnesses his foreknowledge of the future to ascend as the unparalleled Tomb Raider King.

3. Second Life Ranker

Second Life Ranker

Yeonwoo’s world shatters when he receives the devastating news of his brother’s demise.

But the tale takes an unexpected turn as he inherits a mysterious pocket watch, unveiling a hidden truth: his brother was betrayed while battling in the perilous Tower of the Sun God.

Determined to avenge his brother’s tragic fate, Yeonwoo, known as Cain, embraces his new mission.

Armed with his brother’s knowledge, he dives headfirst into a treacherous realm, determined to conquer the tower, vanquish his brother’s enemies, and rise victorious against all odds.

2. Nano Machine

Nano Machine

Set in Mashin Academy, where the fusion of nanotechnology and martial arts reigns supreme.

Yeo Un, born to a mother outside the High Priest’s official circle, finds himself in the race for the coveted role of Minor Priest.

But in this cutthroat competition against his formidable half-siblings, he discovers a glimmer of hope, a mysterious injection of advanced nanomachines from a future descendant.

With newfound powers coursing through his veins, Yeo Un must harness this technological advantage to outmaneuver his rivals and seize his rightful place among the elite.

1. The Beginning After The End

The Beginning After The End

King Grey reigns supreme with unmatched strength, boundless wealth, and enviable prestige.

Yet, his towering achievements only serve to isolate him, leaving him hollow and purposeless.

But when fate grants him a reincarnation in a world of magic and monsters, the king is bestowed a precious opportunity to rewrite his life’s story.

However, redemption comes with its own challenges.

Amidst a tranquil facade, a sinister undercurrent threatens to unravel all he holds dear, forcing King Grey to confront his true purpose and unravel the mysteries of his rebirth.

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