13 Best Manhwa/Manga Like Sexercise (2023)

Hunting for manhwa/manga/webtoons like sexercise?

Sexercise has one of the most hilarious moments that will have you laughing and will get in heat at the same time.

If you are an avid fan of sexercise and are looking for similar manhwa/webtoons, then you are in the right place.

best manhwa manga like sexercise

From “Not Safe For Work”, and “Close As Neighbors”, to “Brawling Go”, Here are the 13 best manhwa/manga/webtoons like sexercise.

So, let’s get started.

13. Not Safe For Work

not safe for work

When a wasp sends him into a panic, he crashes through his own balcony wall and lands in a compromising position with his childhood friend, who just happens to be standing there in her underwear.

Little did he know that this would be the start of a wild ride full of unexpected encounters with women.

As he navigates this newfound attention, his friend teases him by asking, “Aren’t you curious about my underwear too? I’ll show you”.

12. Excuse Me, This Is My Room

excuse me this is my room 2

Kim Jinsoo never thought he’d have to share a roof with his high school bully, Minho.

But life is full of surprises, and now he’s stuck living under the same roof with the guy who made his life a living hell.

To make matters worse, Jinsoo is hopelessly in love with his crush, Jiwoo.

But when Minho starts to show unexpected kindness and a softer side, Jinsoo finds himself struggling with new feelings..

11. Close As Neighbors

close as neighbors

Theo never thought much of the Min sisters, his neighbors for as long as he could remember.

But when their mother passes away, he becomes their confidant, and they become his everything.

The sisters, Seo and Yoon, start to see him in a different light, and soon their once-platonic relationship takes a steamy turn.

With each passing day, Theo finds himself drawn to them in ways he never imagined possible.

10. Perfect Half

perfect half

In a world where gender roles have been flipped, women fight to take their place at the top of society.

With a split between male and female power, the fight for equality has never been more intense.

Everyone is wondering who will come out on top. The rules of the game have altered, and the stakes are tremendous.

But amidst the chaos and competition, what is the ultimate goal?

9. H-Mate

h mate

Tae-bong and Mi-ro’s platonic friendship takes an unexpected turn when they decide to become roommates.

As they spend more time together, they discover that their feelings for each other run deeper than they ever imagined.

With their hearts on the line, Tae-bong and Mi-ro must decide whether to risk it all for love or play it safe and remain just friends.

8. Love Parameter

love parameter

Looking to level up your love life? Look no further than a pair of magical glasses that turn the dating scene into a video game.

With the ability to conquer beauty with ease, it seems like every girl is just another level to beat.

But as the game progresses and feelings start to develop, the line between the game and reality begins to blur.

The game is on, but the stakes are high in this romantic adventure.

7. Sweet Guy

sweet guy 3

Hosang has always been down on his luck when it comes to love.

But when he buys an electric mat from his old college friend Gahee, he gets more than just a good night’s sleep.

After being electrocuted by the mat, Hosang discovers he has a newfound ability to attract women like never before.

Suddenly, he’s living a life he never thought possible, but with great power comes great responsibility.

6. Brawling Go

brawling go

Jaejin’s life has been a constant struggle as an impotent man, but fate takes a wild turn when he suddenly regains his manhood.

However, his joy is short-lived as he finds himself struggling with a new problem: his constantly erect buddy.

With no idea how to deal with this, Jaejin sets out on a comical journey to find a solution to his unexpected situation.

5. Stepmother Friends

stepmother friends 1

Seokwoo’s life was turned upside down when his mother walked out on him and his father.

His father’s new wife, a stunning beauty, brought a glimmer of hope into their broken family.

But as Seokwoo starts to uncover her hidden motives, he realizes that she’s not the savior he thought she was.

Soon, he finds himself tangled in a dangerous game of deceit and secrets, where one misstep could cost him his life.

4. Boarding Diary

boarding diary 2

When Jun-woo moved into Mi-kyung’s boarding house, he thought he had hit the jackpot.

But as he settled in, he began to notice her strange behavior, and things took a turn for the worse.

Caught up in a web of secrecy, Jun-woo’s trust in Mi-Kyung shattered when he stumbled upon a video that revealed her true intentions.

As he delves deeper into the mystery of the boarding house, Jun-woo uncovers a dark secret that threatens his safety.

3. Secret Class

secret class 1

Dae-ho’s sexual experiences have been anything but smooth sailing.

Losing his parents at a young age and being taken in by his father’s friend has left him inexperienced and unsure of himself.

But that’s all about to change when the girls in his house take him under their wing and teach him the ins and outs of seduction.

From sensual lessons to hands-on training, they’re determined to turn Dae-ho into a sex god.

But as he starts to explore his sexuality, he realizes that there’s more to sex than just technique.

2. Sex Study Group

sex study group 1

Hyun-Ho thought he had found the perfect opportunity to get closer to his crush when he joined a study group with her.

But little did he know that this study group had some unconventional methods.

Led by the senior members, Hyun-Ho soon finds himself in a steamy and unexpected lesson on seduction.

From grabbing butts to exploring other forms of pleasure, the study group is determined to teach Hyun-Ho everything he needs to know to win over his crush.

But as the lessons become more intense, Hyun-Ho starts to question if this is really the path to love or if he’s in over his head.

1. Fitness

fitness 1

Hyun-su is the underdog trainer at the gym.

Despite his hard work, he can’t seem to catch a break, and his sales numbers are a constant disappointment.

On the other hand, Dong-jun, the charming trainer at the gym, is a hit with the ladies and raking in sales like it’s nothing.

To make matters worse, Hyun-su’s old friend Sang-mi joins the gym and becomes Dong-jun’s newest client.

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