17 Best Manhwa/Manga Like Second Life Ranker You Can’t Miss (2023)

Looking for manhwa/manga like second life ranker?

Only a handful of manhwas have managed to captivate readers and transport them to a world of adventure, strategy, and personal growth quite like “Second Life Ranker.”

This exhilarating tale, created by Nong Nong and illustrated by Sa Doyeon, follows the journey of Kang Han Soo as he reincarnates into a game-like world and embarks on a quest to climb the ranks and exact revenge on those who wronged him.

If you’re a fervent fan of Second Life Ranker and find yourself craving more enthralling stories that combine elements of gaming, supernatural powers, and an underdog protagonist on a quest for redemption, then you’re in for a treat!

Best Manhwa/Manga Like Second Life Ranker

From “Hardcore Leveling Warrior”, and “I Am The Sorcerer King”, to “Level Up With Gods”, Here are the 17 best manhwa/manga like second life ranker.

So, let’s get started.

17. Dungeon Reset

Dungeon Reset

Dawoon’s once-ordinary life shatters as he’s whisked away to the treacherous depths of the Dungeon.

Trapped in a deadly game of survival, he faces monstrous beasts and lethal traps, armed with nothing but his crafty skills.

But a miraculous escape from a glitched reset grants him an array of peculiar yet invaluable abilities.

With a bloodthirsty companion and a lovable ground squirrel by his side, Dawoon must unleash his boundless creativity to conquer the game and find his way back home.

16. The Tutorial Is Too Tough!

The Tutorial Is Too Tough!

Lee Hojae, a former pro gamer, thought his gaming days were over until a cryptic message changed everything. “Congratulations! You’ve been chosen for the Tutorial World.”

Curiosity piqued, he dives into the game, boldly opting for the dreaded “hell” difficulty.

But soon, he realizes he’s ensnared in its clutches, trapped within its virtual grasp.

With a meager 0.01% survival rate, Hojae must defy the game’s excruciating trials to uncover the true purpose of his invitation.

15. Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Ethan, renowned as the Hardcore Leveling Warrior, reigns supreme as the unrivaled champion of Lucid Adventure, the world’s grandest game.

Yet, a malevolent adversary shatters his dominance, reducing his mighty character to a feeble level 1.

Determined to reclaim his throne, Ethan embarks on a perilous journey, accompanied by newfound allies and haunted by lingering rivals.

Unveiling enigmatic forces and confronting his own murky past, he will stop at nothing to reclaim the glory that was once his, navigating a treacherous path where friendships, adversaries, and hidden truths entwine in a relentless pursuit of redemption.

14. A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special

In the heart of the enigmatic Shadow Labyrinth, Desir and his remarkable comrades have valiantly fought against the world’s impending doom for a grueling decade.

Humanity teeters on the brink of extinction.

But as Desir faces a certain demise, a miraculous twist catapults him back 13 years into the past.

Armed with the foresight of the cursed future, he embraces the chance to reshape destiny.

With unwavering determination, Desir trains his trusted companions, molding them into formidable warriors.

Together, they stand poised to confront the impending Armageddon head-on, refusing to sacrifice their loved ones.

13. The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

In the depths of poverty, Hyun Lee struggles to sustain himself and his grandmother.

But in a fateful turn, he plunges into the immersive realm of Royal Road, seeking solace and a means to alleviate their hardships.

As a humble sculptor, his earnings are meager, yet his determination burns fiercely.

From charming NPCs for free sustenance to relentless grinding to enhance his skills, he forges ahead with an unwavering goal: to craft an avatar capable of rescuing his family from the clutches of destitution.

In this virtual universe, his unwavering spirit will shape a future far beyond pixels and dreams.

12. Kill The Hero

Kill The Hero

Betrayed by his own guild’s righteous leader, Woojin is granted a chance at rebirth.

This time, his goal transcends the realm of noble quests and saving the world. Revenge fuels his every move.

As his high-level kills reverberate through the gaming masses, Woojin ascends into infamy while bolstering his own stats.

A mastermind in the making, he orchestrates a relentless ascent toward the pinnacle.

11. Omniscient Reader Viewpoint

Omniscient Reader Viewpoint

Unbeknownst to Dokja, his cherished web novel, ‘Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse,’ was about to shatter the boundaries of fiction, thrusting him into an unprecedented reality.

Little did he expect to hold the burden of knowledge, the sole harbinger of humanity’s impending doom.

Now, as the unexpected protagonist of this once-imaginary tale, Dokja embarks on an extraordinary odyssey.

Armed with determination, he sets out to rewrite the narrative’s course, fighting tooth and nail to alter destiny and safeguard the future of humankind.

10. I Am The Sorcerer King

 I Am The Sorcerer King

Sunghoon Lee, a mere victim in a ravaged world overrun by monstrous entities and arcane wonders, finds himself trapped in powerlessness.

As interdimensional beasts plague Earth, a relentless sickness ensnares his mother in an eternal slumber.

To alleviate her mounting medical debts, he becomes a perilous pawn, lured into the treacherous role of bait for the formidable Awakeners, superhumans tasked with hunting these creatures.

Yet, teetering on the brink of demise, a startling revelation strikes.

The specter of a forgotten existence surges forth, revealing his ultimate truth: Sunghoon is the rebirth of the legendary Sorcerer King.

9. Tomb Raider King

Tomb Raider King

From the depths of the unknown, mysterious tombs materialize worldwide, each holding a coveted relic, bestowing extraordinary powers upon their owners.

Jooheon Suh, an audacious explorer of these enigmatic tombs, faces a treacherous demise at the hands of a formidable relic, courtesy of a betrayer.

Yet, in a bewildering twist, he’s thrust back 15 years into the past, before the era of relics and tombs unfolds.

Fueled by a relentless thirst for revenge, Jooheon harnesses his prescient knowledge of the future, positioning himself as the unrivaled Tomb Raider King.

8. The Beginning After The End

The Beginning After The End

King Grey stands as an unparalleled symbol of strength, opulence, and prestige.

Yet, beneath the gleaming facade of power, an unrelenting solitude haunts those who possess it.

Within the regal exterior resides a hollow man, devoid of purpose and drive.

Through the twist of fate, he reincarnates into a realm teeming with magic and monsters, granted a chance to rewrite his life’s tale.

But rectifying past missteps is not his sole trial.

Beneath the veneer of peace and prosperity, a lurking undercurrent threatens to dismantle all he has built, casting doubt upon his very existence and compelling him to confront his true purpose in this second chance at life.

7. The Live

The Live

Yoonjae’s existence hangs in an abyss of despair, his heart shattered by the heinous murder of his wife and daughter.

Until cryptic revelation surfaces from his journal’s pages: “You can see them again.”

Suddenly thrust into a parallel realm, he discovers a harrowing truth, a world transformed into a deadly battleground, where every soul is but a player.

In this hellish arena, the ultimate survivor claims an extraordinary prize: any wish granted.

Fuelled by an unyielding desire for reunion, Yoonjae’s relentless fight for his family’s restoration will test his very limits.

6. SSS Class Revival Hunter

SSS Class Revival Hunter

In the enigmatic Tower, Confucius Kim’s mundane existence breeds longing for the renowned star hunters.

His desire for more becomes reality when bestowed with a legendary power, the ability to mimic others’ abilities, at the cost of his own life.

Before grasping the full extent of this gift, he falls victim to the deadliest of foes, the Flame Emperor.

But his demise triggers a transformation, unlocking a new skill, the power to rewind time upon death.

Now armed with these extraordinary talents, Confucius schemes to outmaneuver his rivals and ascend to the zenith of the Tower, defying all odds in a relentless pursuit of supremacy.

5. Level Up With Gods

Level Up With Gods

In the aftermath of a crushing defeat, a resilient warrior named Yuwon Kim contemplates the limitations of Inner Gods against the might of Outer Gods.

Yet, his indomitable spirit refuses to yield.

Thus begins his rebirth as a returnee, a chance to embark on a fresh odyssey.

With a flame of determination reignited, Yuwon retraces his steps, relentlessly vanquishing monstrous foes and rekindling his mastery of combat.

4. The Gamer

The Gamer

Jee Han’s adoration for gaming reaches new heights when an unforeseen phenomenon bestows upon him an otherworldly power.

The boundaries between reality and RPG blur as everyday errands transform into experience-driven quests, and his peers are adorned with visible levels and stats.

What once seemed like a curious anomaly takes an electrifying turn when Jee-Han uncovers a world teeming with formidable monsters to be vanquished, coveted skills waiting to be mastered, and fellow individuals who possess similar extraordinary abilities.

3. Limit Breaker

Limit Breaker

As dungeons and beasts wreak havoc, chaos engulfs the world.

Gibong Kim, an part-time worker, is thrust into an alternate realm, honing his powers for an unfathomable 3000 years.

Upon his eventual return, he emerges as a player of unmatched prowess, his levels reaching their zenith.

With a heart yearning to reunite with his cherished ones, he faces the harsh reality of a decade lost in his absence.

Armed with abilities that defy all limits, Gibong must navigate a changed world, carving his place amidst the tumultuous tides and harnessing his newfound power to pave a path toward reconciliation and his rightful destiny.

2. Tower Of God

Tower Of God

Fame, glory, and unimaginable power await those who conquer the legendary Tower of God.

Chosen ones embark on a perilous ascent, facing lethal tests on each floor to manifest their deepest desires.

Yet, within this grand tapestry, there exist enigmatic beings known as “irregulars”—those who breach the Tower’s gates of their own volition, heralding chaos and transformation.

Among them is Twenty-Fifth Baam, an irregular on a quest to reunite with his childhood companion, Rachel.

But this treacherous path thrusts him into a crucible of cutthroat rivals, monstrous adversaries, and uncertain alliances, where survival hangs by a fragile thread.

1. Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling

In a world of hunters, Jinwoo Sung is the epitome of weakness as an E-class hunter.

Disdained and dismissed by all, he is burdened with empty pockets, lacking any notable skills or alternative prospects.

However, when fate leads his party to a concealed dungeon, Jinwoo seizes the moment, yearning to reshape his desolate existence.

Little does he know, the opportunity that awaits him is far from what he anticipated, unveiling a path to transformation that surpasses his wildest imaginings.

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