12 Best Manhwa/Manga Like Perfect Half (2023)

Looking for manga/manhwa like perfect half?

Perfect Half has a unique storyline with an aesthetic backdrop that’s sure to stick in adult manhwa/webtoons readers’ hearts.

If you are a fan of Perfect Half and are looking for similar manhwa/manga/webtoons, then you are in the right place.

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From “Sweet Guy”, and “My Landlady Noona”, to “Queen Bee”, Here are the 12 best manga/manhwa like perfect half.

So, let’s get started.

12. Deceptions


Na Bonggu is a charming and skilled host who knows just how to satisfy his female clients’ desires.

But when a mysterious woman named Seulbi approaches him with an offer he can’t refuse, Bonggu finds himself caught in a dangerous game.

In order to pay off his massive debt, he must seduce five wealthy ladies under the watchful eye of Madam Hong.

But there’s a catch – Bonggu and Seulbi are fitted with shock collars that could end their lives if they fail to complete their mission.

11. Absolute Hypnosis In Another World

absolute hypnosis in another world 1

Get ready to enter a new world with Hypno, a man armed with hypnotic powers, a status window, and an unshakeable determination to build the ultimate harem.

His sights are set on seducing all the beautiful women in his path, and he’ll stop at nothing to make his dreams a reality.

But things get complicated when he meets the gorgeous and married Serina, whose body is hotter than any he’s ever seen.

10. Sweet Guy

sweet guy 5

Hosang thought he was doomed to a loveless existence, until a shocking purchase from his college buddy, Gahee, sparked a sudden change in his life.

The simple electric mat he bought turned out to be a powerful tool that unlocked his ultimate power: the ability to attract any woman he desired.

Suddenly, Hosang had the attention of every woman he met and was living like a king.

But as he struggled to keep up with his new love interests and their wild demands, he began to wonder if this newfound power was a gift or a curse.

9. Where Is My Hammer?

where is my hammer

Loki, the god of mischief, is in deep trouble once again.

This time, Thor’s mighty hammer, Mjolnir, has gone missing, and everyone is pointing their fingers at him.

To clear his name, Loki devises a plan that involves seducing the goddesses of Asgard.

With his irresistible charm and cunning mind, he sets out to win the hearts of these divine beauties in exchange for clues about Mjolnir’s whereabouts.

8. Parallel Paradise

parallel paradise

Tada Youta, a martial arts expert is unexpectedly transported to a magical realm where women reign supreme.

In this land of castles and dragons, Youta finds himself in the ultimate dream scenario – he’s the only man around.

And to make things even more interesting, his touch unleashes a primal desire in the women he encounters.

With the help of a stunning paladin, Youta sets out on a journey that will push him to his limits and test his martial arts skills like never before.

7. Siren


Asmodeus was dangerously close to being unleashed upon the world, but a sinister and seductive siren emerged to wreak havoc on humanity.

Those who fall under her spell are consumed by lust and doomed to destruction.

In the midst of this chaos, Bato, a crusader haunted by the loss of his comrades in a battle against evil, finds himself ensnared by the Siren’s irresistible charms.

6. Erostica


When Mazon Maya’s sharp tongue insulted the stunning women of Muraim, he never expected to catch the attention of the Goddess of Mercy herself.

Now, he’s been given a chance to redeem himself and become the hero that can save Eros.

But with danger lurking at every turn and enemies determined to stop him, will Mazon Maya have what it takes to rise to the occasion?

5. World’s End Harem

worlds end harem

In a world where men are extinct, Mizuhara Reito is a rare and valuable commodity.

Waking up from cryogenic sleep after five long years, he finds himself in a bizarre new reality where he’s the most desirable man on the planet.

But all Reito cares about is finding his lost love, Tachibana Erisa.

With a mission to repopulate the world, Reito and four other men are pampered with luxuries beyond their wildest dreams.

But with temptation at every turn and danger lurking around every corner, can Reito resist the pleasures of his new life and stay focused on his ultimate goal?

4. My Landlady Noona

my landlady noona 4

Min-woo’s peaceful life takes an unexpected turn when he realizes he has been harboring hidden desires for his gorgeous landlord, whom he always considered family.

The line between platonic and romantic begins to blur as Min-woo finds himself unable to resist her seductive charms.

His mind races with the forbidden thoughts that he can’t shake off, and his body reacts in ways he never thought possible.

3. Queen Bee

queen bee 1

When Junnie moved in with his childhood friend Darla, he never expected that she would become the queen bee of the school gang.

With all the power and control, Darla rules over Junnie’s life and he can’t escape her grasp.

To make matters worse, their relationship is a complicated mess, full of hot and cold moments that leave Junnie confused and frustrated.

As they navigate their forbidden desires for each other, they also must balance their loyalties to their respective circles.

2. Aharoo (Yahalue)

aharoo yahalue

Get ready to embark on a steamy and seductive journey with the most alluring slave in town.

In this sizzling new series, you’ll experience a world of pleasure and desire as you follow the story of a master who has acquired the ultimate prize.

But this isn’t just any ordinary slave – she’s the crème de la crème.

As the two of them explore their deepest, darkest desires, they’ll take you on an unforgettable ride filled with passion, lust, and suspense.

1. Lilith’s Cord

liliths cord

Forget everything you know about Adam and Eve.

There’s a secret society of people who are the descendants of Lilith, the first Eve, and they have powers and appetites that are out of this world.

These powerful beings thrive on draining the life out of humans, but they’ve never encountered someone like him.

One human seems to be immune to their powers, and they’re determined to find out why.

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