10 Best Manhwa/Manga Like Parallel Paradise (2023)

Searching for manga/manhwa like parallel paradise?

Parallel Paradise has a perfect blend of action, adventure, and ecchi elements that stays with its readers.

With a weekly release, fans around the world are on a constant search for similar manga/manhwa and if you are one of them you are in the right place.

best manga manhwa like parallel paradise

From “Uwa Koi”, and “The Witches Of Adamas”, to “Chained Soldier”, Here are the 10 best manga/manhwa-like parallel paradise.

So, let’s get started.

10. How To Build A Dungeon: Book Of The Demon King

how to build a dungeon book of the demon king

Aur has spent years studying the dark arts and has finally uncovered the secret to becoming a Demon King.

With his newfound power, he summons the seductive succubus, Lilu, to help him create a labyrinthine fortress.

But Aur’s ambition is not limited to his demon realm, he plans to conquer the human world that he’s always distrusted.

With Lilu by his side, Aur sets out on a perilous journey, battling foes and making allies, as he seeks to fulfill his dark destiny.

9. Uwa Koi

uwa koi

After surviving a traumatic childhood event, Yukiteru finds solace in his friend Yuno.

But their peaceful existence is shattered when Rena, a classmate filled with envy and malice, disrupts their bond with a shocking revelation.

As secrets unravel and tensions rise, Yukiteru and Yuno find themselves caught in a dangerous game where trust is a luxury they can’t afford.

8. Itokoi Chidori

itokoi chidori

Akio Kosato may have a reputation for brewing up love potions, but he’s never been the object of anyone’s affection.

That is until his long-lost cousin, Chidori, suddenly reappears and shows him a little too much attention.

As Akio delves into his family’s mysterious past, he discovers a world of magic, potions, and romance that he never knew existed.

With Chidori by his side, Akio must navigate the dangerous waters of love and family secrets, all while trying to keep his heart intact.

7. The Witches Of Adamas

the witches of adamas

Satou Yukinari, the man who ejects diamonds! It may sound like a dream come true, but there’s a catch with each gemstone he takes a year off his life.

Despite his bizarre medical condition, word quickly spreads, and before he knows it, he’s surrounded by a trio of gorgeous witches who are determined to get their hands on his precious stones.

Seductive and deadly, they’ll stop at nothing to claim what they believe is rightfully theirs.

6. Blade Play

blade play

Sudo Kansuke is a typical 20-year-old uni student with a not-so-typical problem: he can’t seem to find any good porn on the internet.

But one day, while browsing the web for his favorite material, he gets sucked into a fantasy RPG world called Munberdia.

Suddenly, he finds himself tasked with the daunting responsibility of being the chosen hero who must wield the mighty Sword of Light to save the land from darkness.

But there’s one small problem – the Sword of Light is not exactly what he was expecting, and Kansuke will have to navigate this strange new world while dealing with his own… ahem… personal issues.

5. Aharoo


Welcome to a world of fantasy and pleasure where anything is possible.

In this new series, a lucky master has acquired the ultimate slave, and a new adventure is about to begin.

Get ready to be transported to a realm of unimaginable pleasure where your deepest desires come to life.

Brace yourself for a journey that will take you to the edge of ecstasy and beyond.

Aharoo will rock your world and leave you begging for more.

4. Chained Soldier

chained soldier

When mysterious portals to another dimension open up all over Japan, women gain supernatural powers from a new resource known as “Peaches”.

But with power comes danger, as terrifying monsters known as “Yomotsu Shuuki” threaten to wreak havoc.

The government forms the elite Anti-demon Corps, a team of powerful women who can harness Peach’s power to protect the nation.

High school student Yuuki Wakura stumbles into the Mato and is saved by Kyouka Uzen, the chief of the Seventh Unit of the Corps.

She sees potential in him and offers him a tempting proposition: become her slave and help her make her Peach power stronger.

3. A World That I Rule

a world that i rule

Chido’s life has hit rock bottom. Once a high school superstar, he now struggles to make ends meet as a delivery boy.

But fate has a funny way of changing things.

One day, an earthquake sends Chido tumbling into a vortex and onto an unknown island.

There, he finds himself surrounded by beautiful and exotic locals who speak a language he doesn’t understand.

However, he soon discovers that he has a unique power over them – he can make them do his bidding.

With this newfound ability, Chido sees an opportunity to rise back to the top and live out his wildest fantasies.

2. Perfect Half

perfect half 3

Welcome to a world where the balance of power has shifted, and the war between the sexes is raging on.

Men and women now stand on equal footing, fighting tooth and nail to prove their worth and dominance.

Join the fight for equality and find out in a world where the rules have changed, and the lines between the genders have been blurred beyond recognition.

1. World’s End Harem

worlds end harem 1

In a world where men are a myth, Mizuhara Reito is a precious gem worth his weight in gold.

After being cryogenically frozen for five long years, he awakens to a reality where he’s the last man on earth.

Suddenly, he finds himself in a world filled with women who desire him like he’s the last piece of candy in the store.

But Reito isn’t interested in the perks of his new life, he just wants to find Tachibana Erisa, the woman he loves.

With the mission to repopulate the world on his shoulders, Reito must navigate through a maze of temptation and danger to stay focused on his ultimate goal.

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