15 Best Manhwa/Manga Like Painter Of The Night (2023)

Searching for manhwa/manga like Painter of the Night?

“Painter of the Night” by Byeonduck is a gripping manhwa that takes us on a mesmerizing adventure through the artful depiction of love, desire, and forbidden passions.

If you find yourself captivated by the intricate storytelling, compelling characters, and alluring artwork of “Painter of the Night,” then you’re in for a treat.

best manhwa manga like painter of the night

From “Payback”, and “Under The Greenlight”, to “Walk On Water”, Here are the 15 best manhwa/manga like painter of the night.

So, let’s get started.

15. An Abyss

an abyss

Ten years ago, Kinard’s life was shattered by a tragic incident, and since then, he has been consumed by thoughts of revenge.

But when he reunites with childhood friend Raman, they embark on a mission to seek retribution under the alias “Chaff.”

Along the way, Kinard meets Alvin, a man convinced that death is his destiny.

As Kinard protects Alvin, he starts to see a different side to him, and feelings he never thought he’d experience begin to bloom.

14. Love Jinx

love jinx 1

Haekyung appears to have it all: striking good looks, a winning personality, and a successful job.

But there’s a hitch in his giddy-up that’s turned his love life into a disaster zone.

It’s like he’s cursed every kiss he shares is followed by a series of catastrophes.

From being dumped by his significant other to seeing his projects crumble, Haekyung’s love life has become a cautionary tale.

But with his latest relationship in ruins, Haekyung’s determined to break the curse and prove that true love can triumph over any jinx.

13. Payback


Lee Yoonhan’s life takes a dark turn as he becomes involved in a world of crime and hedonism while his peers are studying for their CSAT exams.

After a family member dies as a result of his actions, he realizes the consequences of his choices and seeks redemption.

Years later, Yoonhan meets a man in the entertainment industry who offers him a chance to get revenge.

12. Secret Resurgence

secret resurgence

Heo Doh may be the first prince, but he’s always felt overshadowed by his younger brother, both in the eyes of the public and even his own palace staff.

When he catches his eunuch, Hae Min, pleasuring himself while moaning his brother’s name, he’s consumed by possessiveness and jealousy.

Despite Hae Min’s denial, Heo Doh can’t shake the image from his mind and becomes obsessed with uncovering the truth.

As he delves deeper into his investigation, he begins to question his own motives and desires.

11. Viewfinder


Haemin has always had a weakness for beauty, whether it’s a shiny new toy or an attractive classmate.

But in college, his gaze is fixated on Youngwon, the most stunning and popular guy on campus.

Too afraid to approach him, Haemin resorts to secretly taking photographs of him from a distance, fueling his deepest desires.

However, when Youngwon discovers Haemin’s hidden obsession, Haemin is forced to confront his crush head-on.

As their paths begin to intertwine, Haemin’s fantasies become reality, and he finds himself falling deeper and deeper for Youngwon.

10. Steel Under Silk

steel under silk 1

Yeonjo’s world has crumbled around him.

His family’s honor was destroyed, his loved ones were dead, and his life was reduced to slavery.

When Kwon Hee Ryang, the man responsible for his downfall, becomes the governor of the region, Yeonjo sees an opportunity for revenge.

He’s willing to do whatever it takes to make him pay, even if it means seducing him to get close enough to strike.

With a smile that hides his true intentions, Yeonjo bides his time, waiting for the perfect moment to reveal his true self.

But with Hee Ryang proving to be more complicated than he initially thought, Yeonjo will have to rethink his plans if he wants to succeed.

9. Under The Greenlight

under the greenlight 1

Matthew, a gifted sculpture student, is captivated by Jin’s perfect beauty, but little does he know that Jin is a high-ranking criminal with violent tendencies and insatiable desires.

As Matthew becomes more and more obsessed with his muse, he discovers that getting too close to Jin may come at a steep price.

With danger lurking around every corner, Matthew will soon find out that the line between art and crime is often blurred, and that beauty can be a double-edged sword.

8. Master’s Pet

masters pet

Ein thought he was just going to serve one master when he was hired by Marquess Howard’s manor.

Little did he know, he was going to be serving two brothers, and they were not exactly on good terms.

While Ein tries to navigate this tricky situation and be useful to both of them, he finds himself developing feelings for both the naive Collin and the alluring Marquess.

As he spends his days teaching Collin and his nights satisfying the Marquess’s desires, Ein is torn between the two and wonders which one will ultimately capture his heart.

7. The Palace Of Bardo

the palace of bardo

Gwang In thought death would be the end of his torment, but fate had other plans.

A hundred years later, he is reincarnated along with the emperor who once obsessed with him.

Only Gwang remembers their past, and as the emperor’s thirst for power and control grows stronger, he is forced to confront the haunting memories of their previous lives.

6. Haunted By Desire

haunted by desire

Jo Seong is tormented by his love for Hong Dohui, and his secret nightly encounters with a ghost that looks exactly like him.

With each passing night, Seong Jae’s physical and emotional state deteriorates, and Dohui can’t bear to see him suffer.

In an act of love and desperation, Dohui makes a dangerous offer to help his friend escape the clutches of the ghost.

But as they delve deeper into the supernatural realm, they realize that Dohui has his own secrets that could either save Seong-jae or lead them both to ruin.

5. Taming The Tiger

taming the tiger 1

Ahn Geum Hoo is in desperate need of fresh animal blood for his ailing brother’s medicine, but finding a willing butcher is proving to be quite the challenge.

That is, until he meets a man with a striking and fearsome figure who has a reputation that precedes him.

Geum Hoo manages to persuade him to provide him with what he needs and soon finds himself drawn to the enigmatic butcher.

Giving him the name Beom, Geum Hoo introduces him to a whole new world that he never knew existed.

4. Walk On Water

walk on water 2

Desperate for money, Ed takes a job as a bodyguard for an adult film company, McQueen Entertainment.

But when he’s asked to fill in as a bottom for a shoot, he’s thrown into the world of porn in a way he never expected.

The man he’s performing with turns out to be none other than Glenn McQueen, the charismatic and mysterious owner of the company.

As Ed becomes more involved in the industry, he finds himself drawn to Glenn and the power he wields.

3. Sura’s Beloved

suras beloved

In the remote mountains, Cho Ah lives a peaceful life as a medical student in a small village.

However, his world turns upside down when he discovers a severely injured man, Mujin, who suddenly appears out of nowhere.

Despite the reluctance of his fellow students, Cho Ah uses his medical skills to save Mujin’s life.

But as Mujin heals, Cho Ah finds himself inexplicably drawn to this mysterious and enigmatic stranger.

With no one else to trust, Mujin confides in him, revealing a dangerous past and a thrilling new world that Cho Ah never knew existed.

2. Killing Stalking

killing stalking 1

Yoon Bum’s heart beats for Oh Sangwoo, the golden boy of his college, but his love is far from healthy.

Obsessed and mentally unstable, he begins stalking Sangwoo, and soon discovers a shocking truth about his crush: Sangwoo is a ruthless serial killer.

As Bum becomes increasingly entangled in Sangwoo’s twisted web, he realizes that his prince charming is more of a nightmare come to life.

Trapped in Sangwoo’s home, Bum must fight to survive as he learns the horrifying truth about the man he’s loved from afar.

1. BJ Alex

bj alex 3

Dong Gyun has a secret obsession with a cam boy named Alex.

Every night, he indulges in Alex’s provocative live shows, living vicariously through the confident and seductive BJ.

But one night, after a networking event gone wrong, he wakes up to find himself in bed with a stunning, shirtless stranger.

As he blinks in disbelief, he realizes that the man before him looks eerily similar to his beloved Alex.

With his heart racing and his mind spinning, Dong Gyun embarks on a journey to uncover the truth about his mysterious one-night stand and the enigmatic cam boy who has stolen his heart.

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