5 Best Manhwa/Manga Like Not Safe For Work

Not Safe For Work created by the talented Neckbege and brought to life by the skilled illustrator Lee Juwon, this captivating series will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions.

The story revolves around Juho, a hardworking student who juggles his academic responsibilities with a part-time job at a convenience store. But Juho’s life takes an unexpected turn when he finds himself irresistibly drawn to Ruri, a fellow part-timer who joined the store just two months ago. Sparks fly, and an intense desire to be with Ruri begins to consume Juho.

I want to date… Juho’s simple wish forms the core of the narrative, and as the story unfolds, you’ll witness the intricate dance of emotions, desires, and relationships that ensue.

Not Safe for Work Manhwa has captured the hearts of many. The series was completed in 2022, leaving readers with a satisfying conclusion that will leave them craving for more.

From “Secret Class”, and “Boarding Diary”, to “Panty Note”, Here are the 5 best manhwa/manga like Not Safe For Work.

1. Secret Class

Are you a fan of spicy romantic comedies? If so, then Secret Class might be the perfect manhwa for you. Created by Gang-Cheol Wang and illustrated by Minachan, this story has captivating readers with its unique premise and humorous take on adulting.

The story revolves around Dae Ho, who faced an unfortunate tragedy as a child when he became an orphan at the tender age of 13. Fortunately, he was taken in by his father’s friend. However, as he grows into adulthood, Dae Ho realizes that there’s one crucial aspect of life he knows nothing about – the complexities of romantic relationships.

Dae Ho’s aunt and sisters decide it’s high time to intervene and give him a secret class on the mysteries of love and relationships. What follows is a hilarious journey filled with unexpected twists and turns.

But this adult manhwa isn’t just about innocent Dae Ho learning the ropes of love. It also delves into the tangled web of infidelity as it explores the life of a wife with two daughters and a boy they’ve taken in. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of emotions as secrets are unveiled and desires are ignited.

With a genre that includes comedy, harem, mature themes, romance, and a slice of life similar to Not Safe For Work, this adult manhwa offers a little something for everyone.

2. My Sister’s Duty

If you’re a fan of riveting drama, mature themes, and heart-wrenching romance, then My Sister’s Duty is a must-read manhwa for you. This captivating series, created by Eolluk with stunning artwork by Keunson, will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions.

My Sister’s Duty introduces us to Dongwoo, who stumbles upon a life-altering secret about his squad leader. From that moment on, his life descends into a living nightmare. But the twist in this tale lies in the form of Jungyeon, Dongwoo’s younger sister. She discovers her brother’s torment through his diary and is determined to shield him from the impending storm. Her unwavering love for him leads her to a fateful encounter with Yoo Jinho, the squad leader. Jungyeon utters the words, Oppa… I’ll protect you this time, setting the stage for a story filled with sacrifice, devotion, and emotional turmoil.

The adult webtoon blends drama, mature themes, and romance seamlessly, creating a narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. The series explores the complex bonds of family, love, and loyalty against the backdrop of a gripping plot.

The manhwa was first released in 2020 and has since garnered a dedicated following. With a completed status, readers can binge-read the entire series to unravel the mysteries and emotional depths of the characters.

This series is more than just a manhwa; it’s a journey through the complexities of human relationships, secrets, and the lengths one would go to protect their loved ones. So, dive into this emotional rollercoaster, and experience the world of Dongwoo and Jungyeon as they navigate their way through life’s trials and tribulations.

3. Boarding Diary

If you’re a fan of mature, romantic, and slice-of-life stories, then Boarding Diary Manhwa, also known as 하숙일기, is a must-read for you. This captivating webtoon, written by Kim Jetta and Suspect H, with illustrations by Kim Jetta and Suspect H, offers readers a unique and engrossing experience.

The story follows Joonwoo, a freshman who finds himself lodging at a friend’s house near the school. But this isn’t your typical boarding situation. Joonwoo’s life takes an unexpected turn as he becomes the guest of Mikyung, the enigmatic mistress of the boarding house.

One day, while under Mikyung’s care, Joonwoo stumbles upon a secret video in her room. What he witnesses leaves him in shock and disbelief. He can’t help but question, Auntie… I’ve seen it wrong, right? The unfolding events keep readers on the edge of their seats, making Boarding Diary a rollercoaster of emotions and revelations.

If you enjoy stories that explore complex relationships, hidden secrets, and the intricacies of human emotions, the manhwa is a gem that you won’t want to miss.

4. Cartoonists NSFW

Are you a fan of webtoons that push the boundaries of comedy, romance, and mature themes? If so, you’re in for a treat with Cartoonists NSFW Manhwa, also known as Draw Yours or Geugeon Niga Geuliseyo. Created by Kimmundo, this webtoon has been captivating readers since its release in 2017.

The manhwa follows the lives of two webtoon authors who find themselves in a rather peculiar living situation. While it’s tough to maintain a grip on reality, the story explores their wild and delusional adventures. But there’s a twist – they draw explicit and daring cartoons that push the boundaries of what’s acceptable.

This manhwa successfully blends various genres, including comedy, harem, mature, and romance similar to Not Safe For Work. It’s a rollercoaster ride of emotions, ranging from hilarious comedic moments to steamy romantic encounters. The characters’ interactions are both intriguing and spicy, making it a must-read for fans of adult-themed webtoons.

In a world of webtoons that cater to various tastes, this adult webtoons stands out for its bold storytelling and boundary-pushing humor. If you’re ready for an adult-themed webtoon adventure that’ll keep you entertained from start to finish, give this series a try and experience the wild world of webtoon authors living in a strange house.

5. Panty Note

In the world of webtoons, there exists a realm where desire meets fantasy. Panty Note, also known as 팬티노트, is an ongoing sensation that has captured the attention of readers since its release in 2020.

At its core, this manhwa revolves around a captivating premise: the most beautiful thing on Earth is a woman’s panty. The story unfolds as the protagonist stumbles upon a mystical Panty Note. Whoever possesses this unique artifact gains a remarkable ability – the power to engage intimately with the women whose panties they see.

Wang Kang-cheol, the brilliant mind behind the story, weaves a tale that explores desire, temptation, and the boundaries of fantasy. His storytelling is complemented by the artistic prowess of Dong Dong-joo, whose illustrations bring this sensual world to life.

As the chapters unfold, readers are taken on a journey through a world where desires are laid bare, and the boundaries of romance and sensuality are pushed to the limits. This manhwa offers a unique blend of storytelling that appeals to those seeking more than just the ordinary in their webtoon experience.

This webtoon stands as a testament to the creative exploration of desire and sensuality in the world of webtoons. For those who are open to indulging in the Ecchi, Romance, and Smut genres, this ongoing series offers a unique and captivating journey into a world where panties hold the key to extraordinary experiences.

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