6 Best Manhwa/Manga Like New Town

New Town created by the talented duo of Lee Wan (author) and Kim Suna (artist), this captivating series has been turning heads since its release in 2021.

The story revolves around Jang Himchan, a home study teacher who finds himself in a densely populated new city. But this isn’t your typical urban setting. It’s a city brimming with bored married women, and Jang Himchan is about to become their center of attention. One of his students, in a moment of vulnerability, asks, Teacher… Is it possible to have more classes together? And from that point on, Jang Himchan’s life takes an unexpected turn.

With the latest release, the manhwa continues to provide its dedicated fanbase with exciting new developments.

From “Boarding Diary”, and “Extra Credit”, to “Staying With Ajumma”, Here are the 6 best manhwa/manga like New Town (City Milfs).

So, let’s get started.

1. Boarding Diary

If you’re a fan of mature, romance, and slice-of-life genres in the world of webtoons, then Boarding Diary might just be the perfect addition to your reading list. Written by Kim Jetta and Suspect H, with stunning illustrations by Kim Jetta and Suspect H, this manhwa (Korean comics) series has captured the hearts of many since its release in 2020.

The plot revolves around Joonwoo, a fresh-faced freshman who finds himself lodging at a friend’s house near the school. The story takes an intriguing turn when he becomes responsible of Mikyung, the mistress of the boarding house. As the plot thickens, Joonwoo stumbles upon a secret video in Mikyung’s room, leading to a pivotal moment that leaves him questioning everything with the innocent query, Auntie… I’ve seen it wrong, right?

This webtoon masterfully combines elements of romance, maturity, and slice of life, weaving a narrative that keeps readers engaged and eager for more.

The series is now completed, allowing readers to binge-read the entire story without the agony of waiting for new chapters.

2. My Stepmother Friends

If there’s one thing the world of webtoons excels at, it’s crafting captivating stories that push the boundaries of traditional narratives. Stepmother Friends, also known as 새엄마의 친구들 (Saeeommaui Chingudeul) in Korean, is a manhwa that does just that. Written by Mokbegae and brought to life by the talented artist Red-A, this gripping tale falls under the genres of Drama, Harem, and Mature similar to New Town.

The story revolves around a protagonist who lost their mother at a young age, leaving them and their father to navigate life together. To ease their pain, the father decides to make a life-altering decision by introducing a new woman into their lives. This woman is not just any stranger; she’s young, beautiful, and, unfortunately, driven by a desire for the man’s property.

As the story unfolds, readers are taken on a rollercoaster of emotions. The initial skepticism and resentment towards the stepmother slowly give way to something unexpected. The stepmother’s genuine love for the protagonist’s father begins to thaw the icy barriers around their heart.

But this manhwa isn’t just a simple tale of family dynamics. It delves into the complexities of love, trust, and the blurry lines between right and wrong. The character development is both intricate and compelling, keeping readers hooked with every chapter.

3. Keep It A Secret From Your Mother

If you’re a fan of romance, school life, and slice-of-life stories, then Keep it a Secret from your Mother Manhwa is a hidden gem you don’t want to miss. Released in 2021 and still going strong, this captivating webtoon penned and illustrated by Noah has taken readers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

The story revolves around Hae-Seong, who finds himself staying at his mother’s friend’s house, Yeona. At first glance, you might think it’s all about studying and academic pursuits, but there’s much more to it than meets the eye. As Hae-Seong soon discovers, the top students aren’t just skilled in the classroom; they’re also adept in matters of the heart.

The manhwa poses a tantalizing question: Is the classroom solely for studying? It delves into the complexities of school life and teenage romance, making it relatable to readers of all ages.

4. Extra Credit

If you’re a fan of gripping dramas set in the world of academia, Extra Credit Manhwa is a must-read for you. This captivating series, also known as 여교수, offers a unique blend of school life and drama, providing readers with an intriguing narrative that keeps them hooked from start to finish.

The manhwa revolves around Harry, a student who finds himself on the brink of failure in his class due to repeated tardiness. However, his professor extends a lifeline in the form of a special opportunity for redemption. Harry’s journey to make amends and salvage his academic standing unfolds in a way that keeps readers eagerly turning the pages.

This ongoing webtoon, which was first released in 2019, is a collaborative effort between a talented writer known as ★9 and an equally skilled artist, also bearing the moniker ★9. Together, they craft a visually stunning and emotionally resonant story that has garnered a dedicated following.

In a world where academic success is paramount, This adult Manhwa invites you to delve into a captivating narrative filled with suspense, drama, and the quest for redemption.

5. My Stepmom

In the ever-evolving world of webtoons, My Stepmom stands out as a captivating drama, mature, and romance series that has piqued the interest of readers worldwide. Written and illustrated by Andromeda11, this manhwa takes us on a thrilling journey through the complexities of love and temptation.

At the heart of the story is Jin-Woo, a young man who finds himself in a rather unusual predicament – gaining a stunning new stepmother who happens to be a decade older than him. Yet, the intrigue lies in the fact that she doesn’t look her age. This sparks a question that lingers throughout the series: Is she deliberately trying to tempt Kim, Jin-Woo’s character, into something more than a conventional stepmother-stepson relationship?

The adult manhwa delves into the realm of forbidden romance, a theme that has perennially intrigued readers. The age gap between Jin-Woo and his stepmother adds a layer of tension and curiosity to the narrative. As their relationship unfolds, readers are taken on an emotional rollercoaster, exploring the boundaries of love, desire, and societal expectations.

With its beautiful art, well-crafted characters, and intriguing plot, this manhwa promises to keep you hooked until the very end.

6. Staying With Ajumma

Staying with Ajumma, Created by the talented duo Geurogoreu (author) and jjang-i (artist), this manhwa has carved a niche for itself in the Drama, Harem, Mature, and Romance genres similar to a new town.

The story revolves around Jeong-Hoo, a middle school graduate who finds himself orphaned and alone in the world. His only source of solace and warmth comes from an unlikely source—an elderly woman known as Ajumma. As Jeong-Hoo navigates the challenges of life, he clings to the hope of finding a forever home with his beloved Ajumma.

What sets Staying with Ajumma apart is its ability to touch the readers’ hearts with its emotional depth and intricate character development. The authors have masterfully woven a tale of resilience, love, and the power of unexpected connections.

So, if you’re in search of a manhwa that tugs at your heartstrings and leaves you eagerly anticipating the next chapter, give this hidden gem a read.

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