5 Best Manhwa/Manga Like Lilith’s Cord

In the realm of myths and legends, the story of Lilith’s descendants unfolds in the captivating manhwa series, Lilith’s Cord. While most are familiar with the tale of Adam and Eve as the progenitors of humanity, a select few trace their lineage back to Lilith, the enigmatic first Eve. Possessing unparalleled powers and desires unlike any other, they thrive by drawing sustenance from humans. However, amidst this dominion, there exists one extraordinary human who refuses to be subjugated.

Authored and illustrated by the talented Juder, Lilith’s Cord delves into a world teeming with action, drama, fantasy, harem dynamics, mature themes, and supernatural elements. Since its inception in 2016, this enthralling manhwa has garnered a dedicated following.

The narrative culminates in Chapter 92.5, a poignant epilogue, bringing this compelling tale to a close. The intense climax of Lilith’s legacy and the fates of its characters are intricately woven, leaving readers on the edge of their seats.

From “Perfect Half”, and “Love Parameter”, to ” Elf Who Likes To Be Humiliated”, Here are the 5 best manhwa/manga like Lilith’s Cord.

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1. Perfect Half

Perfect Half is more than just a webtoon; it’s an immersive journey into a world where women rise to reclaim their rightful place beside men. In a realm evenly divided between the sexes, a battle for equality ensues, setting the stage for an enthralling narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

Released in 2016, this adult manhwa is the brainchild of the talented writer and artist, Luv P. This ongoing series is a mesmerizing blend of Action, Drama, Fantasy, Harem, and Romance, weaving a tale that transcends boundaries and captivates readers from all walks of life.

The story unfolds in a world once dominated by men, where women rise up, unyielding in their pursuit of parity. The struggle for supremacy is intense, leaving readers eagerly speculating on who will emerge victorious. Yet, amidst the fervor of battle, a crucial question lingers in the air: What is the name of the game?

The saga’s allure lies not only in its gripping plotline but also in its richly drawn characters, each with their own motivations and aspirations.

2. Where Is My Hammer

Where is My Hammer? is a riveting manhwa that has taken the webtoon world by storm since its release in 2022. Crafted by the talented DOLLKONG, this series seamlessly weaves together elements of drama, fantasy, and harem, delivering an enthralling narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

The story revolves around Loki Laufeyson, a student studying abroad who finds himself at the center of a perplexing mystery. Charged with the audacious act of stealing Thor’s legendary hammer, ‘Mjolnir,’ Loki is thrust into a whirlwind of intrigue. The enigma deepens as the mighty artifact vanishes overnight, leaving everyone baffled.

What follows is a spectacular journey through a harem life, as Loki encounters a bevy of beautiful goddesses. Each one is determined to aid him in his quest to retrieve the missing Mjolnir. The interplay between these characters adds a layer of complexity and depth to the storyline, ensuring that readers remain invested in their fates.

The manhwa’s popularity is a testament to its ability to captivate and engage readers with its well-crafted plot and richly developed characters.

As of August 2023, the series has reached its conclusion with Chapter 51, providing a satisfying resolution to the tantalizing mysteries that have unfolded throughout.

3. Love Parameter

If you’re a fan of heartwarming yet hilarious tales, Love Parameter Manhwa might just be the perfect read for you. Released in 2015, this endearing webtoon by Kkun and illustrated by the talented Insane brings us into the life of Young Hoon, a lovable but perpetually unlucky guy in love.

Young Hoon’s struggle lies in his difficulty understanding the intricate world of a woman’s feelings, leading to a string of heartbreaks as he finds himself repeatedly dumped by his girlfriends. However, fate takes an unexpected turn when a mysterious stranger enters his life, bearing a peculiar gift – a pair of special glasses. Little does Young Hoon know, that these glasses are about to revolutionize his world in the most unexpected ways.

The story unfolds in the backdrop of high school life, adding a relatable touch to the supernatural element that takes center stage. With elements of harem woven into the narrative, Love Parameter offers a delightful blend of romance, comedy, and a sprinkle of the extraordinary.

The artwork in this adult webtoon is nothing short of spectacular, capturing the essence of each character and scene with precision. Insane’s illustrations breathe life into the story, making the emotions and experiences of the characters resonate with readers on a personal level similar to Lilith’s cord.

4. Elf Who Likes To Be Humiliated

Elf Who Likes To Be Humiliated Created by Sa-Yook Siljang and brought to life by the talented artist CANAPE, this manhwa delves into themes of drama, fantasy, horror, romance, slice of life, and thriller, offering readers a captivating experience like no other.

The story revolves around Theorad, the Lord of the Deharem family, who embarks on a journey that challenges societal norms and expectations. He purchases an elf who willingly seeks humiliation, a decision that raises eyebrows and questions from those around him. The plot takes a dark and intriguing turn as Theorad realizes the depths of this elf’s desires and the true nature of the being he has brought into his life.

This adult webtoon isn’t your typical story. It explores the complexities of power dynamics, desire, and self-discovery in a world filled with supernatural beings similar to Lilith’s cord. As readers dive deeper into the narrative, they’ll find themselves drawn to the characters and their intricate relationships.

5. Ghost Love

If you’re a fan of supernatural romance with a twist, then Ghost Love Manhwa might just be the perfect series for you. This captivating webtoon, also known as Ghost Some, Sleeping with the Ghost, 霊愛, and 귀썸, delves into the intriguing story of Hojin, who stumbles upon an unconventional solution to his sleeping disorder.

Hojin, a character plagued by insomnia, receives an unconventional piece of advice: sleep naked. Desperate for a good night’s sleep, he decides to give it a try, unaware of the unexpected turn his life is about to take. Little does he know that his home is harboring an uninvited guest—a ghost. But this is not just any ghost; it’s a ghost girl who seems to have a rather unusual interest in Hojin’s naked body.

This adult manhwa, released in 2016, is a gripping story crafted by the talented Keo Balhan. Balhan not only penned this captivating narrative but also provided the illustrations, bringing the characters and their emotions to life. The series falls under the genres of drama, romance, and supernatural, promising readers a unique and enthralling experience.

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