5 Best Manhwa/Manga Like Intern Haenyeo

Intern Haenyeo created by Jeongcheong and brought to life by artist Chungnyang, takes you on an exhilarating journey filled with drama, harem, mature themes, and romance.

Set against the backdrop of the Corona outbreak, the plot introduces us to Hwang Gwangho, an intern doctor whose life takes an unexpected turn. Due to the acute shortage of medical personnel, Gwangho finds himself assigned to a remote and enigmatic place known as Mermaid Village. Little does he know that his seemingly ordinary life is about to be turned upside down.

What makes Intern Haenyeo even more enticing is its unique premise. It explores the lives of haenyeos, strong and independent women known for their underwater diving skills. But there’s a twist – these haenyeos also exude a captivating sensuality, challenging societal norms.

From “Young Boss”, and “Touch To Unlock”, to “Welcome To Kids Cafe”, Here are the 5 best manhwa/manga like Intern Haenyeo (Intern Driver).

So, let’s get started.

1. Young Boss

If you’re a fan of drama, mature themes, and slice-of-life stories, you’re in for a treat with the Young Boss Manhwa. This webtoon, also known as 어린 상사, written by 공하굥 and illustrated by 복코, has been captivating readers since its release in 2019.

The story revolves around Seung-ho, a young man living with his beautiful girlfriend. However, despite her allure, she’s growing weary of their constant arguments. Seung-ho, fueled by his dreams, embarks on a journey of self-improvement and lands a job. As he gets closer to his colleagues, he finds himself torn between two women, leading to a rollercoaster of emotions.

As of the latest updates, the Young Boss Manhwa has reached Chapter 113, bringing the story to a thrilling climax. With each chapter, readers are taken deeper into the complex lives of the characters, making it impossible to put down.

2. Water Overflow

Are you ready for a sizzling adventure that combines swimming pools, accidental mishaps, and a dash of romance? Look no further than Water Overflow, a captivating manhwa that’s making waves in the world of online comics.

In the heart-pounding world of the manhwa, we meet Swimming Pool Alba, whose life takes an unexpected turn when she receives a request from an acquaintance. What’s the request, you ask? Well, it’s as tantalizing as it sounds: Oh, crazy..!! That’s wearing or naked!?

As our protagonist Alba embarks on this intriguing journey, she crosses paths with Byung-jin, a master of making women’s swimming attire look utterly mesmerizing. However, fate takes a mischievous turn when an accident occurs, and Da-hee, Alba’s first love, becomes the victim of a swimsuit mishap. A tear in her swimsuit sets the stage for a series of events that will have you on the edge of your seat.

This 18+ manhwa falls into the Harem and Mature genres. Authored by Imstar and illustrated by Sun, this manhwa promises an exciting journey filled with unexpected twists, enticing characters, and a storyline that will leave you craving for more.

3. Touch To Unlock

If you’re a fan of captivating drama, intricate fantasy, and mature storytelling, look no further than Touch to Unlock. This Manhwa, brought to life by the talented duo Zimtigee, offers a unique and gripping narrative that has captivated readers worldwide.

Touch to Unlock follows the life of Chiho, a man who has seemingly been plagued by misfortune since birth. But beneath the veil of bad luck lies a rare and extraordinary destiny waiting to be unraveled. Chiho’s mother, a shaman, made a fateful decision to share his energies with seven young girls from their neighborhood, each burdened with their own cursed fates. Now that Chiho has reached adulthood, the time has come for him to reclaim his energies, setting the stage for a truly unconventional journey.

What sets Touch to Unlock apart is its unconventional method of destiny retrieval – through touch. This unexpected twist adds an element of mystery and sensuality to the story, leaving readers eagerly turning pages to uncover the secrets behind this intriguing concept.

For those familiar with Ms. Mystic, the creators of this Manhwa, Touch to Unlock promises a similar level of excellence. With Zimtigee at the helm, you can expect stunning artwork and a masterful storytelling approach that keeps you engrossed from the very first chapter.

Whether you’re a seasoned Manhwa enthusiast or new to the genre, Touch to Unlock promises an enthralling reading experience. With a completed status, you won’t have to wait anxiously for updates, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the unfolding drama.

4. Should I Study In Noryangjin?

Should I Study at Noryangjin? delves into the life of Han-soo, a youth grappling with various temptations and decisions. The story unfolds when he stumbles upon news of his first love, who has enrolled in a notorious study program with a staggering pass rate of 0%. This revelation throws Han-soo into turmoil, as he contemplates whether to pursue his own educational path or follow his heart.

The manhwa masterfully combines elements of romance and drama, creating a compelling narrative that keeps readers hooked. Han-soo’s journey through love and academics resonates with many young adults who have faced the challenges of balancing personal desires and societal expectations.

With its thought-provoking storyline and well-crafted characters, Should I Study at Noryangjin? offers readers a captivating glimpse into the world of Korean youth. Nuwaru and Cheongnyang’s collaboration has resulted in a webtoon that not only entertains but also sparks contemplation about the choices we make in our own lives.

Whether you’re a fan of webtoons or looking for a compelling story, this series is bound to leave a lasting impression.

5. Welcome To Kids Cafe

If you’re a fan of webtoons that blend drama, mature themes, and romance into an engaging narrative, then Welcome to Kids Cafe is a series you won’t want to miss. This ongoing manhwa, also known as Kids Cafe or Kids Café Moms, offers readers a compelling story filled with intrigue and emotional depth.

The plot revolves around the life of Jae-ho, a part-time student whose world takes an unexpected turn when he is forced to work in a Kid Cafe. While the premise may seem ordinary, the cafe is anything but. Jae-ho finds himself surrounded by polarized mothers, each with their own set of secrets and desires. His motivation? A promise to his childhood friend that he won’t reveal his romantic escapades with a certain girl to his parents.

As you dive deeper into the story, you’ll witness the complexities of human relationships, the sacrifices people make to protect their loved ones, and the tangled web of emotions that ensnare our protagonist.

This captivating webtoon is the brainchild of writer Fab and artist Tongue. Their collaboration brings to life a world that is both visually stunning and emotionally charged similar to intern haenyeo. The illustrations beautifully capture the characters’ expressions and the nuances of their interactions, adding depth to the storytelling.

The adult manhwa has been captivating readers since its release in 2022, and it continues to do so with regular updates.

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