12 Best Manhwa/Manga Like His Place (2023)

Looking for manhwa/manga like his place?

True fans of adult manhwa/webtoons have certainly read his place manhwa and with its last chapter released, fans around the world have been craving for more.

If you are one of them, then you have come to the right place.

best manhwa manga like his place

From “Stargram Goddess”, and “Extra Credit”, to “Learning The Hard Way”, Here are the 12 best manhwa/manga like his place.

So, let’s get started.

12. What Do I Do Now?

what do i do now 1

Lucas Sylvia, the college heartthrob, wakes up one morning in a room surrounded by three gorgeous girls, with no memory of how he got there.

As he struggles to piece together the events of the previous night, he realizes that he’s in deep trouble.

But things take a steamy turn when the girls reveal that they’re all interested in him and want to have some fun.

With his heart racing and his mind in a daze, Lucas must navigate his way through this unexpected situation and decide which girl to pursue, if any at all.

11. Stargram Goddess

stargram goddess 2

Jin-soo may be a photography sensation on Instagram, with his sultry pinup shots taking the internet by storm, but in real life, he’s just a shy and clueless young man struggling to talk to the girls he’s interested in.

However, all of that changes when his secret identity is exposed and influencers come knocking on his door.

Suddenly, Jin-soo finds himself thrust into a world of fame and fortune, with women throwing themselves at him left and right.

10. Extra Credit

extra credit

Harry’s academic future is on the line after constantly showing up late to class.

Just when he thinks all hope is lost, his professor presents him with a unique opportunity to redeem himself.

But this chance comes with a catch – it involves a special type of “extra credit.”

Harry finds himself in a compromising position as he tries to balance his academic responsibilities with his new, unexpected extracurricular activities.

With each encounter, Harry inches closer to passing his class, but also further down a path of temptation and desire.

9. Twenty

twenty 3

A university professor is fed up with the scandalous behavior of students getting it all over campus.

But one day, a demure-looking girl surprises him by making a bold request: “Can you teach me about sex?

The professor is taken aback by the proposal and wonders if it’s some kind of prank.

But as he gets to know the girl, he discovers that she’s sincere in her quest to learn about intimacy.

As he becomes her mentor in matters of the heart, the professor finds himself drawn to her in ways he never expected.

8. Sweet But Psycho

sweet but psycho

Yoomin thinks he’s finally hit the jackpot when the hottest girl in school, Seula, shows interest in him.

But little does he know that her intentions are far from pure.

Meanwhile, an old flame is trying to rekindle their relationship and will stop at nothing to get Yoomin’s attention, even if it means jumping out of a motel window to chase him down the street.

Yoomin soon realizes that the women in his life are anything but simple.

Behind their pretty faces lie twisted minds and psycho tendencies.

7. Lucky Guy

lucky guy 8

Jungsuk’s life has hit a rough patch, with failure and heartbreak making him feel like he’s hit rock bottom.

But when he enrolls in a boarding cram school, he’s hoping for a fresh start and a chance to turn his luck around.

Unfortunately for Jungsuk, he quickly discovers that this school is unlike any other he’s attended before.

The students are wild, with their hormones raging and their own set of rules.

But amidst all the chaos, Jungsuk finds himself drawn to the beautiful and alluring Ms. Kang.

She offers him private lessons that go way beyond academic subjects, and Jungsuk finds himself falling deeper and deeper under her spell.

6. Sstudy

sstudy 4

When Sunggi joined the study group, he expected it to be a serious and focused environment where everyone was working towards the same goal.

Little did he know, the group was about to take a steamy turn.

As the days go by, he realizes that studying isn’t the only thing on their minds.

Soon, Sunggi finds himself caught up in the middle of the group’s secret rendezvous, unable to resist the allure of his fellow group members.

5. Learning The Hard Way

learning the hard way 6

Jinhoo’s painful memories of being bullied by a group of girls in high school still haunt him to this day.

But when Yejin, his former tormentor, shows up as his new tutee, Jinhoo’s world is turned upside down.

Despite Yejin’s indifference to her studies and her preference for her sex toy, Jinhoo is determined to help her succeed.

However, as Yejin reverts to her old ways and starts bullying him again, Jinhoo realizes that there may be something more going on between them.

As the tension builds between them, Jinhoo and Yejin must confront their past and their feelings for each other, even if it means facing their fears head-on.

4. Boarding Diary

boarding diary 7

When Jun-woo moves into a boarding house run by the sweet and motherly Mi-Kyung, he thinks he’s hit the jackpot.

But as he gets settled in, he notices some strange behavior from his new landlady.

Things take a turn for the bizarre when he catches her watching a secret video in her room.

Suddenly, Jun-woo’s once-trusting relationship with Mi-kyung is shattered, and he finds himself on a quest to uncover the truth behind her mysterious actions.

3. Stepmother Friends

stepmother friends 5

Seokwoo’s life was already in shambles when his mother left him and his dad.

But the arrival of his new stepmother, instead of bringing him hope, opened Pandora’s box of lies and deceit.

The woman seemed perfect on the surface, but Seokwoo’s gut told him otherwise.

And when his suspicions were confirmed, he found himself in a perilous situation, struggling to save his family from impending doom.

2. Secret Class

secret class 8

Dae-ho’s life has been marked by tragedy ever since he lost his parents at a young age.

But things started looking up when he moved in with a family friend who took him under his wing.

Now, at the ripe age of 20, Dae-ho is ready to explore everything life has to offer.

Except for one thing – he’s completely clueless when it comes to sex.

Lucky for him, his drop-dead gorgeous housemates are more than happy to give him a hands-on education in the bedroom.

From teasing to tantalizing, Dae-ho is about to learn everything he needs to know about pleasing a woman.

1. Sex Study Group

sex study group 6

Hyun-Ho has always been smitten with a gorgeous senior at his university but lacked the courage to make a move.

That all changed when he joined a study group with her, thinking it was the perfect opportunity to get closer.

But as they delve into their studies, Hyun-Ho quickly realizes that this is no ordinary group.

With each passing day, the lessons become increasingly unorthodox and steamy, leaving him breathless and wanting more.

As the senior’s seduction intensifies, Hyun-Ho finds himself caught between the temptation to give in and the fear of losing control.

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