5 Best Manhwa/Manga Like Good Night

Created by the talented writer Kang and brought to life by the incredible illustrations of ACO, Good Night has been captivating readers since its release in 2018.

The story revolves around Simon, known as the ‘Do It Dude,’ a person who runs errands for others. One fateful day, he crosses paths with his childhood friend, Iris, who now works at a club. However, their reunion is far from ideal, as circumstances lead to a less-than-pleasant encounter.

Good Night Manhwa delves into the complex realms of drama, maturity, and romance. The series is known for its ability to tug at the heartstrings of readers, taking them on an emotional rollercoaster ride filled with unexpected twists and turns.

From “Not Safe for Work”, and “Sponsor Me Please”, to “Grand Disciple”, Here are the 5 best manhwa/manga like Good Night.

So, let’s get started.

1. Not Safe for Work

If you’re a fan of heartwarming and captivating manhwas, Not Safe for Work, also known as 후방주의, should definitely be on your radar. Created by Neckbege with illustrations by Lee Juwon, this drama-filled series falls under the genres of Drama, Harem, and Romance. With its unique storyline and relatable characters, it has gained a strong following since its release in 2022.

The story revolves around Juho, a diligent student who juggles his school life with a part-time job at a convenience store. However, Juho’s life takes an unexpected turn when he finds himself head over heels for Ruri, a fellow part-timer who recently joined the store’s workforce. His heart races as he grapples with a simple yet profound desire – he wants to date her.

This adult manhwa beautifully captures the essence of young love and the challenges that come with it similar to Good Night. Juho’s journey is not just about romance but also about personal growth and self-discovery. As readers follow his adventures, they can’t help but relate to the excitement, nervousness, and awkwardness that accompany the early stages of a relationship.

2. Sponsor Me Please

Are you a fan of drama, mature themes, and romance in your reading material? If so, you’re in for a treat with the captivating Sponsor Me Please Manhwa. Created by the talented duo of Ssangriho (author) and Poisonous Mushroom (artist), this ongoing series has taken the Manhwa world by storm since its release in 2022.

The story revolves around a young student named Min-soo, whose life takes an unexpected turn when she finds herself in dire financial straits. With a meager monthly allowance of just 60,000 won, her prospects seem bleak. However, fate has a different plan for her.

The narrative kicks off with Min-soo’s father seeking a sponsor for her education. Little did she know that this would be the start of a unique and emotionally charged relationship. It’s not your typical sponsorship story. Enter a charming and mysterious girl who adds a whole new layer of complexity to Min-soo’s already challenging life.

If you haven’t already dived into this enthralling world, now is the perfect time to start. This adult manhwa promises an emotional rollercoaster filled with unexpected twists and heartwarming moments.

3. Sweet Guy

If you’re a fan of webtoons, you’ve probably heard of Sweet Guy, a captivating series that weaves together elements of comedy, romance, harem, and the supernatural. Created by LEE Won-Sik with mesmerizing illustrations by PARK Hyeong-jun, this manhwa first graced our screens in 2014 and has been a source of entertainment and intrigue ever since.

The adult webtoon kicks off with the story of a seemingly ordinary loser who stumbles upon an extraordinary ability. But what exactly is this unique power? It’s not easy to put into words, but in essence, he knows how to guide lost girls back onto the right path. Yes, you read that correctly; our protagonist has a knack for helping wayward girls find their way.

This manhwa takes storytelling to new heights by blending diverse genres seamlessly. Comedy brings laughter to the table, while romance tugs at your heartstrings. The harem aspect adds a layer of complexity to relationships, and the supernatural elements introduce an intriguing twist to the narrative.

4. Grand Disciple

If you’re a fan of comedy, drama, and romance with a dash of school life, then Grand Disciple is the manhwa you’ve been waiting for. Created by M16 and beautifully illustrated by Deserter, this manhwa has taken the webtoon world by storm since its release in 2022.

The story revolves around Yong-min, a man with a unique problem – his oversized anatomy. Every time he gets intimate, he faces rejection. But one fateful night, while working overtime, his life takes a hilarious turn when he witnesses a woman’s unexpected climax. This event leads him to make an unusual request: Please accept me as your disciple!! Thus, Yong-min embarks on a journey to master the art of intimacy, becoming the student of a seasoned lover.

As Yong-min’s journey unfolds, he faces challenges, comedic situations, and unexpected encounters, all while striving to overcome his peculiar obstacle. The manhwa promises laughter, drama, and heartwarming moments as Yong-min navigates the ups and downs of his newfound quest for love and pleasure.

This adult manhwa keeps readers hooked with its intriguing storyline, witty humor, and charming characters. If you’re ready to dive into a world where love and lust take center stage, this manhwa offers a unique and entertaining perspective.

5. Hero Manager

Are you a fan of action-packed stories with a touch of drama, fantasy, and a hint of romance? Look no further than Hero Manager, the thrilling manhwa that’s been taking readers on a rollercoaster of emotions since its release in 2020.

In this manhwa, we follow the journey of Cha Hyeon-seong, a former hero who once possessed incredible powers and a promising future. But life takes an unexpected turn when he loses his powers, and to make matters worse, he gets dumped by his girlfriend. Now, he’s not the one saving the day but rather managing other heroes.

However, fate has more surprises in store for Hyeon-seong. He crosses paths with Son Ga-yeong, another fallen hero who’s experienced her share of setbacks. After a passionate encounter, they realize that Hyeon-seong might have the potential to become the greatest hero manager of all, but he’ll need to summon his inner strength and determination.

With its unique blend of action, drama, fantasy, mature themes, romance, and supernatural elements, This adult manhwa offers a refreshing take on the world of heroes and their struggles similar to Good Night. The gripping storyline and well-drawn characters keep readers hooked, eagerly awaiting each new chapter.

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