5 Best Manhwa/Manga Like Dorm Room Sisters

Created by Team Biyam with illustrations by Whistle, Dorm Room Sisters series falls under the genres of Harem and Romance, promising a story filled with twists, turns, and heartwarming moments.

The story centers around the daughters of a landlord, who, before the protagonist went off to the army, seemed rather plain. However, upon their return, they find themselves stunned by the remarkable transformation these sisters have undergone. It’s a tale of personal growth, friendship, and the blossoming of romance, making it a must-read for fans of the Harem and Romance genres.

With a unique plot and engaging characters, it’s no wonder this series has captured the hearts of many.

From “Sstudy”, and “Young Boss”, to “Her 4 Incher”, Here are the 5 best manhwa/manga like Dorm Room Sisters.

So, let’s get started.

1. Excuse Me, This Is My Room

If you’re a fan of gripping drama and mature themes, Excuse me, This is My Room is a must-read manhwa that has been making waves since its release in 2020. Authored by LObeam and beautifully illustrated by Kook, this series delves into the complexities of human emotions, making it an unforgettable read.

The story revolves around Kim Jinsoo, a character who finds himself in a rather unusual living situation. Imagine moving in with your personal bully – a situation most people would dread. However, the twist lies in the fact that Jinsoo also harbors feelings for his crush. The question that lingers throughout the manhwa is whether he can find love amidst this tangled web of emotions.

This manhwa isn’t just your typical love story. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, with moments that will tug at your heartstrings and others that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The characters are well-developed, and their relationships are explored in depth, giving readers a chance to connect with them on a personal level.

2. Sstudy

SStudy, also known as Sex Study, is a Manhwa series authored by Husky-nom and illustrated by Edge Edge. Released in 2015, this series is a rollercoaster of laughter, drama, and unexpected twists.

The story revolves around Sunggi, who joins a study group initially intended for government service exam preparation. However, as the saying goes, Not every study group is the same. Sunggi quickly discovers that this group has a lot more on its plate than just books and exams. The group’s dynamics take a hilarious turn, leading to a series of comedic and dramatic events.

What makes this adult manhwa stand out is its ability to blend multiple genres seamlessly similar to dorm room sisters. It keeps readers entertained with its humor, while also exploring the complexities of human relationships and desires. The characters are relatable, and their interactions are bound to leave you in splits.

3. Young Boss

Are you ready for a thrilling rollercoaster of emotions? Dive into the world of Young Boss, a captivating Manhwa that combines drama, mature themes, and the complexities of real-life relationships. Created by the talented duo of writer 공하굥 and illustrator 복코, this series has taken the Manhwa scene by storm since its release in 2019.

The story revolves around Seung-ho, a young man living with his oldest girlfriend. She’s undeniably alluring, but their relationship is on the brink of collapse due to constant conflicts. Seung-ho, however, isn’t one to give up easily. After meticulously preparing himself for employment, he finally secures a job that ignites his dreams. As he immerses himself in his new professional life, he finds himself torn between his growing feelings for two remarkable women.

The adult manhwa seamlessly blends drama, mature themes, and the slice-of-life genre to offer readers a unique and emotionally charged experience. It delves into the intricacies of human relationships, exploring the complexities of love, ambition, and self-discovery.

4. Weak Point

If you’re a fan of drama, romance, and a touch of the unexpected, Weak Point Manhwa is a must-read for you. Created by the Husky Team and beautifully illustrated by Gyou, this captivating series has been gripping the hearts of readers since its release in 2019.

The story revolves around Kim Dongjin, a contracted employee at a prestigious law firm. His disdain for Yoo Serin, the youngest lawyer at the firm, is palpable due to her perceived negligence of his case. The age gap, financial differences, and the gap in their professional statuses create a seemingly unbridgeable divide between them.

However, the narrative takes an exciting twist when Kim Dongjin stumbles upon a closely guarded secret of Yoo Serin, her weakness. This discovery sets the stage for a 180-degree transformation in their relationship. What was once animosity and resentment evolves into something far more complex and intriguing.

With a status marked as Completed, this adult manhwa promises readers a satisfying conclusion to its gripping narrative. As you explore the intricacies of this dramatic romance, you can be assured that the story won’t leave you hanging.

5. Her 4 Incher

Her 4 Incher stands out as a compelling drama infused with elements of romance and harem. Written by Gyulpi and brought to life through the illustrations of Hyungjakga, this webtoon has been capturing the hearts of readers since its release in 2018.

Our customer’s beloved service wasn’t for the high heels, it was for my weapon. These intriguing words set the stage for the story of Jin-woo, an unassuming young man who finds himself working at his uncle’s shoe shop. Amidst the monotony of his daily routine, something extraordinary begins to unfold. Beautiful women suddenly start entering his life, turning it into a whirlwind of unexpected adventures and emotions.

The adult manhwa offers readers a captivating blend of drama, harem, and romance. It delves into the complexities of relationships while maintaining an element of intrigue that keeps readers eagerly turning the pages.

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