10 Best Manhwa/Manga Like Circles (2024)

Searching for manhwa/manga-like circles?

Circles has captured the hearts of adult manhwa/webtoon fans around the world with its unique storyline and art style.

If you are a fan who’s looking for similar manhwa/webtoons like Circles, then you are in the right place.

best manhwa manga like circles

From “Touch To Unlock”, and “Fatal Lessons In The Pandemic”, to “Sex Study Group”, Here are the 10 best manhwa/manga-like circles.

So, let’s get started.

10. Touch To Unlock

touch to unlock 2

If you’re a fan of the drama, romance, and school life genres explored in Circles, you’ll likely enjoy Touch To Unlock.

This engaging adult manhwa, much like Circles, delves into the complexities of relationships within a school setting.

The story unfolds as characters navigate love and friendship, offering readers a compelling narrative filled with twists and turns.

The casual tone of the storytelling allows for an immersive experience, making it a must-read for fans of the genre.

9. Lucky Guy

lucky guy 5

Lucky Guy brings a mix of drama and romance, similar to the themes explored in Circles.

This manhwa introduces readers to a protagonist who finds himself unexpectedly entangled with various romantic interests.

The casual and conversational approach to storytelling enhances the relatability of the characters and their experiences.

If you enjoyed the romantic entanglements in Circles, Lucky Guy is sure to keep you entertained.

8. Fatal Lessons In The Pandemic

fatal lessons in the pandemic

In the spirit of exploring romantic dynamics within a school environment, Private Tutoring in These Trying Times offers a unique take on relationships.

The casual tone in this manhwa adds a layer of authenticity to the characters’ interactions, making it a delightful read for those who appreciate the vibe of Circles.

The narrative unfolds with twists and surprises, ensuring readers stay engaged from start to finish.

7. Sstudy

sstudy 3

For fans of the harem and romance elements in Circles, Sstudy presents a captivating storyline with a casual and conversational tone.

The protagonist’s journey through various romantic encounters adds a layer of intrigue, making it an ideal recommendation for those who enjoyed the dynamics explored in Circles.

Dive into the world of Sstudy for a rollercoaster of emotions and relatable experiences.

6. Excuse Me, This Is My Room

excuse me this is my room 6

Excuse Me, This Is My Room combines drama and romance with a casual narrative tone that resonates with fans of Circles.

The story follows the protagonist’s experiences in shared living spaces, exploring the complexities of relationships and personal boundaries.

If you appreciate the character-driven storytelling in Circles, this manhwa offers a similar charm that will keep you hooked.

5. Learning The Hard Way

learning the hard way 3

In the realm of adult manhwa, Learning The Hard Way stands out as a compelling choice for readers seeking a mix of drama and romance.

The casual writing style enhances the authenticity of the characters’ experiences, providing a captivating narrative akin to the tone found in Circles.

Dive into the complexities of adult relationships with this engaging manhwa.

4. Sex Study Group

sex study group 4

For those intrigued by the mature themes explored in Circles, Sex Study Group offers a narrative that delves into adult relationships with a casual and conversational tone.

The storytelling ensures an immersive experience, making it a recommended choice for fans of the genre.

Explore the complexities of intimate connections in this thought-provoking manhwa.

3. What Do I Do Now?

what do i do now

In the spirit of navigating the challenges of love and relationships, What Do I Do Now? provides a relatable and casual narrative style.

Fans of Circles will appreciate the emotional depth and authenticity of the characters as they tackle the complexities of romantic entanglements.

This Adult manhwa is a must-read for those who enjoy genuine and heartfelt storytelling.

2. Dance Department Female Sunbaes

dance department female sunbaes

Dance Department Female Sunbaes offers a unique twist to the school life and romance genre, capturing the essence of Circles.

The casual tone enhances the reader’s connection with the characters, making their journey through love and self-discovery all the more captivating.

If you enjoyed the dynamics of school life in Circles, this adult manga provides a fresh and engaging perspective.

1. His Place

his place 2

As we round up the list, His Place takes the top spot for readers seeking a manhwa that echoes the themes of Circles.

With a casual tone and a focus on love and relationships, this manhwa promises an immersive experience.

Join the characters on their journey of self-discovery, making choices that shape their destinies in a narrative style that resonates with fans of Circles.

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