13 Best Manhwa/Manga Like Cherry Blossoms After Winter (2023)

Hunting for manhwa/manga like cherry blossoms after winter?

Cherry Blossoms After Winter, written and illustrated by Bamwoo, tells the touching tale of Haebom and Taesung as they navigate their way through life’s challenges and discover the power of love.

If you enjoyed the endearing dynamics and emotional depth of this series, you’re in for a treat with the recommendations we have in store.

best manhwa manga like cherry blossoms after winter

From “Fools”, and “Painter Of The Night”, to “Beyond Memories”, Here are the 13 best manhwa/manga like cherry blossoms after winter.

So, let’s get started.

13. Path To You

path to you

Jensen is on the verge of dropping out of college and drowning his sorrows in alcohol when an unexpected encounter with Nathaniel turns his night upside down.

After Nathaniel drunkenly vomits on Jensen, he offers to help him with his studies as an apology.

Despite their initial rocky start, the two begin to develop a close bond, with Jensen slowly learning to let his guard down around Nathaniel.

As they spend more time together, their friendship deepens into something more romantic.

12. Fools


Edward, a college senior, is content with his solitary life, valuing his freedom over the hassle of relationships or friendships.

But when a bright-eyed and bubbly freshman named Justin enters his life, Edward’s perspective begins to shift.

Despite his initial reluctance, Edward finds himself drawn to Justin’s enthusiasm and energy.

As they spend more time together, Edward starts to question his previous notions about relationships, and he begins to see Justin in a different light.

11. Hesu In Class 2

hesu in class 2

Heesu has been living in the shadows, content with his role as Chanyoung’s supportive best friend.

But when a school rumor names him as the love guru of Class 2, Heesu finds himself in the spotlight for the first time.

With his own love life in shambles, Heesu is thrust into the role of advisor, doling out advice to lovestruck students left and right.

10. A Guy Like You

a guy like you

Go Siwon has been having dreams about the handsome Kang Jinha, who keeps mentioning a mysterious “incident” between them.

Siwon can’t remember anything about it, but the dream feels incredibly real.

As he starts to uncover clues about the incident, Siwon begins to piece together his memories.

9. Love In Lyrics

love in lyrics

Growing up, Gao Hang and Ye Zi only had each other to rely on.

They faced hardships and heartbreaks, but their unwavering love for one another kept them together.

However, a misunderstanding leads to a painful separation before they can confess their true feelings.

Now, after four long years, Ye Zi has transformed himself into someone he thinks Gao Hang wants, determined to win back his heart.

As they reunite, their love will be put to the ultimate test, forcing them to confront their true feelings for each other.

8. Painter Of The Night

painter of the night

Na Kyum has a natural talent for painting, but his specialty sets him apart from the rest: erotic portraits of men that leave nothing to the imagination.

Despite publishing a few collections under a fake name, he’s decided to abandon his craft altogether.

However, his plans are upended when a wild nobleman named Seungho storms into his life.

Known for his insatiable appetite for pleasure, Seungho demands that Na Kyum become his personal artist.

But what starts as a business arrangement quickly spirals out of control, and he is thrust into a world of decadence and debauchery he never could have fathomed.

7. The Keystone Romantic Combination

the keystone romantic combination

Youngjun has always measured himself against the Baseball Genius, Hyun, who set the bar for his baseball career 7 years ago.

At first, Youngjun despised him, his insecurities too strong to ignore.

Hyun, with his exceptional talent and success, seemed like a reason to hate.

But as fate would have it, Youngjun finds himself drawn to him, unable to take his eyes off him.

And Hyun has never really left, maybe he’s been waiting for Youngjun all along.

Despite their differences and past misunderstandings, they might just be the perfect match – the Keystone Romantic Combo.

6. BJ Alex

bj alex

Dong Gyun has a secret obsession: every night, he tunes into a live cam boy show hosted by the alluring and candid Alex.

But one night, after drinking too much at a networking event, he wakes up in bed next to a shirtless hunk who looks exactly like Alex.

As he navigates his growing attraction to the man he once only watched from afar, he must confront his own desires and the societal norms that have kept him closeted.

5. Beyond Memory

beyond memory

Won Jun, a college student with an extraordinary ability to feel other people’s emotions by just touching them, crosses paths with the grumpy and guarded Gyu Han.

Despite Gyu Han’s initial reluctance, Won Jun’s persistence and genuine interest in him eventually break down his walls.

As they get closer, Gyu Han’s own hidden emotions start to surface, forcing him to confront his painful past and come to terms with his feelings for Won Jun.

4. Dream Away

dream away

Jihan has always been able to foresee the future in his dreams, but when he has a vision of a stranger getting into a terrible car accident, he feels a responsibility to help.

The problem is, he doesn’t know who the person is, or how to find them.

Frustrated, Jihan heads to a local cafe to clear his head, only to come face-to-face with the very person from his dream the handsome and enigmatic barista.

Jihan knows he has to act fast to prevent the accident from happening without revealing his psychic abilities to the skeptical barista.

3. Don’t Forget These Feelings

dont forget these feelings

Jungmin may be a hopeless flirt, but he’s never felt a spark like the one he has with Jiho.

The problem?

Jiho’s a freshman and Jungmin’s a returning sophomore, and he knows getting involved with a newbie is just asking for trouble.

But when fate keeps throwing them together, Jungmin can’t help but fall harder and harder for the tall, cool, and drop-dead gorgeous Jiho.

As he navigates his changing feelings and the obstacles in their way, Jungmin realizes that this might not just be another fleeting crush it could be the real thing.

2. Sign


Cafe Goyo is a bit peculiar, to say the least.

Their coffee tastes terrible, customers never order from the menu, and the manager, Yohan, is deaf.

When Soohwa starts working there, he’s not expecting to learn how to make good coffee, but he is asked to learn sign language to communicate with Yohan.

But there’s a problem: Soohwa gets aroused whenever he hears Yohan’s deep, sexy voice.

Despite his embarrassment, Soohwa agrees to private sign language lessons with Yohan, hoping to control his physical reactions.

But as they spend more time together, Soohwa realizes that he may be falling for Yohan in more ways than one.

1. Here U Are

here u are

Yu Yang is an openly gay college student who has a crush on Lin Xiang, his former classmate.

But when he meets Li Huan, a tall and quiet underclassman, his heart begins to beat faster.

Despite their initial animosity toward each other, the two men slowly develop a deep bond.

No matter what challenges Yu Yang faces, Li Huan is always there to support him.

As their relationship deepens, Yu Yang realizes that Li Huan is the perfect man for him.

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