13 Best Manhwa/Manga Like Cherry Blossoms After Winter (2024)

Hunting for manhwa/manga like cherry blossoms after winter?

Cherry Blossoms After Winter, written and illustrated by Bamwoo, tells the touching tale of Haebom and Taesung as they navigate their way through life’s challenges and discover the power of love.

If you enjoyed the endearing dynamics and emotional depth of this series, you’re in for a treat with the recommendations we have in store.

best manhwa manga like cherry blossoms after winter

From “Fools”, and “Painter Of The Night”, to “Beyond Memories”, Here are the 13 best manhwa/manga like cherry blossoms after winter.

So, let’s get started.

13. Path To You

path to you

Path To You offers a delightful journey of love and self-discovery.

The story, though unique, resonates with Cherry Blossoms After Winter in its slow yet beautifully developed romance.

The characters are distinct, each with their quirks, making the narrative engaging and relatable.

Dive into this enchanting world where love takes its time to bloom

12. Fools


In Fools, the story unfolds with a charming blend of humor and romance.

The plot, while different from Cherry Blossoms After Winter, captures the essence of love amidst life’s complexities.

The characters, much like those in our beloved series, are endearing and multifaceted. Fools promises a rollercoaster of emotions, keeping you hooked from start to finish.

11. Hesu In Class 2

hesu in class 2

Hesu In Class 2 introduces a fresh perspective to the BL genre.

With a unique setting and a captivating narrative, it stands out while maintaining the emotional intensity reminiscent of Cherry Blossoms After Winter.

The character dynamics and plot twists will keep you eagerly turning the pages, making it a must-read for fans of nuanced romantic storytelling.

10. A Guy Like You

a guy like you

A Guy Like You explores the intricacies of relationships with a touch of the supernatural.

The story weaves a captivating tale, drawing parallels to the emotional depth found in Cherry Blossoms After Winter.

Engaging and visually stunning, this bl manga is a testament to the versatility of the BL genre.

9. Love In Lyrics

love in lyrics

Love In Lyrics combines the world of music and romance, creating a narrative that tugs at the heartstrings.

With a tone that balances between lighthearted and poignant, it shares the spirit of Cherry Blossoms After Winter.

Immerse yourself in the lyrical journey of love, where melodies and emotions intertwine.

8. Painter Of The Night

painter of the night

Painter Of The Night takes a bold step into a different realm, offering a mature and intense storyline.

While it diverges in theme, the emotional complexity and character-driven plot draw parallels to Cherry Blossoms After Winter.

Brace yourself for a gripping narrative that explores love in its rawest form.

7. The Keystone Romantic Combination

the keystone romantic combination

The Keystone Romantic Combination is a hidden gem that combines humor and romance seamlessly.

With a tone that fluctuates between playful and heartfelt, it captures the essence of Cherry Blossoms After Winter.

Dive into this delightful series that promises laughter, tears, and a love story that unfolds in unexpected ways.

6. BJ Alex

bj alex

BJ Alex introduces a unique backdrop with its focus on the world of online broadcasting.

While different from Cherry Blossoms After Winter, it shares a commitment to character development and emotional resonance.

Embark on a journey where love transcends boundaries and explores the complexities of modern relationships.

5. Beyond Memory

beyond memory

Beyond Memory offers a captivating storyline that explores the theme of memory and love.

The narrative, though distinct, mirrors the emotional depth found in Cherry Blossoms After Winter.

Get ready for a tale that intertwines past and present, weaving a love story that defies the constraints of time.

4. Dream Away

dream away

Dream Away ventures into the realm of dreams, creating a unique backdrop for its love story.

While different in concept, it shares the emotional intensity and character-driven narrative seen in Cherry Blossoms After Winter.

Immerse yourself in a world where dreams and reality collide, shaping a love story that transcends the ordinary.

3. Don’t Forget These Feelings

dont forget these feelings

Don’t Forget These Feelings explores the nuances of love and self-discovery.

With a narrative that unfolds at its own pace, it captures the essence of Cherry Blossoms After Winter.

The characters are beautifully crafted, each contributing to a storyline that is both heartwarming and emotionally resonant.

2. Sign


Sign is a hidden gem that delves into the complexities of communication and relationships.

While different from Cherry Blossoms After Winter, it shares a commitment to character depth and a nuanced portrayal of love.

Brace yourself for a series that explores the intricacies of connection and the impact of unspoken emotions.

1. Here U Are

here u are

Here U Are, much like Cherry Blossoms After Winter, explores the journey of love amidst the complexities of college life.

The characters are endearing, and the storyline is a perfect blend of heartwarming moments and emotional depth.

If you loved Cherry Blossoms After Winter, this Bl manhwa is a must-read to experience another beautifully crafted love story.

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