5 Best Manhwa/Manga Like Campus Love

Released in 2022, Campus Love, also known as 캠퍼스러브, has been leaving readers spellbound with its compelling storyline and mature themes.

The story follows Kibum, a young man who finds himself haunted by recurring nightmares following a humiliating breakup with his cheating ex. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Those sleepless nights were filled with regrets and heartache. But as a new school year dawns, so does the promise of new beginnings and, of course, the tantalizing prospect of romance.

Written by Zeplin and brought to life through the beautiful illustrations of Shimmy, Campus Love takes us on an emotional rollercoaster through Kibum’s life. It explores themes of love, trust, betrayal, and personal growth, making it a must-read for anyone who enjoys mature and emotionally charged narratives.

From “Sstudy”, and “Should I Study In Noryangjin?”, to “Is There No Goddess In My College?”, Here are the 5 best manhwa/manga like Campus Love.

So, let’s get started.

1. Sstudy

If you’re a fan of offbeat comedies and crave a blend of drama and harem elements in your stories, then SStudy might just be the manhwa you’ve been searching for. Created by the talented duo of Husky-nom (Author) and Edge Edge (Artist), this manhwa is a rollercoaster ride through the world of study groups, government exams, and everything in between.

A study group is where students gather together with the same goal in mind and help each other succeed. But not every study group is the same, reads the tagline for SStudy, and it sets the tone perfectly. Our protagonist, Sunggi, enters a study group with a clear objective: to prepare for the government service exam. However, as you might expect, things don’t stay that straightforward for long.

While the group may start with the noble intention of exam preparation, it quickly turns into a whirlwind of comedic situations, drama, and unexpected romantic entanglements similar to campus love. The manhwa seamlessly weaves elements of harem into the story, creating a unique and entertaining narrative that keeps readers hooked.

2. Sextudy Group

If you’re a fan of tantalizing drama, mature themes, and steamy romance, then Sextudy Group Manhwa might just be your next obsession. Released in 2022, this ongoing webtoon by Abio4 with illustrations by Bangkki has been setting screens on fire with its captivating storyline.

The story kicks off with a relatable twist – the protagonist, Huyn-ho, begins his university journey not just for academic pursuits, but to get closer to his favorite senior. We’ve all been there, right? Yet, Huyn-ho finds himself in an unexpected situation as he enters Sector D, a special class that takes studying to a whole new level.

The adult manhwa is not just about its enticing plot; it’s also a showcase of exceptional talent. Abio4’s storytelling prowess and Bangkki’s mesmerizing illustrations combine to create a visual and narrative feast that keeps readers eagerly turning pages.

3. Should I Study In Noryangjin?

If you’re a fan of gripping drama, mature themes, and a touch of romance, then Should I Study at Noryangjin? might just be the Manhwa series you’ve been searching for. Authored by Nuwaru and beautifully illustrated by Cheongnyang, this captivating Manhwa takes you on a rollercoaster ride through the life of Han-soo, a public student of Noryang-jin, who faces a unique and enticing dilemma.

The story kicks off with Han-soo, a typical youth facing the challenges of adolescence. However, his life takes an unexpected turn when he learns that his first love, whom he met by chance, has entered a notorious study program with a staggering pass rate of 0%. This revelation shakes him to the core, and he finds himself deeply troubled.

The central question that plagues Han-soo is whether he should prioritize his love life or his academic future. Can he successfully navigate the complexities of young love while striving to excel academically in this challenging environment?

This adult webtoon explores themes of love, ambition, and the difficult choices that young adults often face similar to campus love. With a compelling narrative and mature storytelling, it keeps readers on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the next chapter.

4. H Campus

If you’ve ever wondered about the unconventional journey of a virgin turned AV star in the world of Korean webtoons, look no further than H-Campus. This uproarious series, also known as Dept. AV or Hentai Campus, has taken the webtoon scene by storm since its debut in 2016. With a unique blend of comedy, ecchi, harem, mature themes, and school life, H-Campus offers readers an unforgettable ride through the tumultuous life of an aspiring AV star.

The adult manhwa is the brainchild of the talented writer Putaro and the illustrator Ddasoom. It introduces us to a world where even a virgin can find themselves on the path to becoming an AV (Adult Video) star. The series explores the hilarious and sometimes absurd situations that the characters find themselves in as they navigate this unusual career choice.

The webtoon’s popularity is a testament to its ability to tap into the Korean fever trend, captivating readers with its unique storyline and humor.

5. Is There No Goddess In My College?

Is There No Goddess In My College? created by OB with illustrations by Overtime Sloth is a drama-packed, mature, and romantic series that delves into the intriguing life of Chang-Wook.

At first glance, Chang-Wook might seem like an outsider, but everything changes when he stumbles upon a closely guarded secret: the girls who are considered goddesses at his college. The revelation is nothing short of jaw-dropping, as it leads to a pact that sets the tone for this captivating narrative.

Can you please keep this a secret? In return… I’ll suck your dick…

This unexpected proposition is just a glimpse of the twists and turns that this Manhwa has to offer. As the story unfolds, readers are drawn into a world of suspense, romance, and the complexities of college life.

The combination of drama, mature themes, romance, and school life ensures that Is There No Goddess in My College. Manhwa caters to a wide range of readers. It explores the dynamics of college relationships in a way that keeps you hooked from start to finish.

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