15 Best Manhwa/Manga Like BJ Alex (2023)

Loved reading BJ Alex, and are looking for similar manhwa/manga like BJ Alex to binge read?

BJ Alex follows Dong Gyun who loves watching Alex’s live cam show and a shocking turn of events causes him to wake up beside his online crush.

best manhwa manga like bj alex

From “The Good Teacher”, and “Blood Bank”, to “Painter Of The Night”, Here are the 15 best manhwa/manga like BJ Alex.

So, let’s get started.

15. Your Secret Keeper

your secret keeper

Sun is excited about her new job, but it’s off to a rocky start when she realizes her boss is none other than Doyoung, her high school nemesis.

He’s making her life a living hell, but things take a spicy turn when Sun uncovers Doyoung’s dark secret.

With his reputation on the line, Doyoung is at Sun’s mercy.

Their steamy negotiations lead to something more than just a professional relationship.

14. The Good Teacher

the good teacher

After a humiliating breakup, Hojun’s determined to improve his skills in the bedroom.

And when he stumbles upon an ad for a sex tutor, he jumps at the opportunity.

Enter Mr. Ahn, a sexy and experienced tutor who agrees to take Hojun under his wing.

But as the lessons progress, it becomes clear that there’s more to their arrangement than just teaching.

Sparks fly between the two men, and they find themselves navigating an unexpected and steamy attraction.

13. Window To Window

window to window

Yubin Ah has been in love with his childhood friend, Shin Ginu, for years.

They’ve been through everything together, from preschool to college, but Yubin-ah has never been able to confess his feelings.

One day, he decides to explore his sexuality and uses a vibrator on himself.

Little did he know, Shin Ginu was peeking through his window and saw everything.

The accidental encounter ignites a fire between them, and they must navigate their newfound attraction while also keeping it a secret from their friends and family.

12. Full Volume

full volume

Dowon is stuck in a dilemma.

His neighbor, Beom, is a stunning but rude guy who he can’t help but be attracted to.

To make matters worse, Beom is also Dowon’s favorite cam boy, adding to his sexual frustration.

Dowon’s mind is racing with thoughts of how he can return the favor physically, but he’s at a loss.

How can he resolve this issue?

The only way to find out is by paying close attention to the steamy events that will unfold.

11. Star X Fanboy

star x fanboy

Have you ever wished you could chat with your favorite fictional character every day?

What if they made you feel like the most important person in the world with sweet messages like “Good morning” and “Sweet dreams”?

Many fans indulge in their obsessions by interacting with social media accounts that embody the personality of their beloved characters.

But what if the person behind the fictional account was the actual star who portrayed that character?

10. Blood Bank

blood bank

In the world of Blood Bank, where vampires reign supreme over humans and the purchase of human blood is a common transaction.

But amidst this hierarchy, there are some vampires who desire to submit to the human command, defying the norm.

Meet Shell, the son of a Blood Bank lord, who unexpectedly finds himself falling for a human banker named One.

As their forbidden love unfolds, Shell must navigate the complex power dynamics between their two species and the societal pressures that threaten to tear them apart.

9. From Points Of Three

from points of three

Jisuh is a skilled camera operator who prefers to stay behind the scenes.

However, he finds himself in a difficult financial situation and is struggling with debt.

Heejae, an actor he has previously worked with, approaches him with a proposal for a private project.

He asks Jisuh to film him and his partner engaging in sexual activities.

Jisuh is taken aback by the unexpected request, especially since he believed he was hired solely for his camera skills.

As Jisuh begins to work with Heejae, he realizes that Heejae knows more about him than he initially thought, and Jisuh becomes increasingly curious about Heejae’s true intentions.

8. King’s Maker

kings maker

Wolfgang Goldenleonard, the 4th Prince of the kingdom, has been living in hiding for years until he finally returns to the palace.

However, he’s not exactly thrilled about his new royal life.

That is until he meets Shin Soohyuk, a mysterious and dutiful catamite of the King, who captivates him.

While Wolfgang tries to adjust to his new surroundings, Soohyuk begins to see something special in the prince’s wild and stubborn nature.

Little does he know, Wolfgang might just be the one to light the flame of rebellion that Soohyuk has been waiting for.

7. Killing Stalking

killing stalking

Yoon Bum’s life is a mess.

Suffering from mental illness and an unhealthy infatuation with college student Oh Sangwoo, he resorts to stalking his crush.

But when he breaks into Sangwoo’s house, he finds himself trapped in a nightmare beyond comprehension.

The object of his affection turns out to be a serial killer with a dungeon full of unimaginable horrors.

Yoon Bum is caught in Sangwoo’s clutches, struggling to survive in a twisted game of cat and mouse.

6. If You Hate Me So

if you hate me so

Minjae’s mundane life takes a steamy turn when he stumbles upon Hyung-jo getting intimate with his own hand while ogling a T.A. passed out in the student lounge.

In exchange for his silence, Hyung-jo demands that Minjae stay away from the object of his obsession.

However, Minjae finds himself consumed by the erotic encounter he witnessed and can’t help but fantasize about it.

Despite Hyung-jo’s threats, Minjae’s body betrays him, responding to the thought of the T.A. Wait, no. To…Hyung-jo? Things just got complicated.

5. Yours To Claim

yours to claim 1

Jooin’s life is unremarkable, to say the least.

He’s just another face in the sea of college students, blending into the background.

But when the gorgeous, but cruel, Yahwi suddenly starts paying attention to him, Jooin’s world turns upside down.

Why would someone like Yahwi, with his perfect face and popularity, even bother with someone like Jooin?

Despite his reservations, Jooin finds himself falling under Yahwi’s spell.

4. Painter Of The Night

painter of the night 1

Na-kyum is a gifted artist, but his passion for creating erotic portraits of men has forced him to keep his talents hidden from the world.

After publishing a few collections under a pseudonym, he decides to give up painting altogether.

But fate has other plans in store for him when Seungho, a notorious nobleman with an insatiable thirst for pleasure, bursts into his life.

Seungho demands that Na-kyum become his personal painter, a proposition that’s impossible to refuse.

But Na-kyum soon discovers that the nights he spends with Seungho are beyond anything he could have ever imagined.

3. Cherry Blossoms After Winter

cherry blossoms after winter

Haebom and Taesung were once inseparable childhood friends, but after a devastating tragedy, they were forced to live together as a family.

Now, almost a decade later, they have grown distant and barely speak.

To make matters worse, in their final year of high school, they find out they are classmates too!

As they navigate the complexities of their new academic environment, they also must confront the unresolved feelings they have for each other.

2. Here You Are

here you are

Yu Yang, an openly gay college student, is still nursing his heartbreak after being rejected by his classmate Lin Xiang.

But a new term brings new possibilities as he crosses paths with Li Huan, a tall and quiet underclassman who quickly becomes a precious presence in his life.

Though their first interactions are fraught with tension, the two begin to develop a deep and meaningful connection.

Li Huan seems to instinctively understand Yu Yang’s needs and is always there to offer support and comfort.

1. Sign

sign 1

Cafe Goyo is not your ordinary coffee shop.

The coffee tastes terrible, the customers never order from the menu, and the manager, Yohan, is deaf.

When Soohwa starts working there part-time, he’s not expected to become a coffee expert, but he is asked to learn sign language beyond the basics.

Yohan offers to teach him privately, but Soohwa is hesitant because he has a problem – every time Yohan speaks, he gets aroused.

Soohwa struggles to control his desires while trying to learn sign language from the handsome, charismatic Yohan.

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