Top 15 Manhwa/Manga like BJ Alex (2024)

Loved reading BJ Alex, and are looking for similar manhwa/manga like BJ Alex to binge read?

BJ Alex follows Dong Gyun who loves watching Alex’s live cam show and a shocking turn of events causes him to wake up beside his online crush.

best manhwa manga like bj alex

From “The Good Teacher”, and “Blood Bank”, to “Painter Of The Night”, Here are the 15 best manhwa/manga like BJ Alex.

So, let’s get started.

15. Your Secret Keeper

your secret keeper

If you’re a fan of the intense and explicit dynamics in BJ Alex, Your Secret Keeper offers a compelling alternative.

Dive into a world of secrets, passion, and unexpected connections as characters navigate complex relationships.

The narrative skillfully combines romance and drama, keeping readers hooked with its unique storytelling.

14. The Good Teacher

the good teacher

For those who appreciate a mix of forbidden romance and emotional depth, The Good Teacher is a must-read.

This BL manhwa explores the complexities of relationships within the backdrop of a school setting, delivering a compelling story that goes beyond conventional boundaries.

13. Window To Window

window to window

Step into the world of Window To Window, where the storyline revolves around unexpected encounters and blossoming connections.

The casual and conversational tone of this manhwa makes it an engaging read, offering a refreshing take on relationships and intimacy.

12. Full Volume

full volume

If you enjoyed the mature themes in BJ Alex, Full Volume is a captivating choice.

This manga seamlessly blends romance with explicit content, creating a narrative that explores the intricacies of adult relationships.

The characters’ depth and the unfolding of their stories add an extra layer of intrigue.

11. Star X Fanboy

star x fanboy

Star X Fanboy brings a unique twist to the BL genre with its exploration of the dynamics between a celebrity and a devoted fan.

The casual and relatable tone adds authenticity to the characters’ interactions, making it an enjoyable read for fans of BJ Alex.

10. Blood Bank

blood bank

Enter the dark and mysterious world of Blood Bank, where the supernatural meets romance.

This Bl manga introduces a compelling storyline filled with unexpected twists and turns.

The informal tone enhances the reading experience, making it a great addition to your list of favorites.

9. From Points Of Three

from points of three

Explore the complexities of unconventional relationships in From Points Of Three.

This manga delves into the dynamics of polyamory, offering a fresh perspective on love and connections.

The varied language and casual tone make it an engaging read that keeps you hooked from start to finish.

8. King’s Maker

kings maker

King’s Maker combines political intrigue with romance, creating a narrative that is both captivating and thought-provoking.

The informal style of storytelling adds a layer of accessibility to the complex plot, making it an excellent choice for fans of BJ Alex looking for something with a touch of royalty.

7. Killing Stalking

killing stalking

For those who enjoy psychological thrillers with a blend of romance, Killing Stalking offers a gripping experience.

The informal tone heightens the suspense, keeping readers on the edge of their seats as the characters navigate through a dark and twisted tale.

6. If You Hate Me So

if you hate me so

Delve into the emotional complexities of love and hate in If You Hate Me So.

The casual tone allows readers to connect with the characters on a personal level, making the unfolding drama all the more impactful.

This BL manhwa explores the blurred lines between attraction and animosity.

5. Yours To Claim

yours to claim 1

Yours To Claim offers a compelling exploration of power dynamics within relationships.

The varied language used in this manga adds depth to the characters’ interactions, creating a narrative that is both intense and emotionally charged.

Dive into a world of passion and desire with this captivating read.

4. Painter Of The Night

painter of the night 1

Step into the world of art and desire with Painter Of The Night.

This manhwa combines a unique storyline with beautifully crafted visuals.

The casual tone adds a layer of authenticity to the characters’ experiences, making it a standout choice for fans of BJ Alex.

3. Cherry Blossoms After Winter

cherry blossoms after winter

Cherry Blossoms After Winter offers a heartwarming and romantic journey that explores love’s resilience.

The varied language used in this manga captures the essence of the characters emotions, creating a story that is both touching and memorable.

2. Here You Are

here you are

Explore the complexities of relationships in Here You Are, where love and friendship intertwine.

The casual and relatable tone adds authenticity to the characters’ interactions, making it a delightful read for fans of BJ Alex.

1. Sign

sign 1

At the top of our list is Sign, a manhwa that explores the intricacies of communication and connection.

With a unique premise and well-developed characters, this manga stands out as a must-read for fans of BJ Alex.

The casual tone enhances the relatability of the characters, making their journey all the more captivating.

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