12 Best Manhwa/Manga Like A Wonderful New World (Brave New World)

A Wonderful New World kicks off with a startling accusation that shatters Ho-Seung’s world. He’s accused of grave misconduct – setting up a camera in the women’s bathroom.

This scandalous allegation paints him as a sinner in the eyes of his colleagues and the company he works for. The weight of this accusation leaves Ho-Seung crouched in the shadows of suspicion.

If you are craving similar manhwa/manga like this one, then we got you covered.

best manhwamanga like a wonderful new world brave new world

From “My Kingdom (Silent War)”, and “Secret Class”, to “Eunhye’s Supermarket” ” here are the 12 best manhwa/manga like a Wonderful New World (Brave New World).

1. My Kingdom (Silent War)

my kingdom silent war 2

If you are a fan of gripping dramas, intricate romances, and mature themes, My Kingdom (Silent War) should be at the top of your reading list. This hidden gem, known for its rollercoaster of emotions and surprises, follows the life of Hyun, whose unexpected turns lead him into a world of drama, harem, and heart-wrenching romance. Tharchog and Yansae’s collaboration brings this captivating series to life with stunning illustrations, making it a must-read for those seeking a narrative similar to the suspenseful twists in A Wonderful New World.

2. Queen Bee

queen bee 2

Queen Bee is a captivating manhwa that has been keeping readers on the edge of their seats since its release in 2018. HwalHwaSan’s writing and Andrew’s illustrations create a dynamic duo that breathes life into the characters and settings. The story revolves around Junie and Darla, exploring whether Junie can touch Darla’s heart in the same profound way that she touches his. This captivating narrative hook draws readers in, making Queen Bee a compelling choice for those who enjoyed the complexities of relationships in A Wonderful New World.

3. Young Boss

young boss 1

Delving into mature themes and portraying real struggles in relationships and careers, Young Boss offers an authentic look at the challenges people face. Seung-ho’s journey, written by 공하굥 and illustrated by 복코, takes readers into a world where relationships are explored with depth and complexity. As Seung-ho navigates through love and work, the series brings a level of authenticity that resonates with those seeking a mature narrative similar to A Wonderful New World.

4. Secret Class

secret class 2

For those interested in adult webtoons and the intricacies of relationships, Secret Class is a must-read. The story follows Dae Ho as he embarks on a journey to understand the world of romance and intimacy with the help of a secret class. The exploration of transformation and understanding of relationships sets this manhwa apart, making it a compelling choice for readers who enjoy the character development in A Wonderful New World.

5. Boarding Diary

boarding diary 1

Boarding Diary is a hidden gem for fans of mature, romantic, and slice-of-life stories. Kim Jetta and Suspect H’s collaborative masterpiece introduces Joonwoo’s life at a friend’s house near the school, unraveling secrets, emotions, and unexpected twists. The vivid illustrations breathe life into the characters and storyline, providing an unforgettable experience for readers who appreciate the emotional depth found in A Wonderful New World.

6. Stepmother Friends

stepmother friends 1

If you’re a fan of gripping drama, intricate relationships, and mature storytelling, Stepmother Friends stands out. This manhwa explores the complexities of family dynamics and the consequences of remarriage. With a unique twist on the stepmother trope, the story tests love, trust, and family bonds, offering a narrative similar to A Wonderful New World for those seeking mature themes and emotional depth.

7. Perfect Half

perfect half

Perfect Half takes readers to a world where gender dynamics have been turned on their heads. Luv P’s thought-provoking storyline and stunning artwork make this adult manhwa a must-read. In a society divided between genders, the battle of the sexes becomes the central focus, creating a unique and captivating narrative that echoes the mature themes found in A Wonderful New World.

8. H-Mate

h mate 1

Created by Turtle Feet, H-Mate delves into the lives of lifelong friends, Jang-Mi and Taebong, as they navigate newfound intimacy. The story explores the boundaries between friendship and romance, testing the very foundation of their relationship. For readers interested in the complexities of human relationships and the consequences of crossing certain lines, H-Mate offers a compelling narrative similar to A Wonderful New World.

9. Eunhye’s Supermarket

eunhyes supermarket

Written by Beibi and illustrated by 탈영, Eunhye’s Supermarket is a tale of love, secrets, and discovery. The story unfolds with a protagonist harboring a secret crush and stumbling upon a mysterious secret. With a blend of suspense, romance, and emotional depth, this manhwa provides a gripping narrative that resonates with those who enjoyed the scandalous twists in A Wonderful New World.

10. Should I Study At Noryangjin?

should i study at noryangjin

If you’re a fan of drama, romance, and mature themes, you’re in for a treat with ‘Should I Study at Noryangjin?’ This series follows Han-soo at a crossroads in life and his encounter with a first love entering a notorious study program. With its engaging storyline and beautiful artwork, this adult manhwa offers a narrative that explores the complexities of life choices, making it a suitable recommendation for fans of A Wonderful New World.

11. Dorm Room Sisters

dorm room sisters

Dorm Room Sisters, also known as Board Room Sisters, is a tale of daughters undergoing an unexpected transformation. With a unique plot and stunning illustrations, this manhwa explores twists and turns in the lives of its characters. For those seeking a transformative story filled with suspense and intrigue, Dorm Room Sisters provides a compelling narrative similar to A Wonderful New World.

12. Weak Point

weak point

For a captivating blend of drama, romance, and unexpected twists, Weak Point by Husky Team is a must-read. Set in a high-stakes law firm, the series intertwines secrets, desires, and vulnerabilities. The story revolves around Kim Dongjin and his tumultuous relationship with Yoo Serin, testing love, trust, and weakness. Readers who enjoyed the suspenseful storytelling in A Wonderful New World will find Weak Point to be a riveting and satisfying read.

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