13 Manhwa Like Who Made Me A Princess

Are you trying to find manhwa like who made me a princess?

Who made me a princess follows princess, Athanasia who was killed by her own father and the cold emperor, Claude de Alger Obelia. It was just a bedtime story until I became the princess, I am not planning to die but escaping my doomed fate isn’t easy.

Manhwa Like Who Made Me A Princess

From “Miss Not So Sidekick”, “I Am The Real One”, to “The Beloved Little Princess”, Here are 13 best manhwa/webtoons like who made me a princess you shouldn’t miss reading.

So, let’s get started.

I Was Born As The Demon Lord’s Daughter

I Was Born As The Demon Lord's Daughter
  • Author: Yeoul
  • Artist: Eun Min

Jo Ara was reborn as Irene Neros Parjunel, the daughter of the demon king in the world of fantasy and magic. She now sets on a journey to discover her worth in this world, while helping her father in battles.

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Miss Not So Sidekick

Miss Not So Sidekick
  • Author: Yum Yum
  • Artist: Ellianyang

Hyejung loves to read to escape her daily stress but one day ends up waking up in the world of her favorite novel. She ends up becoming a minor villain instead of the main female lead and the entire plot slowly begins to change.

The Twin’s New Life

The Twin's New Life
  • Author: Aidera
  • Artist: Nicca

Arienne Yuriana and her twin brother, Arhen are left by the king with their abusive mother in a crappy-looking castle. However, after their mother died in an accident the king wants them to live in the palace, a place filled with royals.

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I Am the Real One

I Am the Real One
  • Author: Samwol
  • Artist: Yuun

Keira lacks her father’s affection and maintains her dignity as a royal. She’s executed after Cosette convinces her father that she’s the real daughter but then she wakes up and starts making plans to live her life peacefully.

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A Queen’s Law of Survival

A Queen's Law of Survival
  • Author: Two Cats
  • Artist: Two Cats

She used to be immortal and gave up her immortality for her loved one but in a twist of fates, she was betrayed. Now, she wakes up as a queen in another world and is in grave danger of being sacrificed.

Lady Baby

Lady Baby
  • Author: Haeon Ju
  • Artist: Pingmin

Calliope Rustichel’s family starts to die mysteriously and Calliope gives up all hope and awaits her death but a mysterious woman gives her a second chance. She wakes as a baby but has an adult mind and she begins her journey to find the root cause of her family’s mysterious deaths.

They Say I Was Born a King’s Daughter

They Say I Was Born a King's Daughter
  • Author: Chu Bi
  • Artist: Kim Legna

Kim Sanghee was a murder victim in her past life and is reborn as the king’s unwanted daughter. Despite the end of all wars and technological advancement, women are treated unfairly.

Flirting With The Villian’s Dad

Flirting With The Villian's Dad
  • Author: Dalseul
  • Artist: Bia

A girl gets trapped in a web novel but she’s 20 years before the main plot actually begins and everyone before the plot dies. After much thought, she decides to stop the villain from being born as an escape route and starts flirting with the villain’s dad.

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I Belong To House Castielo

I Belong To House Castielo
  • Author: Cotton
  • Artist: Siya

Estelle was sold in an auction by her biological mother but her buyer is her cold-blooded emperor and her father, Kin. He’s the housemaster of house castielo and is feared throughout the kingdom.

Daughter Of The Archmage

Daughter Of The Archmage
  • Author: Moon Seora
  • Artist: Saebyeogae

Mabel is mocked for not having basic magic abilities throughout her life and she discovers her father is the powerful archmage, Raquiel. He welcomes her home and dark forces from the past threaten him.

Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady With The Lamp

Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady With The Lamp
  • Author: Yunin
  • Artist: Mini

Dr. Song a medical professor in a prestigious college was a princess in her past life. When she was about to die near an ocean, she woke up in her previous life with the medical knowledge of a surgeon.

The Beloved Little Princess

The Beloved Little Princess
  • Author: Saha
  • Artist: Doldae

Little princess Enisha has to take care of her empire but her two brothers and a war-hungry father make her life difficult. She is constantly flooded by assassins to kill her and she has no interest in being the powerful mage in the kingdom but loves being the beloved princess.

Daughter Of The Emperor

Daughter Of The Emperor
  • Author: Rino, Yunsul
  • Artist: Rino, Yunsul

Ariadna Lereg Ilestri Pre Agrigent is the center of attention as the daughter of the most dangerous man and she needs to find a way to survive.

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