12 Best Isekai Manhwa/Webtoons Of All Time

Looking for isekai manhwa/webtoon recommendations?

Isekai genre is a genre of fiction where the main characters are transported into a parallel or fantasy world.

These types of stories have a strong fanbase as it grabs the reader into their world. Whether you beginner or an advanced isekai fan, these Korean comics are sure to grab your attention.

Best Isekai Manhwa/Webtoons

From “The First Night With the Duke”, “Crimson Karma”, to “The Beginning After The End”, Here are the 12 best isekai manhwa/webtoons of all time.

So, let’s get started.

The Obsessive Second Male Lead Has Gone Wild

The Obsessive Second Male Lead Has Gone Wild
  • Author: Subi
  • Artist: Bomin

Rurutia decides to spend her last moments in the temple and is known to be a lucky charm.

However, her future changes after an accidental kiss with the commander of the holy knights who now, wants to be her husband.

This is a one-shot isekai manhwa that acts as a promo for its light novel. The storyline is perfect with great characters and definitely needs to get its full manhwa/webtoon.

The First Night With the Duke

The First Night With the Duke
  • Author: Teava
  • Artist: Msg

An average college student wakes up as Ripley, an extra character in her favorite romance novel.

She decides to watch her favorite novel unfold from the sideline but things changed when Duke Zeronis, the novel’s hero approached her.

A romantic isekai manhwa that is sure to capture your heart. The story is quite simply plain and doesn’t have any twists but is worth reading for its cute moments.

Daughter Of The Emperor

Daughter Of The Emperor
  • Author: Yunseul
  • Artist: Rino

Ariadna Lereg Ilestri Pre Agrigent is born into royalty and grabs all the attention because of the tyrant king.

He is the ruthless conqueror of ten empires and her father but she must survive his madness.

The story has emotional and heartwarming moments that connect with the readers. Its characters are well-written with a great art style and anyone looking for isekai manhwa with a strong female lead should try this.

Crimson Karma

Crimson Karma
  • Author: Lemon Gaeguri, Ssalsup
  • Artist: Rada

Kasiya Del Roman is a assassin. who lost her human emotions and used a tool for others.

She’s thrown away in her final moments and meets her end but wakes up on a different battlefield.

The strongest point of this manhwa is the writing style of the characters. The FL is a badass and perfectly explains the effects of trauma.

What It Takes To Be A Villainess

What It Takes To Be A Villainess
  • Author: Haeon Ju
  • Artist: Min

Hwayoung falls into the river with a broken heart and wakes up as Satiana Altisee, a villainess.

Accepting her fate, she decides to become cold-hearted and win her seat beside the prince.

The manhwa has an interesting premise but starts to get predictable with each chapter. If you are looking for a lighthearted isekai manhwa, then you should read What It Takes To Be A Villainess.

The Villainess Is Retiring

The Villainess Is Retiring
  • Author: Daham Kim
  • Artist: Bebe

An innocent office worker is reborn as Everia Oberon, the villainess who’s destined to die.

She decides to change the storyline and decides to retire in the countryside but her peaceful life soon comes to end when she forms life long contract with an archmage.

The characters and art style of this webtoon are quite good. It has a unique storyline that shies away from usual isekai troupes and is sufficient to make you wait for its new chapter.

This Villainess Wants A Divorce!

This Villainess Wants A Divorce!
  • Author: Nokki
  • Artist: Ahbin

My Whole life changed when I woke as Carnelia Easter, the secondary villainess in the novel.

Carnelia Easter trapped the prince in marriage and was beheaded. Now, I need to convince the prince to divorce me and change the course of the story.

The webtoon doesn’t have much plot to offer but has cute and pretty characters that will get you obsessed. The artwork grabs all the attention and overall, leaves you with a smile on your face.

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Trash Of Count’s Family

Trash Of Count's Family
  • Author: Ryeohan Yu
  • Artist: Pan4

Kim Roksu wakes up as Cale Henituse, a minor villain in the novel “Birth Of A Hero” and is soon going to be beaten up by Choi Han, the hero.

He now wants the change the course of the story to lead a lavish life.

Trash Of Count’s Family. isn’t your typical action isekai manhwa, The plot quickly drags you into its world but won’t have you hooked because of slow pacing. If you are looking for isekai manhwa with a male mc, then you should read this manhwa.


  • Author: Yeoreumbit
  • Artist: Kin

Roxana Agrece’s criminal family is destined to go down. When Cassis Pedelian’s brother is kidnapped by Roxana’s father things change.

She is the key to Roxana’s survival and she can now wait for Cassis’s revenge or take the matter into her own hands to bring down her family.

The characters in this manhwa are well written as they are twisted and evil. The storyline is a breath of fresh air and won’t you feel bored. Overall, a great manhwa that shouldn’t be missed.

Villains Are Destined To Die

Villains Are Destined To Die
  • Author: Kwon Gyeo Eul
  • Artist: Suol

The game is too easy to clear as the heroine but in hard mode you get, Penelope Eckhart the most hated villainess in the game.

Now, she must gain the affection of the male leads to clear this game and the game gets harder as the heroine makes her appearance.

One of the best manhwa/webtoons that is truly unique to the isekai genre. It has easy-to-read binge-able chapters with great character development and anyone bored of isekai should read this manhwa.

Who Made Me A Princess

Who Made Me A Princess
  • Author: Plutus
  • Artist: Spoon

The cold-blooded emperor, Claude De Alger killed his beautiful daughter, Athanasia, A girl it’s just a bedtime story.

However, her life change when she wakes as the princess and must survive her cursed fate.

Who Made Me A Princess has one of the best stories with reincarnation and has planned world development that will keep you busy for weeks. If you are looking for isekai manhwa with child mc then this manhwa is for you.

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The Beginning After The End

The Beginning After The End
  • Author: Turtleme
  • Artist: Fuyuki23

King Grey has unrivaled power in the palm of his hands but has no meaningful purpose in life.

However, one day he gets reincarnated as a child in a world filled with magic and begins to look for answers to being born again.

Tbate is considered one of the best manhwa/webtoons of all time, It checks everything on the box for a great manhwa, and the story arcs are written perfectly. If you are looking for isekai manhwa with op mc then this webtoon should be your pick.

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