9 Best Ice Skating Anime And Manga Of All Time

Looking for ice skating anime and manga?

In the vast realm of anime and manga, where the boundaries of imagination know no limits, there exists a genre that combines elegance, skill, and the thrill of combat in a truly unique way – fencing.

This noble art of swordplay has captivated audiences worldwide, weaving intricate tales of honor, rivalry, and personal growth.

Whether you’re a fan of intense duels or mesmerizing character development, the world of fencing anime and manga has something to offer everyone.

Best Ice Skating Anime And Manga

From “Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream”, and “Omoi No Kakera”, to “Yuri On Ice”, Here are the 9 best ice skating anime and manga.

So, let’s get started.

9. Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future

Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future

Step into the dazzling world of Prism Stars once again as a new generation of girls takes center stage in “Prizmmy☆”!

Ayami, Karin, and Reina are all striving to become the next big thing at Pretty Top, the renowned training academy for Prism Show performers.

But their dreams take an unexpected turn when they’re suddenly challenged by the infamous Mia Ageha to face off against the legendary MARs.

In order to meet this challenge, the four girls band together to form Prizmmy☆, a dynamic new Prism Show unit that will take the world by storm!

With friendship and determination as their guide, the girls embark on a thrilling journey towards their debut – and encounter a group of talented foreign students along the way.

8. King Of Prisim: Pride The Hero

King Of Prisim: Pride The Hero

Edel Rose training school welcomes Shin Ichijou and seven other talented students with big dreams of becoming Prism Stars and performing in future Prism Shows.

However, their aspirations come under threat when the evil Jin Norizuki of Schwarz Rose hatches a plot that puts Edel Rose’s very existence in danger.

Over The Rainbow is forced to take an indefinite hiatus, with each member embarking on a journey to find themselves.

Kouji sets off for Hollywood to produce film music, Kazuki goes on a street-style quest to rediscover his roots, and Hiro undergoes intense training to improve his skills.

7. Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream

Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream

The Prism Show is not your average ice skating competition it demands its contestants to be triple threats: figure skaters, models, and singers all in one!

Aira and Rhythm, two girls with big aspirations of becoming the next Prism Queen, embark on a rigorous training journey.

But their journey isn’t all smooth gliding – they face their fair share of challenges, including their growing rivalry and a budding romance with some charming guys.

6. Omoi No Kakera

Omoi No Kakera

Rina Satou is a lively junior high school student residing in a seaport town in Tohoku.

She’s a survivor of the 2011 Touhoku earthquake and tsunami that took her mother’s life.

Now, she lives with her father in temporary housing and reminisces about the memories of her dear mother.

Despite the tragic loss, Rina’s spirit remains unbroken as she continues to make the best of every day.

Follow her journey as she navigates through life’s ups and downs, never forgetting the lessons learned from the disaster that changed her life forever.

5. Yuri On Ice: Welcome To The Madness

Yuri On Ice: Welcome To The Madness

After winning the Grand Prix Final, Yuri P. finds himself feeling lost and without direction.

He decides to skip his exhibition skate and goes out to party with Otabek.

But things take a turn when Otabek declines to bring him to a nightclub due to his age.

Determined to find Otabek, Yuri P. sets out on a wild goose chase across Barcelona, with the help of his fellow skaters.

Together, they work on a surprise exhibition skate set to a song that Otabek played at the club.

4. Ginban Kaleidoscope

Ginban Kaleidoscope

Tazusa Sakurano is not your average 16-year-old girl. She’s a talented figure skater representing Japan and is dead set on earning her spot in the Olympics.

However, her dreams come crashing down when a ghost named Pete Pumps possesses her body!

Pete can see everything Tazusa sees and feel all her falls – which, let’s be honest, isn’t ideal.

To make matters worse, the media is constantly criticizing Tazusa for not being a good representative of Japanese women in figure skating.

But Tazusa and Pete aren’t going to let that bring them down. They team up to put on the best performance they can and prove all their doubters wrong.

3. Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live

Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live

Naru Ayase is a talented middle schooler with a unique gift, she can see the colors of music!

Her dream is to become the owner of a Prism Stone shop like Dear Crown, where she can showcase her deco-ing skills.

When she hears about a new shop recruiting middle school girls who can Prism Dance, she jumps at the chance to audition.

As she begins to dance, she experiences an aura she’s never felt before.

Suddenly, a mysterious girl named Rinne appears and asks if Naru can see “rainbow music”. What could this all mean? Naru is determined to find out and pursue her passion for Prism Dance.

2. Endless Night

Endless Night

Kenji Miyamoto a renowned and talented choreographer, has joined forces with Atsushi Kamijo, a talented cartoon artist, to create a groundbreaking and unique animation.

The collaboration is an extraordinary fusion of two different art forms that have come together to create something truly exceptional.

With Kamijo’s brilliant character design and Miyamoto’s expert skating choreography, this animated work promises to be a captivating and mesmerizing experience that will leave audiences in awe.

1. Yuri On Ice

Yuri On Ice

Yuuri Katsuki was the figure skating darling of Japan, but a crushing defeat in the Grand Prix finals left him contemplating retirement.

He retreated to his hometown in Kyushu to find solace, unsure if he should continue skating or give up on his dream.

However, his plans were interrupted when the legendary skater Viktor Nikiforov appeared with his protege, the fiery young skater Yuuri Plisetsky.

Together, they embark on a journey to compete in a Grand Prix like no other, with twists, turns, and unexpected challenges that will test their skills and push them to their limits.

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