10 Best Hockey Anime And Manga Of All Time

Looking for hockey anime and manga recommendations?

When it comes to sports anime and manga, hockey may not be the first sport that comes to mind.

However, fans of this fast-paced, high-energy game will be thrilled to know that there are some fantastic hockey-themed series out there that capture the excitement and intensity of the sport.

Whether you’re a die-hard hockey fan or someone curious about the world of ice and pucks, these anime and manga offer a thrilling and immersive experience that will have you cheering from the sidelines.

Best Hockey Anime And Manga

From “PuraOre! Pride Of Orange”, and “Shout Out Loud”, to “Go Ahead”, Here are the 10 best hockey anime and manga.

So, let’s get started.

10. Choukyori Renai No Kodoku

Choukyori Renai No Kodoku

Shawn is a passionate hockey player, and Arthur is an enigmatic dentist.

Despite Arthur’s occasional reserved nature, Shawn finds himself questioning their relationship.

But just when doubts start to creep in, Arthur surprises him with gestures and words that effortlessly dispel any unease.

Each unexpected act of affection leaves Shawn more certain than ever of their deep connection.

9. PuraOre! Pride Of Orange

PuraOre! Pride Of Orange

The Dream Monkeys! This ice hockey team based in Nikko City is on the lookout for new talent, and they’re turning to the local junior high school students for the next big stars.

Manaka may have been reluctant at first, but thanks to the urging of her younger sister and childhood friends, she finds herself caught up in the excitement of the game.

The girls soon discover their passion for hockey and are invited to join the team, where they’ll train to become champions on the ice!

8. My Heavenly Hockey Club

My Heavenly Hockey Club

Hana Suzuki is a girl who knows what she likes food and sleep.

But when the charming Izumi Oda invites her to join the school hockey club, she’s not sure she’s ready to trade in her comfy bed for early morning practices and teamwork.

However, with the club packed with cute boys, Hana may have found the motivation she needs to give it her all on the ice.

7. Hyoukyuuhime: Tokiwagi Kantoku No Kajou Na Aijou

Hyoukyuuhime: Tokiwagi Kantoku No Kajou Na Aijou

Tokiwagi Taimatsu is a creepy stalker with an unusual obsession with athletic girls.

He’s always been drawn to their beauty and determination, but his lack of talent keeps him on the sidelines.

Now attending an all-boys school, he’s set his sights on the neighboring all-girls school and the captain of their ice hockey club, Soubi Kureha.

Despite their initial rejection, Tokiwagi is convinced he can help the team reach their goals if given the chance.

6. Shout Out Loud

Shout Out Loud

High school sophomore and ice hockey player Nakaya’s life is turned upside down when he loses his mother and moves in with his long-lost father, Shino.

Unemployed from his anime voice acting job, Shino turns to boys’ love radio dramas to make ends meet and bonds with his co-star, Tenryu.

Meanwhile, Nakaya faces the pressure of dropping out of school while also needing to step up his game on the ice.

5. Go Southern Ice Club

Go Southern Ice Club

The story of a wild high school hockey club, One of their newest members has just returned to Japan after playing hockey in Canada, but adjusting to life back home isn’t easy.

From navigating cultural differences to dealing with the antics of his new teammates, this student is in for a season full of misadventures on and off the ice.

Strap on your skates and join the fun with this entertaining and unpredictable group!

4. Hot


Amano Akira is a descendant of a cursed family that believes ice is their enemy.

With many ancestors falling victim to this curse, the family believes the only way to protect themselves is through hockey.

Growing up, Akira has been training in the sport to keep the curse at bay, while also learning the ways of his family’s shrine from his monk father.

But with the ice always lurking in the background, Akira and his family need to break the curse for good.

3. 88


Hikari has dreams of competing in the inter-high with his school’s hockey club, but with only five members, it seems like an impossible feat.

That is until a mysterious new student with a scythe-like weapon joins the club.

Though he appears strong and skilled, there’s something off about him that has the rest of the team on edge.

2. Supinamarada


Shirakawa Ro and his twin sister Haruna are forced to start anew in a small countryside town after their mother’s sudden death.

Ro’s dreams of winning an Olympic medal are shattered when he misses his chance to compete due to his mother’s passing.

Lost and aimless, Ro discovers a newfound love for ice hockey in Tomakomai and begins to regain his focus and drive.

Alongside his sister and new friends on the team, Ro sets his sights on a new goal and strives to make his mother proud in his own way.

1. Go Ahead

Go Ahead

The story of a teacher and student who initially can’t stand each other, but are brought together through their shared love of hockey.

It’s not a romance, but a tale of how a common passion can bridge the gap between two seemingly incompatible people.

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