14 Best Golf Anime And Manga Of All Time

Looking for golf anime and manga recommendations?

Sports anime and manga have enthralled audiences with tales of determination, teamwork, and passion.

While golf may not be the most prominent sport in this genre, its elegance and precision have inspired a niche but devoted following.

Delving into the realm of golf-themed anime and manga, we uncover hidden gems that possess a captivating mix of strategy, skill, and personal growth, making them worthy of recognition.

Best Golf Anime And Manga

From “Beat Shot”, and “Kaze No Daichi”, to “Dr. Typhoon”, Here are the 14 best golf anime and manga.

So, let’s get started.

14. Oi Tonbo

Oi Tonbo

Tonbo Ooi is a young girl who lost both of her parents in a tragic car accident. 

Raised by her grandfather, Gonji Ooi, on the peaceful island of Kagoshima, Tonbo learned to play golf using her father’s treasured No. 3 iron on the three courses built by the islanders themselves.

One day, Tonbo’s life changes when she meets Ichika Igarashi, a former professional golfer in search of work.

Ichika’s arrival not only sparks a newfound passion for golf in Tonbo but also leads her on a journey of self-discovery and healing as she navigates the challenges of life on the island.

13. Beat Shot

Beat Shot

It’s tee time for Akihiko and Akikazu as they join the university golf club together.

These two linksmen are a match made in heaven, constantly battling it out on the greens.

However, Akikazu’s attention soon drifts away from the game when he meets the stunning Misako, who happens to be Akihiko’s caddy.

As Akikazu becomes more and more smitten with Misako, Akihiko finds himself in a tough spot.

12. Henshin!! – Sonata Birdie Rush

Henshin!! - Sonata Birdie Rush

Hayama Sonata is a pro golfer in name only, having never played in an actual match due to the lack of a sponsor.

But all that changes when a strange company president offers her a sponsorship deal with a twist.

The catch?

Hayama must cosplay during her matches.

Determined to make her mark on the pro golf scene, Hayama agrees to the unusual terms.

With opponents to beat and a reputation to build, Hayama must navigate the ups and downs of the golf world and prove that she has what it takes to be a true pro.

11. Pro Golfer Saru TV

Henshin!! - Sonata Birdie Rush

Saru competes in a series of outlandish tournaments where players wield unimaginable powers.

But no matter how bizarre the challenges get, Saru remains determined to come out on top.

Along the way, he’ll face off against a colorful cast of characters, from kung-fu masters to fairway fairies.

But his most daunting opponent yet? Death himself.

With the odds stacked against him, Saru will need to pull out all the stops if he hopes to prevail.

10. Kaze No Daichi

Kaze No Daichi

Okita Keisuke embarks on his golfing journey at the age of 24.

After achieving success on the Asian tour, he sets his sights on the prestigious UK Open.

But little does he know that this tournament will change his life in more ways than one.

Lily is a caddie with a family history of excellence in the sport.

As Okita and Lily navigate the challenges of the tournament together, sparks begin to fly between them.

9. Ashita Tenki Ni Naare

Ashita Tenki Ni Naare

Mukai Taiyo is a junior high student who shoulders the responsibility of supporting his family with his mother, who runs a small restaurant.

Initially, Taiyo made ends meet by placing secret bets on golf games.

But everything changes when he helps a member of his school’s golf club and discovers his passion for the sport.

With unwavering determination and physical prowess, Taiyo sets his sights on becoming a professional player.

Along the way, he helps promote golf as a familiar and accessible sport.

And when it comes time to tee off, Taiyo has a unique ritual – he calls out “Cha Shu Men” (Chinese noodles with slices of baked pork), a phrase that becomes a popular expression among fans

8. Sora No Subaru

Sora No Subaru

Hyoudo Shin is the son of professional golfer Hyoudo Masashi.

Despite idolizing his father, the two have never played together since the death of Shin’s mother.

But when Shin finally reaches the level of proficiency demanded by his father, he finds himself competing against the son of a rival whom Masashi is coaching.

However, this is just the beginning of the story.

The real plot follows Hoshino Subaru, the son of a former golf pro who is now confined to a wheelchair.

Forced to give up basketball due to a heart condition, Subaru discovers a hidden talent for golf.

With a unique swing that sends the ball soaring, he sets out to prove himself as a gifted player.

7. Kasane No Tao

Kasane No Tao

Kasane Hibino is a 15-year-old girl running a ramshackle driving range with big dreams and an even bigger heart.

When she crosses paths with golf superstar Jambo Otokozaki, she sees an opportunity to turn her fortunes around.

With 100 million yen on the line, Kasane is determined to prove herself as a skilled golfer and make her dreams a reality.

6. Birdie Wing: Golf Girls Story

Birdie Wing: Golf Girls Story

Eve and Aoi Amawashi are two young women golfers who are about to turn the sport on its head.

With vastly different backgrounds and play styles, the dynamic duo is set to take the golf world by storm.

Eve and Aoi are polar opposites, but together they form an unbeatable team.

With grit, determination, and a love for the game, they’ll overcome any obstacle in their path and show the world what it means to be true champions.

With their eyes on the prize, Eve and Aoi are ready to take their game to the next level and make history in the process.

5. Rising Impact

Rising Impact

Gawain, a baseball-obsessed boy from a rural area, discovers a new passion for golf when he meets a mysterious woman visiting his town.

With his grandpa’s blessing, Gawain embarks on a journey to Tokyo to pursue his newfound love for the sport.

Along the way, he encounters a host of quirky characters and challenges that will test his skills and determination.

4. Dr. Typhoon

Dr. Typhoon

Izumi Taifuu is a golfer with a larger-than-life personality, a penchant for women, and a questionable fortune.

Despite his outrageous behavior, he’s known to possess an extraordinary talent and is even rumored to have a doctorate.

With his exceptional skills, he continues to make waves in the golfing world and creates scandalous headlines.

3. King Golf

King Golf

Teirin High School is divided between gangs and elite sports players.

Sousuke Youki, known as “the predator,” is an undefeated fighter.

One day, a prodigy amateur golfer named Kazumi ignores Sousuke, and this infuriates him.

Sousuke seeks revenge, but his plans change when he is forced to play golf by the thuggish golf coach.

2. Dan Doh

Dan Doh

Tadamichi “Dandoh” Aoba and his baseball teammates are forced to give up their sport and take up golf after a clash with their principal.

Under the tutelage of former pro golfer Shinjo Mikiyasu, Dandoh and his friends discover a new passion and talent for the game.

As they compete in tournaments, Dandoh’s unwavering positivity and competitive drive inspire those around him and he gains many new friends along the way. 

1. Robot X Laserbeam

Robot X Laserbeam

Robato Hatohara, or “Robo,” is a socially awkward first-year student at Eiai Academy who has no interest in golf.

However, after hitting a stunning hole-in-one at a driving range, he catches the attention of young pro golfer Youzan Miura.

Despite his lack of passion for the sport, Miura sees potential in Robo’s natural talent and challenges him to reach his level.

With a newfound purpose, Robo sets out to improve his skills and compete against his new rival.

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