7 Best Fencing Anime And Manga Of All Time

Love watching fencing anime and manga?

Fencing, an art form born out of centuries-old swordsmanship techniques, has captivated audiences with its elegance, strategy, and exhilarating duels.

Over the years, the world of anime and manga has skillfully incorporated the essence of fencing, delivering thrilling narratives and intense battles to fans worldwide.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the sport or simply seeking an adrenaline rush, these masterfully crafted stories will transport you to a world where blades clash and rivalries ignite.

Best Fencing Anime And Manga

From “Ginpaku No Paladin”, and “Vanguard Of Fencing”, to “En Garde”, Here are the 7 best fencing anime and manga.

So, let’s get started.

7. Ginpaku No Paladin

Ginpaku No Paladin

Kogane Kokoro witnessed a group of thugs harassing a train passenger but could not intervene.

That is until a mysterious old man appears and takes down the goons with lightning-fast moves.

Inspired by his heroics, Kokoro seeks to become stronger and becomes the old man’s disciple, learning the art of fencing.

6. 1F No Kishi

1F No Kishi

Izumi Ichidou is a force to be reckoned with in the world of fighting games, but his hatred of losing lands him in the fencing club, thanks to the captain’s observation of his talent.

The similarities between fencing and fighting games are not lost on Izumi – they both require the ability to “read” your opponent.

5. Vanguard Of Fencing

Vanguard Of Fencing

Lin Yifei attends the funeral of his fencing champion friend, Chris, and learns of his unrequited feelings.

Suddenly, Lin Yifei is transported back to his childhood.

Given a second chance at life, he decides to help Chris achieve his dream of becoming a champion once more.

With his newfound knowledge and experience, Lin Yifei guides Chris toward the prestigious throne, hoping to help him achieve the happiness he has always longed for.

4. Infinity


Damin Lee may not be a great soccer player, but his uncanny ability to dodge any object thrown his way catches the eye of Taegyun, the captain of the school’s fencing club.

After leaving the soccer team in disgrace, Damin finds himself with a second chance at redemption in fencing.

With Taegyun’s guidance, Damin discovers a talent and a passion he never knew he had.

3. Attaque


Leesu, the school’s strongest fighter, lost everything he held dear after a car accident robbed him of his fighting abilities.

Desperate to regain his sense of purpose, he turns to fencing as a means of redemption.

Coming from a poor family, Leesu never cared for money or status, but being stripped of his strength shattered his confidence.

2. En Garde

En Garde

Yunwoo and Mir have been dueling in tournaments for years, but Yunwoo is always the one left behind on the sidelines while Mir takes the glory.

After a particularly devastating loss at his final junior high tournament, Yunwoo decides to give up fencing for good.

But fate has other plans for him, and Yunwoo will soon realizes that the sport he thought he was finished with still has a hold on him.

1. Duel


Minori has always believed in smiling through tough times.

But her kind-heartedness only invites bullies and abusers into her life.

Desperate for friends, she compromises her own values until a mysterious girl named Alice comes to her rescue.

With Alice’s guidance, Minori embarks on a journey to find her inner strength and stand up for herself.

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