15 Best Cultivation Manhwa/Manhua Of All Time

Want cultivation manhwa/manhua recommendations?

Drawing inspiration from Chinese folklore, mythology, and Taoist philosophy, these captivating works transport readers to a world brimming with mystical realms, formidable enemies, and profound cultivation techniques.

In this post, we will explore some of the best Cultivation Manhwa/Manhua that has left readers spellbound with their engrossing narratives, breathtaking battles, and awe-inspiring character development.

Best Cultivation Manhwa/Manhua

From “Spirit Sword Sovereign”, and “Martial Peak”, to “Against The Gods”, Here are the 15 best cultivation manhwa/manhua.

So, let’s get started.

15. Cultivation Through Science

Cultivation Through Science

In the mystical realm of Xianxia, Qin Yun rose to become a formidable sect master, armed with the extraordinary “Super Master System.”

His unwavering belief echoed through the land: “Embrace the wonders of mathematics, physics, and chemistry, and fear shall never hinder your worldly ventures.”

A relentless scholar, Qin Yun viewed Immortal Cultivation as an academic pursuit, akin to a mandatory nine-year education.

Only through the scientific refinement of one’s cultivation arts could a path toward true enlightenment be forged.

14. Spirit Sword Sovereign

Spirit Sword Sovereign

After being attacked and forced to return to his youth, a once-strong man finds himself as the weakest young lord.

Determined to seek revenge on those who wronged him in his past life, he vows to never let go of his enemies.

With the power of the Spirit Sword, the protagonist seeks to become the supreme ruler of the three worlds between heaven and earth.

But with great power comes great danger, and anyone who dares to oppose him will face the sharp end of his sword.

13. One Sword Reigns Supreme

One Sword Reigns Supreme

After being betrayed by his own family and left with nothing, Ye Xuan has only one goal in mind: to become stronger and take back everything he lost.

But little did he know that a mysterious woman would change his destiny.

She introduced him to the Dao of the sword, a path no one has ever tread before, and promised to make him the strongest swordsman in all the heavens.

With her guidance and his unwavering determination, Ye Xuan sets out to master the sword and make his enemies tremble.

12. The Strongest God Of Elixir

The Strongest God Of Elixir

Gu Yun was once a powerful spiritual master and a respected genius until an ancient God marked him with a divine mark and weakened his powers.

He was reduced to being a mere handyman and his father, the patriarch, was deposed and imprisoned by their arch-rivals, the Feilu clan.

But Gu Yun refused to give up.

With his unbreakable spirit and his newfound secret within, he begins a journey to reclaim his status as a powerful master.

11. Apotheosis



Zen Luo was once a powerful Young Lord of the Luo family, but now he’s a mere slave.

With his father dead and his sister held captive by a notorious sect, he’s known nothing but suffering. 

But, When Zen discovers a hidden Weapon Creation technique in one of his father’s old books.

With the odds stacked against him, Zen must rise to the challenge and fight for his freedom in a world where power is everything.

10. Cultivation Chat Group

Cultivation Chat Group

Song Shuhang was just a regular guy who stumbled upon an online chat group full of eccentric, Xianxia-obsessed chuunis.

He didn’t think much of it, until one day when he discovered that the group members were actually real-life cultivators with supernatural powers!

They could move mountains, summon lightning, and even live for thousands of years! Shuhang’s mind was blown.

He never imagined that such things were possible in the real world.

Now, he’s on a journey to uncover the truth about these powerful cultivators, and maybe even become one himself!

9. The Scholar’s Reincarnation

The Scholar’s Reincarnation

Once a fierce warrior feared by all, the MC now finds himself reincarnated as Junwoo Hwang, the eldest son of a lord.

His father wants me to become a great scholar, but my love for martial arts and danger runs deep.

Despite my new life of privilege, I can’t shake the thrill of battle.

8. Martial Peak

Martial Peak

The world of martial arts is a tough one, full of solitude and unrelenting challenges.

To be the best, one must constantly strive for greater heights and endure any hardship.

Yang Kai, a lowly disciple of the Lingxiao Martial Arts Sect, knows this all too well as he spends his days sweeping floors.

But one fateful day, his luck changes when he stumbles upon a mysterious Wordless Black Book.

With this powerful artifact in his possession, Yang Kai sets out on a journey of growth and survival, determined to become the greatest martial artist of all time.

7. Bowblade Spirit

Bowblade Spirit

The power of a bow and arrow lies in its ability to strike down foes from afar, unseen and unstoppable.

But what if the wielder of that bow was trained by a merciless grandfather, sent on a quest for love, and destined to become a legendary hero that will change the world of Murim forever?

Enter Ki Guided Arrow, a lethal technique that surpasses the strength of both sword and blade.

The protagonist sets on a journey to master this deadly art, fight against formidable enemies, and fire arrows that will pierce through time and space itself.

6. The Undefeatable Swordsman

The Undefeatable Swordsman

Wumoon Song, the son of an innkeeper, had always yearned to become a martial arts master, but his weak body prevented him from ever realizing his dream.

That is until a peculiar guest leaves behind a painting as payment that bewitches Wumoon in ways he can’t comprehend.

Soon, Wumoon realizes that this is no ordinary painting when he starts exhibiting martial arts skills that he never had before.

From there on, the scatterbrained kid sets off on a journey to change his fate and become truly unbeatable!

It’s a tale of triumph over adversity, as Wumoon fights to prove that the frailty of his body will not be a barrier to achieving greatness.

5. God Of Martial Arts

God Of Martial Arts

In this world, the only thing that matters is martial arts.

With the power to crack boulders and split mountains, weak martial artists are nothing but fodder for the strong.

And the strong, oh the strong, they hold all the power.

They are the kings, the ones who decide who lives and who dies. You either cultivate and become strong, or you are humiliated and cast aside.

Every faction is fighting for the title of “The Strongest”, and only the powerful survive.

Even your own clan will turn on you if you are deemed too weak.

Welcome to a world where only the strong can truly live.

4. Battle Through Heavens

Battle Through Heavens

Xiao Yan, the disgrace of the Xiao Family, was determined to turn his fate around.

At just 15 years old, he vowed to climb to the pinnacle of the Great Continent of Combat Qi.

In this world where strength is everything, Xiao Yan embarked on a journey to become the strongest.

Through endless battles and cultivation, he aimed for ultimate power.

Along the way, he discovered secrets that could change the course of his life and alliances that could lead to his downfall.

But nothing could stop his unwavering determination to rise to the top.

3. Tales Of Demons And Gods

Tales Of Demons And Gods

Imagine being transported back in time, not as an adult, but as a 13-year-old with all of your adult memories intact.

That’s exactly what happens to Nie Li when he opens his eyes after what should have been his death to demon beasts.

Armed with the knowledge of the future, he sets out to protect those he loves and make a difference in this new timeline.

But with time and space reversing, he’ll have to navigate through new challenges and adversaries.

2. Against The Gods

Against The Gods

The protagonist was once a mere pawn in a world of power-hungry clans, ridiculed and discarded like trash.

But thanks to the mysterious powers of the Mirror of Samsara, he was given a second chance to rewrite his destiny.

Filled with a burning desire for revenge and armed with the knowledge of his past mistakes, he embarks on a journey of self-discovery and martial arts mastery.

The path to the top is riddled with danger, but he is determined to leave his mark and claim his rightful place as a force to be reckoned with.

1. The Legend Of The Northern Blade

The Legend Of The Northern Blade

The Northern Heavenly Sect was once the epitome of bravery, standing tall against the forces of evil that threatened to engulf the world.

But when their fourth-generation leader is accused of treachery, the sect crumbles, leaving his son, Moowon, alone and vulnerable.

Living a life of constant surveillance, Moowon’s fate takes an unexpected turn when he escapes to the mountains and learns the martial arts of his ancestors.

However, when a loved one vanishes without a trace, Moowon’s training is put to the test as he embarks on a quest for revenge against those who took everything from him.

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